My Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic


Hi Everyone,

I have been dying to share this experience with you from past few days. Guess now is the right time. :))

Last month Kaya asked me if I’d like to try one of their Laser Hair Reduction routines. I was very unsure about the laser but I got brave and said yes. 😛 I decided to go for 4-6 sessions of underarm hair removal. I have done only one yet. There is one session every month so I still have a few months to go thorough the complete process.

Preparation :
I was asked not to shave or wax atleast 3-4 days before the laser treatment. Very difficult. But I did it. 😛

On the day of the session: 

I met Dr Rohini and actually loaded her with a lot of questions. Some were my personal queries and some questions were general.  Following are the questions I asked before my session started. If you have any queries related to laser hair reduction, you may post them the in the comments below. A Kaya team member would answer them. 🙂 

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  • Is laser safe? Does it have any side effects?

Dr Rohini: It is 100% safe. There are no side effects. The laser beam goes only till the level of the hair roots, which is very superficial.

  • Can anybody get laser hair reduction done?

Dr R : Yes anyone except people who have pacemakers.

  • Can pregnant women get laser done?

Dr R : It is not recommended for pregnant women to get laser done during their pregnancy and 6 months prior pregnancy during lactation time.

  • Is laser hair reduction painful?

Dr R : At Kaya SKin CLinic we have two kind of laser machines. Diode : It only gives a warm sensation to the skin. it is very effective on those who have soft hair. It also works well for facial hair. Nd Yag : This one can be painful. This works great on coarse hair. ( I got this one done)

  • What should one expect after a laser hair reduction?

Dr R : A lot of people come with unrealistic goals such as the hair would not grow back or the hair would be removed completely. It depends from person to person. Hair growth is a natural process but with laser hair reduction your hair growth would reduce by 70-90% in 4-6 sessions.  After 6 months you would also have to have maintenance sessions. Laser hair reduction would not only take care of your in growth hair but would also save you from the hassle of waxing or shaving.

My Experience :

After being completely satisfied with my queries, I was taken to the treatment room. This is the laser machine.


Since I was going for a painful laser treatment, I was asked to inform Deepika (the girl who did my treatment) about any discomforts I may feel during the session. Laser is done in a cold environment so as to prevent any sweating during the treatment. I changed, wore laser protective glasses and lied down for the session to start. Phew!

During the session :

Deepika first shaved off any unwanted hair on my underarm, applied cold numbing gel and started treatment. What laser does is basically burn the roots of the hair. At some places it got really painful and I took my few seconds breaks during the session. The session got over within 30 minutes for one arm. And the second arm just flew by within 20 minutes of so. 😉


The pain was all worth it. I suddenly felt free and light and happy. I mean no waxing nothing. You know when Anuska Sharma says ‘ go sleeveless on him’, that’s how I felt. 😀 No deodorant can give you that freedom, it’s only laser that gives you that amazing sense of freeness. I had to follow up the treatment with the post laser cream for 5 days. I was also told that I would see some tiny hair coming back after 2 days but in my case, they din’t . 😛 It’s been almost a month and I have to go for my next session soon. I have literally won sleeveless almost every other day since I have got this done. It’s been almost 18-19 days since my treatment and I barely have 5-7 tiny hair , which have grown back. You can’t even see them from from distance. My skin is baby soft. Laser is almost like life changing experience for me. I am sooo glad I got a chance to try it out. All actresses get laser done.  *secret*

I am so kicked about getting my arms and legs also done. It’s just UHMAZINGGGG!!!

There are some offers going on in Kaya for the month of May and June at the moment. I very highly recommend you to try them.

  • Under-arms hair-free session trial at the cost of waxing (at Rs. 85)
  • Upgrade to Under-arm hair-free package (6 sessions) at 48% off (Rs. 7,999 instead of Rs. 15300)

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50 thoughts on “My Laser Hair Reduction Experience at Kaya Skin Clinic

  1. I m glad you shared your experience with us *thankyou* Always wanted to know about this treatment.. So many queries solved *happydance*

  2. Whenever i do waxin may b hot wax or 3d whatever i see boils ar0und after 2-3days So wud dis treatment w0nt do such things??

