Leopard Nail Art Photos

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Priya did the nail art that Deeptima taught today.- Rati 🙂


17 thoughts on “Leopard Nail Art Photos

    1. Tks!! It actually means a lot cuz I’ve never tried nail art and this was my 1st attempt.. Completely fell in luv with your tutorial.. I saw that you had pink nail art on the other hand but that was way too complicated for me to try out 😀

  1. Hey Priya it looks really cool. First I thought it must be some other Priya !!!! Then when I saw ur hands I could identify 😉 Keep it until I see you this tuesday.

    1. Ha ha… Tanku.. I know who’s gonna pull my leg the most.. Ur dearest hubby :giggle:

      I’m waiting to show it to you on tuesday 🙂

  2. you already know what I think about it. More than what you did what matter is that you did. Nothing else matters. And you did a lovely job. Sadly I cut my nails today only . Might try it next week. 🙂

    1. I’m all smiles today.. I tried something by myself and you girls are appreciatig..I saw this post just before I was to cut my nails 😀

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