Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray Review

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray Review

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We spend tons of time perfecting our makeup and only to find, if it’s not properly set, it tends to smudge or doesn’t last long or look fresh, especially if you tend to wear it for long hours. The product I will review for you today will be a perfect product for those who can relate themselves to the scene I mentioned. Today’s review will be on Makeup Forever Mist and Fix makeup fixing spray.

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

Product Description:

A universal setting spray that locks in makeup and keeps color fresh.  A lightweight, non-sticky secret weapon for longer-lasting makeup, Mist & Fix creates a sweat-proof, rub-resistant barrier for fresh-looking makeup that lasts up to 12 hours. It increases hydration for a silky, smooth appearance and won’t dry skin out. This product is formulated with a complex to boost oxygenation and deliver a healthy-looking, radiant glow.  This formula is ideal for all skin types, and should be applied as the last step in your daily makeup routine. It is dermatologist tested and alcohol-free.

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

How To Use:

  • After makeup application, hold Mist and Fix at an arm’s length away from face and spray.
  • Allow time to dry.


$29 for 4.22 oz . Also available in travel size.

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

My Experience with Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray:

I do tend to wear makeup for long period of time on certain days which can range from 8-9 hours. The problem I usually used to face was that by half of the day, my makeup would look very flat and since I do have dry skin, it also sucks the glow and suppleness of the skin with the passage of time.  When I read the claims of this product, especially of it making makeup last longer while also providing hydration, I was really excited to use this. I would like to thank IMBB for giving me the opportunity to get this product and provide you with a complete, truthful and unbiased review.


It is a simple translucent bottle through which you can easily see how much product is left. There is a secure cap attached to the spray nozzle. Though the full size is too big for travels, it is also available in travel-sized version.  The spray nozzle delivers fine mist and I usually use 1-2 sprays on each side of my face from an arm’s distance and that seems to work great for me. The huge 4.22 oz bottle will last me a long time which makes the bottle very affordable for the price.

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray


This product has impressed me. I used this product to set my makeup in the morning and it did take away the excess powderiness on my face which usually happens with setting powders sticking to my drier areas, but at the same time, once the spritz dried it did not leave any greasiness or dewy look behind. Instead the finish that you get of your makeup is very natural looking. It feels very lightweight on the skin and absorbs within seconds.

Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray

It did not make my makeup slide or smear around even when I was wearing non-waterproof products (example mascara). Along with the amazing refreshing feeling it provides, it definitely made my makeup look fresh throughout the day and also helped its staying power for another 2-3 hours. My face looked fresh, radiant and glowy and the boost of moisture definitely helped with my dry skin. But even with the moisturizing quality, I would say this will suit all skin types even oily.


It has a very light, subtle, and refreshing scent which disappears seconds after application.  Overall, I give this product 2 thumbs up. Before using this product, I really did not think makeup setting sprays were that effective, but this product has completely changed my perspective on them. I will recommend this to all.

Pros of Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray:

  • Lightweight and fast absorbing on skin.
  • Does not make the skin greasy or dewy looking.
  • Affordable as the huge quantity will last for a long time.
  • Dries quickly within seconds.
  • Takes away the powdery look on the face.
  • Provides a very natural finish to makeup, not dewy nor too matte.
  • Instantly revitalizes and refreshes skin.
  • Provides a boost of moisture which is a boon for my dry skin.
  • Makes makeup stay looking fresh all day and definitely increases the staying power.
  • Does not make anything on my face smear even if I am wearing non-waterproof products.
  • Fragrance is not overpowering.

Cons of Make Up Forever Mist and Fix Makeup Setting Spray:

  • None for me.

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