  3. Its was so caring and kind of you Rati di to share this experience with us… *puchhi* now people will not get scared going for such treatments since the beauty diva is telling that she had a great experience *happydance* *happydance* *happy dance*

  4. Rati… know, you have given me the courage to go for underarm laser *hifive* Though I have done facial hair laser, I was pretty scared of undergoing laser for underarm area. They said they would use ND Yag for underarms……but now, I am determined, I would go for it…. *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. jomo I think you gave me all the courage to go for laser. wouldnt have done without your encouraging words. *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* But you should totally go for it. *happy dance* *happy dance*

    2. hey i just read your post earlier from 2011…. are you still satisfied with your result… i mean any other side effects or so???

  5. I agree parita. The feeling of not going to the salon every month is just way too amazing. and no razors as well anymore. *happydance* *happydance*

  6. Rati you really gave courage to get this done.. The thought was so scary! *thankyou* so much… Can’t thank you enough *puchhi*

  7. Yay!! I too got done underarm and face laser session this summer.. *hifive* completed 2 sessions of Diode now 😀 😀 Though I didn’t get such great results in 1st session but after 2nd session I can feel what you mean *happy dance* *happy dance* Love that baby soft skin and no waxing yayyy *pompom* *pompom*
    But I am spending big bucks on my laser treatment *cry* *cry* Think will ask my derma for discount too *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* else I know there’s Kaya 😉 😛 *thankyou* for sharing Rati :))

  8. Rati, I hate going to the salon for the wax *smack* *smack* hate the pain but this post has really encouraged me to give laser treatment a serious thought. *secret* *secret*

  9. I took 7 sessions for chin laser but i still get hair (though smooth in texture) bleaching doesnt solve the problem and waxing and shaving our contradicted at that place. So how do we remove the hair after our treatment has got over? I tried shaving that area once but the texture got coarse again, so i went for a maintenance session.But then u cant leave hair like that whether on chin or underarms no matter how smooth they are.Please help!

  10. just the name Laser is giving me goosebumbs… *scared* *scared* i want to try this… i had just seen the offer poster on kaya few days ago, and my heart was like go give it a try… n my brain was like are you dumb what if it hurts…. but i think after this post i might give it a try!! thanks Rati!! 🙂

  11. *cry* *waaa* *waaa* No kaya clinic in Bhubaneswar(Odisha) I thought my search is over when I read ur post Rati…. Thanks for the details rati would do it some day when I will be in Delhi 🙂 For facial and under arm how much they cost ??

  12. million thanks to you for this rati di… i am extremely fed up with the hair removal sessions and thought laser sessions would harm me… 🙁
    thanku… *puchhi*

  13. Aww Rati… sooo happy you talked about your experience. I once even took an appointment with Kaya for underarm hair removal but moved to Andamans. Will get it done when I go to Delhi.. *happy dance* *happy dance* but mujhe upper lip ka bhi karvana hai.. dunno how safe or painless it can be.

  14. I need to start saving money 😀
    *thankyou* Rati! you always come up with the best stuff! *happy dance* *happy dance*

  15. yeah i can feel the feeling of ur freedom from here only *pompom* *pompom* i always wanted to do the upper lip done with laser but m so scared because its on face afterall *scared* *scared*

  16. Rati you won’t believe even I had my first sitting of the pain wala laser treatment today and truly once the pricks are done it feels so nice na! At first I thought it would hurt a lot but it was very much bearable!!
    Also the staff at Kaya was so super friendly and nice, I loved their service. Even the apple cardamom welcome drink 🙂

    1. omg.. dis is sooo good *hifive* .. me too want to get this done now *drool* but m a little scared of the pain *scared*

  17. I got laser done as well. I was suggested a cream by my doc which I was suppose to apply 30 mins before my treatment which reduced the pain.. I was suggested this cream in my second session so I can say it made a big difference. I got it done on my legs, after applying the cream it was hurting only on the bones. You can always ask your doc to suggest you a cream. By doing laser I got rid of the ingrown hair & red bumps in just 4 sessions. I didn’t feel the need to go for more sessions. So I can say it did wonders for me. 😀

  18. have been visiting kaya’s page since a week 😛 but too scared to go for the laser…

    your post is giving me the courage to go ahead *thankyou* *puchhi*

    but i’m skeptical of lucknow’s kaya it as good as the delhi one??

  19. i always wanted to get it done bt thot it wud cost 50000 or sumthng…
    by d way frm d diode n nd yag which one is better n why??

  20. Hi Rati,

    Laser is good. I got my underarms and upper lip from kaya in India and full legs here in Australia. It’s amazing. I had immense in grown hair on my legs and it has reduced drastically. You should try whole body package from kaya….

