Look Book : Makeup For Glasses

Look Book: Makeup for Glasses

If you have horrible eyesight like I do, there may be times your eyes need a much needed break from contact lenses and the glasses come out of hiding. Even on those days, I enjoy applying a little makeup to enhance certain features despite the binoculars on my nose, but have to edit my process slightly in order to accommodate my added accessory.

Look Book Makeup For Glasses
Look Book Makeup For Glasses

As per my normal routine, I prepare my face prior to applying any makeup by cleansing, toning and moisturizing because a flawless face begins with flawless skin. Then, I apply my primer (the NARS face primer) to ensure my makeup goes on smooth and lasts all day even under my glasses.

As you can see with my frames, as is the case with many, the bold and thick lines that are in fashion can easily take away the attention that should be on your face, and since we don’t want that the key with makeup for glasses is to define your features so that they are the feature (pardon the pun).

The first thing I do is fill my eyebrows in order to create a frame around my eyes and face that isn’t made of plastic or metal. Doing this directs others to look at your eyes, not your glasses. I used Anastasia’s Perfect Brow Pencil in Brunette, starting from the inner corners and working my way out in light-handed short strokes, to mimic the growth of my hair. On the lids, I knew I wanted to define my eyes and kept in mind that I wouldn’t want to wear mascara (to avoid having my lashes hit my glasses with every blink) so I started by priming them with Lancome Aquatique. Then to enhance the depth of my eyes, something that can often be lost with stronger prescriptions, I used MAC Powder Blush in Blunt in the creases. This is a makeup artist trick – using a blush often used as a contouring powder for the face on the eyes instead of keeping that same color in an eye shadow. I left the rest of the lid bare, and lined just the top lids with Stila’s Smudge Stick in Black. Again, doing so defines my eyes and since I’m not wearing mascara it also enhances my lash line. I left the lower lash line bare as well in order to keep the eye looking as open as possible.

Look Book Makeup For Glasses Detail
Look Book Makeup For Glasses Detail

As for base makeup, I went with a few usual personal favorites – I use Bobbi Brown’s corrector under my eyes first to neutralize the darkness, and then go right over it with her Creamy Concealer to brighten that area. For spots like around my nose and upper lip, I switch to the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick, and blend with my finger. I top everything off with the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder (again, Bobbi Brown) with my MAC 109 brush, using small circular motions (as if applying a mineral foundation) to keep everything in place and to even out my skin tone without using foundation. On a typical day I personally don’t wear foundation, and especially when I wear my glasses because of the tendency of it to somehow show up on the bottom of my lenses each time I smile or laugh.

And speaking of smiles, in order to sculpt the cheekbones (because the low points of the frames can easily overshadow this area) I take out MAC’s Powder Blush in Blunt again and apply it beneath my cheekbones, blending away any harsh lines in order to make the definition more obvious without making the makeup look obvious. Over Blunt, I often like to put a bold cheek color but this time since we are using it for a specific purpose, I went quite natural with MAC’s Powder Blush in Margin. After a tad more blending on my cheeks, some lip balm on the lips, my glasses and I were ready to take on the day.

This article was written by Natasha Kohli, makeup artist and editor of TheCosView.com . Natasha’s philosophy on beauty is to find and then do what makes you feel good and feel gorgeous no matter what it may be, because that’s what this is all about.


16 thoughts on “Look Book : Makeup For Glasses

  1. Awesome look Natasha… :yes: :yes: 😎

    I always look forward to THE look book… 😀 😀

    I myself wear glasses and do most of these things.. The only added part is I line my lower lash line a little prominently.. :-/

    Me too skip mascara while wearing glasses.. My lashes touch the glass and it’s all weird.. :lashes: :lashes:

    1. Hi Mrunmayee,

      Glad you liked it and makes me happy to hear you look forward to these looks! Lashes on the glasses is my least favorite thing, so you’re doing all the right things.


  2. Look Book is a collection in itself !! Purple, brows and now this !! All are grreat articles.
    I wear glasses on some days too, mostly contacts. Its such a myth that makeup won’t be seen with glasses.
    I wanted to ask – Should you concentrate more on the eyes or the lips\cheek while wearing glasses? Or should it be subtle all over?

    1. In that case, there are more to come! I’m very glad you’ve been enjoying the ones posted so far.

      As far as what to concentrate on, I would suggest picking just one feature and playing that up. I feel that glasses tend to take away the attention from my eyes since my RX is so strong, making my eyes look smaller than they are (which is the feature I most often play up on myself and others), so that is what I gravitate towards. However, depending on the shape of your face and the style of your glasses it may be best for you to play up another feature. But again, I would just focus on one or as you said, subtly enhancing them all for a more natural look.

  3. That’s a beautiful look Natasha 🙂 I wear glasses so I always have to tone down my eye makeup a notch to suit it. I use brown Mascara and more neutral shades of eyeshadow. My favourite glasses look is with NARS Cordoura duo and MAC’s Folie in the crease. It is a simple, subtle look that doesn’t clash with my brownish framed glasses.

    P/s – You have gorgeous skin, I’m green with envy.

    1. Thank you, Fieran. Don’t your lashes hit your lenses? I suppose that depends on the shape of your face, the style of your glasses, and how you wear them. I wish I could wear mascara with mine.

      Your NARS/MAC combo sounds gorge. As for skin, I think once you find the skincare routine that works for your lifestyle and skin you’d be surprised with the results. It’s all a matter of finding the right products for your exact skin type.

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