Makeup and Beauty Haul

Another Haul…Majorly Maybelline . 🙂

So I had another haul this Saturday…had gone to Lifestyle and saw 15% discount on Maybelline so decided to check out…Here are the pics

Haul 1

The Maybelline Chai Latte Quad was on my list since a long time but I was not in any hurry as such to buy it (no reason as such, jlt)..…so when I saw 15% off..I decided to finally pick it up.

So I bought the eye shadow quad (Rs. 240) , Colorsensational Lipgloss (Rs. 250) and Express Finish nail paint (Rs. 175).

Got 15% off on all these items + I got the Maybelline  ultra liner (I picked black) and watershine lip gloss free free free!!! 😀

Great..isn’t it !!!

I initially thought of buying another color sensational lipstick since I don’t use gloss as much but I was just swatching the glosses and really liked this shade and it looked very nice on the lips too so bought the lip gloss instead of lipstick

I also finally bought the Colorbar Peachy Rose blush (Rs. 240) !!! Yaayyy

Some more piccys of my haul

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss in Raspberry Sorbet & Watershine Lipgloss in Caramel Pearl

Maybelline Color Sensational lip Glosses

Swatches :

Raspberry Sorbet is a very nice bright pink color…the color is not showing properly in the swatch below…this was the best amongst the many pics that I took.
Maybelline Color Sensational lip Glosses
I think no makeup shopping of mine is going to be complete without a nail paint for some time atleast

I got the Express Finish Nail paint which claims to dry in 40 secs and true to its claim it does dry up very fast!! It also claims to contain nail hardner.

I got it in the shade Pearly Pastel, it is a coral shade. I thought this shade wouldn’t suit me, but totally loving it!!

I am really an impatient soul 😉 I got it just yesterday evening and already wore it last night . 🙂

Have a look at the pics…

With 1 swipe, it appears quite sheer

Pearly Pastel

With 2 swipes, it is a beautiful coral shade. I had a tough time capturing the shade properly…the 2nd pic is the closest to the real shade I would say.

Pearly Pastel

Pearly Pastel

Pearly Pastel


40 thoughts on “Makeup and Beauty Haul

  1. I think this season everyone is getting ready for a Haul 😉 I like the gloss and nail color as well. Would like to see how the golden color looks on lips 🙂

    1. I had 2 hauls within 2-3 weeks…but super happy with this weekend’s shpng as I got a nice deal…I will try and click a pick of my lips with this gloss 🙂

  2. hi HD, great haul,i liked the quad, will b great for daily/natural makeup no…n yes ur nails has grown up & looking very healthy darling :snicker: :heh:

    1. yes..its a very versatile quad…gr8 for daily look n also for parties if you use the bronze color…you shud def get it….

      I am totally loving my nails :dance: :dance: and pampering thm…changing nail paints every week

  3. Wold you believe that this is the only nail paint I liked in the whole range. 😛 I was to pick this up the other day but then just didn’t like the packaging so let it be.

    Loved everything you bought. Can’t do without Maybelline Chai latte Quad and Colorbar peachy rose . 🙂

    :yes: :yes:

    1. Yes, the color range is not very gr8…my mom picked this shade for me and at first I told her it wouldnt suit me but when I tried on my nail it looked very nice so thn didnt even check other shades as I wanted to buy a shade which I didnt already have…

      Chai Latte is so versatile na….and very affordable too…loving peachy rose….wearing it today to 🙂

      1. but I think they have increased the price of the quad now. I bought it for 220. 🙂

        Finally you have your peachy rose. Can imagine the happiness. :blush:

        your MAC sheer powder review is coming up next.

        1. oh..maybe coz they have realised how popular it is…but 20 Rs increase is fine…..

          Woow..Thats was very quick of Aarthi…

  4. Hi HD, love ur haul, dont know when I will get to do a proper haul so till then I feel happy when I see all the goodies you girls get over the weekend, btw I loved the colour of the nail polish you got, I see your nails have started getting a lot of attention now that they are behaving :D, enjoy ur goodies gal!

    1. 🙂 This haul was totally a spur of the moment thing…I was at the mall for some other work and when I saw the 15% Off board at LS Maybelline counter I tght of buying another colorsensational lipstick…but got something else only as you can see…

      My nails are getting all the attention and pampering it deserves 😀

      You know maybe we can plan out something together…I can maybe try and handle ur baby while u can buy stuff u want 😉 how old is ur kid?

