Korres Travel Skincare : Cucumber Eye Mask, Grapeseed Scrub, Grapefruit Mask

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

I am back from my Europe trip and I have a ton of things to share with you all. 😀 Let me start with the travel skincare first.

I always believe that you should take care of your skin during your travels as much as you’d take care of your skin at the comfort of your home. While travelling your skin goes through so much of climate changes that if you don’t take care of it, you’d come back with dead-pan skin. And then all you’d be doing is paying $$ at salons to get your glow back. So rather spend a little money and little time on your own beauty as well while you are catching up on the beauty of the world. 🙂

Korres was such a popular brand all across Greece that it was hard to resist picking up products from the brand. I mean literally every pharmacy would have their products apart from the stand alone stores. So I picked up multiple tubes of these 3 products – anti fatigue eye mask, grape seed scrub and grapefruit mask. I am almost done with my last set of tubes as well. So I thought I might as well review these lovelies before they are gone. 🙂

korres travel skincare products

Korres Cucumber Anti Fatigue Eye Mask

korres cucumber under eye brightening mask

Ingredients :

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.16.20 pm

Claims : Cooling, de-puffing eye mask that helps reduce fatigue signs in the delicate eye area.

My Experience :

This is a clear gel under eye mask. You apply a thin layer of it on the underneath of your eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off. Since it was a clear mask, i used it while travelling in planes, ships and even at the comfort of my hotels. This was okay..if I can put it that way. It wasn’t like super instant de-puffer but it always did make a little difference to my under eye area. My under eyes looked a teeny bit more rested but i would have loved if it were more effective. Still it was quite good. It feels a bit cooling. And I found that if you use it cold after keeping it in a fridge for a while, it works better. It leave sunder eye skin hydrated. Overall, I think it was a good go-to product. Sometimes while travelling all you need is something that can make you look more awake. This worked in that area. This also did not cause any irritation to my eyes. It was quite soothing. Does not make a hell lot of a difference but if I have to pick it up again more as a maintenance for my under eye area, I would definitley pick it up.

Rating : 3.5/5

Korres Grapefruit Mask :

korres grapefruit mask

Ingredients :

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.13.26 pm

Claims : Formulated with a cocktail of grapefruit, orange, and apple juices, this powerful vitamin C-packed mask gives skin an immediate radiance boost in as little as one use. This pure white mask is further enriched with vitamin C-rich rose hip oil and waltheria indica leaf extract to lighten and brighten. A blend of argan oil and shea butter deeply nourishes, protects, and softens the skin while the light, refreshing scent of juicy grapefruit segments helps naturally awaken the senses.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

My Experience :

I absooolutley loved this mask. I wish I had picked up more tubes of this. I have finished up two of these already and I am squeezing the last bits. This is a white coloured cream based face mask. It looks like a clay mask but it does not dry completely just like a clay mask would. It goes on smoothly and does not make any mess while applying.It somehow stays a bit moistened even after 10-15 minutes of application. It washes off easily and leaves skin looking so fresh, brightened, clean and hydrated. This is almost like a at-home facial and something that you would love to use right before getting ready for a party. It reminded me a lot about the Aromamagic Brightening Mask. It has a mild citrusy fragrance. Nothing overpowering. I looooved using it every few days. Definitley give it a go.A great travel partner.

Rating : 5/5

Korres Grape Deep Exfoliating Scrub

korres grapeseed scrub


Ingredients :

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.14.51 pm

Claims : This intense scrub deeply cleanses and resurfaces skin, effectively removing impurities and dead skin cells. Antioxidant and fragrant grape-seed oil and soothing aloe vera leave cleansed skin feeling silky smooth, olive oil provides long lasting moisturisation and nourishment, and sweet almond oil soothes.Contains 88% natural ingredients.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

My Experience :

It is a white cream based scrub with red coloured grapeseed exfoliating particles. Brilliant scrub to say the least. I would say that it is a little harsh scrub but sometimes you need that deep exfoliation for your skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for those with sensitive skin because it might irritate your skin. I am not too crazy on the fragrance. It smells a mix of citrusy and cosmetic(y). The smell is mild so that was a relief.It rinses of easily without leaving any granules behind. It is free of many nasty things. It also helped in keeping my blackheads at bayIt leaves skin clean and smooth and you can instantly see the difference in the look of your skin. It turned out to be a really good scrub. Most scrubs leave my skin skin very dry. It always left my skin smooth, clean and hydrated. Loved. 🙂

Rating : 4.5/5

So basically I used to use the scrub and then apply the face and eye mask and my skin would look so much better from all the travel fatigue. Really worth trying.

Swatches : l-r eye mask, scrub, face maskD84A5953

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  1. Okay, So here is THE first review coming from princess after travelling to so many awesome cities.. that too for travel skin care. Got to try. Will try hands on these beauties.. 🙂

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