Look 1 using Lotus PURESTAY Makeup Range

I was playing with Lotus PURESTAY Makeup so thought I’d share the look I created. πŸ™‚

Products Used:

  • PURESTAY foundation in Hazlenut Star (neutral shade from the range, pretty much matches to my skin tone)
  • Face Powder : Hazlenut Star
  • Lipstick in Fuchsia Smile – used as blush as well.
  • Gloss in Plum Delight
  • Used the lightest color from the serene wonder palette as the highlight for cheeks and an all over lid color. The foundation isΒ completelyΒ matte so I wanted to add a bit of highlight on my cheeks.
  • Eye Contour Definer in Black Pearl – lines the upper lash line, winged it out and used it very lightly on the outer corner of lower lash line.
So far I am liking the range but haven’t formed any opinion about the products. Except that the foundation would be fab for those with oily / combination skin. It’s matte, does not budge and looks quite natural.

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69 thoughts on “Look 1 using Lotus PURESTAY Makeup Range

      1. i was apprehensive about doing that before fearing that would clog pores.. but now that u have done that too, i will surely give it a shot! thanks! :*

  1. Very pretty. Particularly love d first pic… So fresh looking.
    Dunno whats with me… Just cant get myself to like lotus and lakme.

      1. not any one in particular… its usually l’oreal, maybelline, clinique and mac. thanks to imbb, i discovered colorbar and faces. i am very keen on trying inglot also… particularly their freedom system.

  2. Oh love the look, so fresh n dewy! I am curious to know how you found the foundation? Review coming up soon?
    Love the lippie, these popping colors look so awesome on you!

  3. Hi Rati di,
    I am new to this blog and totally in love..i have a big wish list now hehe..
    loved your look, you are choo adorable.. I am learning a LOT from you and also from others..

    1. yeah nats and I have seen the makeup pouches only in dior and chanel makeup. πŸ˜›

      Thanks neha. :))

      Thank you saim. :-*

      FG- please read the post. πŸ™‚

  4. such a pretty yet simple look! so eager for this! they look lik hav a fab collection of colors, esp lippy stuff.. pls do more looks from this line πŸ™‚

  5. Ratidoo you look totally mwaahh :* :*

    I love that dewy finish.. is it the highlighter???

    and love the way you have applied the eyeliner.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Rati di very beautiful! I dont understand how your make up looks so fresh even after using such bold colours! And the highlighter is fab. Please tell us how to maintain the fresh face look even after make up! And the earings and neck piece are also wow!

  7. Hi Heena,

    You may give chanel vitalumeire aqua (liquid ) a try and if you want a bit more coverage – chanle vitalumiere aqua comes in a pan form too. πŸ™‚

    1. oh ta! i am loving the lipsticks a lot so far. they are very pigmented and i am loving the colors. plus they are very long lasting. πŸ™‚ even liking the foundation and eyeliners actually.

  8. shami, will do it soon. :))

    sandhya, it’s the colors. Any lipstick or gloss or blush that had a blusih undertone would make your face look fresher. The lipstick and the gloss that I have used in this look are both cool toned. and when you are using warm lip colors, I guess you have to balance out the look with eye makeup or the blush color so that it does not make your face look tired or sallow. It’s the choice of colors that you pick for yourself. πŸ™‚ and other than that with practice, you do get a hang of what works for your skin tone and what does not. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks a tonne rati di! I always love the way you co ordiante the colors on your lips, cheeck and face along withyour contume to get a balanced look! Have tried to learn best from you, but still learning. Every time i wear a dark lippie i get this heavy look. Will take your tip frmo here and try it the next time!

  9. Rati really thanks a lot for all your posts on this purestay range. I am soooooooo happy to see the shades that suits indian skin tones from this range. I have dark complexion and i love makeup, but u dont know how much our skin tone is neglected when it comes to foundation and compact shades. Every time I swatch the last shade from every brands and find that it doesnt suit me I kinda get a leftout feeling. Even indian brands like lakme doesnt consider the dark skin tones. Lotus compact last shade might suit me…. Fingers crossed. But they could have had more shade options also.

  10. oh i love this brand, i hope to heavens they stay reasonable.. i totally love your look, if you ever get time please do make a video tutorial of this look.. pls pls pretty pls. i always want to learn how to use lipstick as blush. i know it is simple as dabbing, and i tried it, but i just want to know how do you set it .. my skin drinks up any and every blush

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