Is Keto Diet Dangerous?

Keto diet is something we all have heard about. The diet is gaining huge support in India and abroad. You can hear number of people saying everything good about keto diet and how it is helping to reduce kilos in a short time. Keto diet has also earned a huge support in both Bollywood and even Hollywood, but there is a negative side to everything. Keto diet comes with its own side effects and though there’s no major side effect, one should always get the approval of their doctor before starting out on keto diet. If there’s any underlying kidney or heart disease, only then keto diet might be dangerous. Let’s have a look at what are the most common side effects of keto diet:

Keto Diet Dangerous

1. Keto flu: One of the most common side effect of keto diet is keto flu. This is the initial stage of keto diet when your body is not yet ready to adapt to the low carb state. When your carb intake is lower, then the body burns more and more glucose instead of fats. This might not feel great initially and thus there can be repercussions which are termed as keto flu.

2. Frequent Urination: With Keto diet, your urination also increases. This results in loss of electrolyte from your body. This reduces your energy and as a result your body finds it extremely difficult to adjust to it and thus feels tired.

3. Kidney and heart damage: Since you are suffering from loss in electrolyte, there’s a chance that you get can become dehydrated. Damage to the kidney and heart cannot be ruled out if immediate help is not sought. So, before you start out on a keto diet, get yourself checked for underlying kidney and heart disease.

4. Nutritional concerns: Keto diet also comes with a number of nutritional concerns as well. There is a fear of consumption of unhealthy fats and it will affect your health and weight in long run. This diet will also significantly reduce glucose levels from your body. You will feel fatigue and loss of stamina as a side effect.

5. Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea occurs as a result of loss of fiber in your diet. This can impact your digestive system and as a result can have serious health issues.

6. Loss of Muscle Mass: Since your keto diet lacks fiber, thus loss of muscle mass is serious and can cause huge issues. Thus, muscles burns more fat and thus this will affect your metabolism in turn.

Some of the major side effects of keto diet are – bad breath, constipation, fatigue, breathlessness, headache, decreased bone density, sleep issues.


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