LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder Review

Hi girls,

Ever tried a silica-based setting powder on top of foundation or to blur the look of pores? It’s a whole new ball game than your regular loose setting powder. This feels different between fingers and also on the skin. If you have used the NYX HD Powder, you would know what I am talking about. Take a look:


In India, it is INR 1000
Product Description:
Translucent Setting Powder:  A luxe finishing powder that sets the foundation and mattifies skin. Made of 100% mineral silica, this powder is a luxurious and versatile tool that perfectly sets your makeup while evening out the complexion, softening lines and imperfections for a glowing, radiant look. The translucent powder is a universally wearable shade. The lightweight formula can be applied on bare skin or over foundation for a flawless finish. Provides a natural, matte and flawless finish. Sets makeup for a long time. Preps and primes. Evens out complexion.


My Experience with LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder:

This is 100% silica. So, this is not like your talcum or the regular loose powders that you might have tried. It has a slip to it, really different. So this cannot be spread, it can only be dusted on top of the skin. The skin will not absorb any of it and it just sit on top of the skin, blurring pores lightly and also making you look ashy and white. For warm skin tones, this can be a disaster. Though it says colorless, who wants a white cast sitting on top of your foundation or sitting over your concealer if you like to bake the concealer. This is difficult to use, in my opinion.


Now, the only way you could use it is by taking a very soft powder brush and dusting it over oily areas or area you want to set. It leaves a white cast on me, which photographs pretty badly, this will be true for any white or silica-based powder. This does blur the look of pores slightly, does add a softer look to the skin, but overall, but overall, does not really enhance the glow of the makeup. This has to be used very lightly in dusting motion, ever so gently.


The case is not user-friendly, once you remove the sticker, the holes pour out a whole lot of powder at once. The puff is very average and it will eventually get messy. Carrying this will be a bother and I highly suggest you keep it lying flat in the dresser.

The best part about this powder is that it keeps my skin matte and my foundation fresh for upto 6 hours. I believe it does not melt with the oils in my skin like a loose powder would hence, I find my skin matte for the longest time.


It will not be able to replace your loose powder but it works differently and can be worked with once you learn how to dust it lightly. It does not blend in with the makeup I wear, it stands out on warm skin tone, so I do not love this yet.

Comparison of LA Girl and NYX Powder:



Pros of LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder:

  • Blurs lines and pores.
  • Needs very light dusting of the powder.
  • Keeps skin matte for 5-6 hours.

Cons of LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder:

  • Gives flashback in pictures.
  • Looks too white for warm skin.
  • If you layer, it would really stand out.
  • The tub is such that the powder gets wasted.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend LA Girl HD Pro Setting Powder?
For the matte skin look, I might, but for the white case, I will have to think twice.
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