L’occitane Hibiscus Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream review

L’occitane Hibiscus Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream

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I have come back to my place after a short trip to Vadodara (In-Laws) and I am fully charged. I am planning for a huge haul. I cannot wait for that. I would be sharing my haul in a couple of days. I am planning to loot bodyshop. As winters are on the way and I have used almost every bit of my body creams and other body products.
loccitane hibiscus flower ultra rich body cream
Anyways coming back to my review, today I am reviewing a product from L’occitane, It is the Limited Edition Hibiscus Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream. I have already reviewed the other products that I bought from the limited edition (Dessert Rose). I have almost finished the product. Only a pea-sized amount is left. Read on to see how this product worked on my dry skin. Please excuse me for the pictures. This product has almost finished and jar has worn off a little because of my careless handling.

loccitane body cream
Exceptionally concentrated in Shea Butter (25%) and in moisturizing extracts, this Limited Edition Hibiscus Flower Ultra Rich Shea Body Cream helps to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin. Enriched with Egyptian Hibiscus extract, it delicately perfumes the skin, with an exotic and sensual fragrance.

Price: 1690 RS

Application: Apply once a day, on clean and dry skin

Active Ingredients: Shea Butter (25%) & Egyptian Hibiscus extract

Shelf Life: 12 months

My Experience with L’occitane Hibiscus Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream

I would say I really love my l’occitane products because of my dry skin. Bodyshop body butters have taken a backseat for almost 8 months now. I have not used any. I am using up my l’occitane and I do not regret buying them at all.
I must say this body cream is a real delight for eyes. It comes in a very fancy bright orange and green color printed jar. I love L’occitane jars, as they look classic and easy to use. The product itself is very thick and white. It is a body cream that is for dry skin and sinks into skin within seconds. It has a very high content of shea butter that is excellent in moisturizing the dry skin. I have rough elbows, knees etc, this works wonders. I am not a huge fan of hibiscus aroma because I liked dessert rose better. However, it could be me. Some might like it better than the rose one.

I apply this at night; it is very thick and takes a couple of seconds to sink in. It has a very feminine, tangy scent that stays on you for a long time but not for me. In winters, it is a boon for dry skin. It hydrates my skin very well, leaving it supple and moisturized. It does not feel oily on my skin. I have extremely dry skin. This body cream has Hibiscus extracts with 25% Shea Butter. I usually alternate between my body creams. Same as the dessert rose body cream; this too does not leave any greasy residue that I hate. That is big plus for me.

Pros of L’Occitane Desert Rose Ultra Rich Body Cream

 Extremely hydrating.
 Quickly gets absorbed.
 Nice packaging.
 Does not leave a greasy residue.
 Aroma of this body cream stays for a long time.
 25% shea butter.

Cons of L’Occitane Desert Rose Ultra Rich Body Cream

 It is a limited edition product.
 I am not in love with the scent.

Would I Repurchase L’Occitane Desert Rose Ultra Rich Body Cream?
Overall, I love this product. It is great for dry skin. People with oily skin would enjoy this in winters. Anyone who is a fan of L’occitane and wants to splurge can buy this product. It is highly recommended.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 (-1 for the scent)


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  1. i have seen this range at the stores but never got tempted to pick it up. It would be great for my skin. I’d check the smell and see how i find it. Thanks. 🙂

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