12 Kitchen Tools and Devices that Make Losing Weight Easier

Kitchen is the place from where your weight loss journey should ideally start, not the gym! After all, as everyone rightly says, “abs are made in the kitchen.” So, when you makeup your mind to lose weight and get healthy, look no further than your kitchen. If you have been whining about lack of time and motivation to hit the gym, kitchen is a much more powerful place to kickstart the whole “get fit” process. It’s a fact that when you cook your own food, you are more likely to consume fewer calories, without the risk of toxic ingredients such as transfat and MSG that encourage fat accumulation in the body. Taking the reins over your kitchen would also mean more control over the ingredients involved. The best way to ensure that your meals are weight-loss friendly and aren’t packed with too much salt or sugar, and other ingredients, is by making them yourself. However, for some of us cooking can be a chore and with all the planning and time that it takes, we can soon experience “cooking fatigue,” when it becomes a repetitive process. But you can turn the tables and make the whole cooking process exciting by following weight loss recipes on the Rati Beauty app that help you to shed extra kilos by encouraging healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and weight loss recipes. Also, the right kind of kitchen tools would help simplify cooking and make it more enjoyable, along with practicing portion control, allowing you to cut extra calories, and drop extra pounds in the process. So, let’s find out about some kitchen tools and devices that make losing weight easier. In this post, we list down 12 Kitchen Tools and Devices that Make Losing Weight Easier

Kitchen Tools and Devices that Make Losing Weight Easier

1. Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale: Portion control is an essential aspect that leads to weight loss and when you pick up a weighing scale to weigh yourself, do pick a digital kitchen weighing scale as well to measure the quantity of food. Weighing all the ingredients would help you practice portion control, and that’s why Rati Beauty highly recommends a digital kitchen weighing scale.

2. Vegetable Spiralizer: Missing noodles on your weight loss diet? Don’t fret! Now, make noodles out of your favorite vegetables and get loads of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals from vegetables such as zucchini, sweet potatoes, and even beetroots with the help of a vegetable spiralizer. When you swap empty calories from store-bought noodles with nutrient-rich vegetable noodles, you are bound to get healthy and drop weight.

3. Oil Spritzer/Mister: Even if you are using the healthiest oil to cook food, it still contains calories and saturated fat and using a spray oil spritzer helps to curb the amount of oil in cooking, and control the amount of calories.

4. Meal Prep Containers: Meal prep containers made from glass that are microwave safe can promote the habit of healthy eating and save a lot of time during hectic weekdays where there is little time to cook homemade food. Preparing batches of healthy food and storing them up in the fridge, that would last for most days in the week will save a lot of money, and cut down loads of calories that make their way through ordered foods from restaurants and eateries

5. Sprout Maker: Sprouts are one of the healthiest foods to include in one’s weight loss diet because it has fewer calories and loads of nutrients. Sprouts are a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and the weight-loss friendly nutrient fiber! So, invest in a sprout maker to make this nutrient-packed a part of your staple diet.

6. Kitchen Blender: To make detox juices, to blend out meal-replacement smoothies, a good blender would help you juice out whole fruits and vegetables, you just need to find the right one.

7. Mason Jars: One of the most popular and yummiest weight loss breakfast recipes on the Rati Beauty app needs mason jars!

8. Measuring Spoons: To control the amount of oil, sugar, salt in dishes, you need to have measuring spoons of different sizes in your kitchen.

9. Egg Cooker: Eggs come packed with protein, essential minerals, and other nutrients, and a good way to boost metabolism. Having an egg cooker helps you to boil up to 6 eggs at a time, and is a convenient way to get soft, hard, and runny eggs depending upon the amount of water you add in the steamer.

10. Air Fryer: All of us are aware that deeply-fried food is bad for weight loss as well as for overall health. Fried food is like a treat for tastebuds and if you can never think of giving up kachoris, medu vada, samosa, and other crispy foods, invest in an air fryer that uses just a bit of oil and hot air to deeply fry food, which tastes similar to deeply-fried food, but much lower in calories.

11. Iron Cookware: Do you know that the cookware we use extensively in the kitchen play quite an important part and can make you gain weight, even if you are cooking healthy meals in them. We should really be worried about chemicals leaching into our food from non-stick pans coated with such chemicals when they are heated at high temperatures or when the initial protective coating wears off because they can pose several health risks, from raising cholesterol to increasing the risk of cancer. But did you know, such chemicals might also be the reason why your belly fat refuses to budge! So, pick cast iron, copper, and glass cookware instead of non-stick cookware.

12. Small 8 inch Plate and Bowls: Love eating from fancy platters and plates? Ideally, you should be eating from a 10-inch plate because we unknowingly might be serving more food on to large plates in an effort to fill them up. More so if you are trying to lose weight, you should eat out of 8-inch plates or smaller bowls.

Hope these tips would help you stay on track and help you drop extra pounds in the process.

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