      1. My brat is gonna be 2 in a month’s time and is a very active monkey.. you are very thoughtful and sweet to offer your help but given such a chance I may just go berserk :laugh: what happened to our day at MAC with Rashmi btw?

        1. Oh dear…I wud love to go out with ur 2 yr old…seriously…the MAC thing is still on…we just gotta plan it out…I will speak to Rashmi soon and then we will decide something

  5. Love the color on your nails….really great..
    Even I have an addiction for nailpaints…infact I have few which I haven’t ever tried.

    And I am impatient specially for nailpaints…infact I am going to try a new one today :giggle:
    .-= Maddy´s last blog ..Swatch-Review – MAC Prunella =-.

    1. Thanks alot Maddy!!!

      I am not really addicted to nail paints. I hvnt really been able to enjoy using nail paints until 2 weeks back coz of the dire condition of my nails so now that they are all good I am pampering them 😉

      Which one are u gonna try today?

  6. i love ur nalis hetvi n yeah for the nail paints ….. i love them and i must say ur choice is really good lighter the nail paints more fair ur hands appear …. 🙂

    1. Thanks alot dear :-*

      Thanks for this tip…i didnt knw until now…the other day Rati also gave me a tip on nail paints and now this one….Thank you!!

  7. Nice haul HD :yes: I’m liking the nail colour and the blush the most out of the haul. I also have the Chai Latte quad.

    Did you get Colorbar from Lifestyle? I’ve been looking to buy Colorbar blushes but I’ve not seen this brand in Bangalore Lifestyle stores. Also, you have lovely nails! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sonal…The colorbar blush is on my list since some 3-4 months now but I was never able to find this at the beauty store from where I generally buy my stuff…It was always out of stock….

      The LS here doesnt have a colorbar counter….neither does Shoppers Stop have colorbar…I got this from Spencers….it has a very non-descripent counter of colorbar…they didnt have alot of stuff neither was the SA any good….the kind of counter that wud make u think this is some cheap brand if u dont really knw abt colorbar…they didnt have testers for blush too but since I knew wht I wanted…it just checked the manufacturing date and bght it…was happy to hv finally found it after months….

    1. Radhika….you saw my other post na?? they have been sooo nice only since the last 2 weeks or so…before that I didnt even feel like looking at thm…but now I am adoring thm every day 😀 😀

    2. Radhika….you saw my other post na?? they have been sooo nice only since the last 2 weeks or so…before that I didnt even feel like looking at thm…but now I am adoring thm every day 😀 😀

      Try the colorbar nail hardner/repair if you have brittle nails…if its worked on my nails it can work on anyone

    3. We need to tie Radhika to the chair one day and give her some permanent makeup She keeps turning into fancy colours every now and then. And gawdd! that third eye is back. I fixed it with M Seal last time only. :teeth:

      :vampire: :vampire:

        1. 😛 😛 I am also sooo fed up turning green all the time…why don’t you all just start looking horrible, and I can sit here peacefully :evilgrin:

          1. I was on the other side of the fence as well…whenever I saw someone would beautiful nails i wud just :drool: :drool:

            Got get urself a manicure before Rati starts running with fevicol behind u

  8. hey.. nice shopping there.. me too went to LS (hyd)yesterday n seeing all FLAT 15%off flags everywhere, bt when asked it on Lakme counter then they said tht if u buy above 1000 thn only its off.. 🙁 so i bought my goodies without any disc as my bill was sum 600 chg..
    didnt ask at maybelline..ooppppss.. :-((

    1. Ooopppsss.. Yeah I saw the flag at Lakme too….but there are hardly a few things I like from Lakme so I was v sure my bill wud never cross 1000 bucks so didnt bother….Loreal too has 15% disc gng on….wht all did u buy from lakme ?

        1. The eye artist is good….i dont really like lakme nail paints though…find colorbar and maybelline better…you can still make use of the disc…the sale is still on 😉

  9. Hey is that really a golden color?? I bought that caramel pearl gloss today from some online website. But now when i am seeing that same gloss in your blog it is giving an impression of some golden color. Is that its real color- like Gold??

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