  21. Thanks for this Rati… This came in at the right time.. have been debating over this since a week.. should i, should i not.. ?? now I think i will just go ahead and do it… :)) many thanks once again..

  22. Oh I’m getting from a clinic in Def col. They are using Nd:Yag and Diode .. I hate Nd yag Sessions *scared* but I have been told that legs and arms, the results are not that great *headbang*

  23. Even I have taken one session of side locks of face and i have booked for underarms as well in kaya. The experience is worth and exactly same as rati mentioned. It is so good.. and worth taking. The staff at kaya is very friendly and the doctor answers your each and every query so well. And the most important part.. they talk so practical. They will tell you honestly that how much it is going to work on you. I wanted to take the treatment on my chin too but the doctor said it is not going to work more than 10% as i have baby hair on chin so I should not waste money there.

  24. I have tried their laser hair reduction for upper lips, chin and side locks but it dint give any results.
    Its waste of time, money. Please think before going for it.

  25. Hi Rati,

    Is there any side effects you might have seen after a year of this underarm laser treatment.
    And which clinic did you visit in Delhi?


  26. My experience of the bikini laser treatment has been great.
    I had really coarse hair. After the 6 sessions
    I have to go for a maintenance. Initially
    I had to go for the maintenance every
    4 months or so. But the frequency has
    decreased . I went last year April 2014 and
    now jan 2015. The hair now are soft and
    scanty. Overall

  27. The staff of Kaya skin clinic is biased towards their own interest. Staff gets a commission based on what service they sell, so instead of serving your interest they will serve their own interest. That is why instead of giving me a package for ND Yag Laser they gave me a package for Painfree hair removal laser for full body – as it is costly package so they get more commission. Painfree hair removal laser led to growth of hard, dark hair on those areas which had fine hair. On complaining they told me it is a side effect of Painfree laser. And they shifted me to ND Yag. I had some reduction but not much. The hair growth is still there and the worst part is on areas which had little to no growth at all :(. I signed up for: 6 sittings of Painfree laser Skin type: Fair Final Result: Only 20% or so overall reduction in areas which had dark hair. Uncontrollable dark hair growth on front, back and shoulders where I had no growth (very fine hair). Status: I complained to Kaya care and they have accepted their fault but refused to do anything about the case. They told me that the person who sold the package has left Kaya so they cannot do anything about it now. But on enquiring I got to know that the girl is still working with Kaya. So basically they never really enquired. Also they tried to compensate me by giving few sittings for face for free. But I refused to accept it. If you want to go for Laser, do not go to kaya. Instead go to some place where a qualified doctor or a qualified technician (in the presence of doctor) will do the procedure. While I took my sittings at kaya doctor was not consulted even once in 6 sittings. On enquiring they said doctor only does those procedures for which she gets money like for dermaroller. So stay away from such big names who have no concern for your time and money.

    1. hi soumya,
      This is what exactly happened to me when i underwent laser hair removal sessions at kaya skin clinic. I too had started having thick growth on parts where there were earlier fine hair growth. Inspite of having normal result from all test which i have undertaken before undergoing laser treatment, Kaya staff is not ready to accept the fact that I have normal hormonal level. I suggest people out here that don’t trust these lies and should consult to any other doctor who is expertise in this area.

  28. I was planning for laser hair removal from long back and this post helped me to know more about kaya laser hair removal.. really want to get rid of from my regular waxing routine.. I saw many reviews about Kaya skin clinic and now I am thinking to take the appointment.. Thank you Rati for sharing your experience

  29. I wanted to know what will be the cost of underarm hair lazer removal ( the painless one)? Also of legs,arms and facial hair? I have dusky Indian skin and my hair is soft. Does the price depend on the quantity of hair? Also can the body hair removal be done only on the areas I ask for? Like what is the procedure of lazer hair removal on the shoulder section and stomach section? And how much wil that cost?
    Cam you please answer all my queries? I’m so confused right now. So many questions. Please.

  30. Hi Rati, glad you shared your experience! One month back i completed all the sessions of laser hair removal treatment from Kaya Skin clinic Bangalore and i am happy that laser actually worked well on my skin. I decided to get laser done only after two of my friends shared their reviews regarding kaya skin clinic’s laser treatment.

  31. Hi Rati, thanks for the article. I am starting my laser hair reduction sessions from today at Kaya.. and your article gave a major boost.I wl start wd underarms and bikini, coz its a real pain going for waxing every month. Will share my exp. soon.

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