Makhanas For Weight Loss – How to Eat It Right?

While trying to lose weight, it’s important to eat the right kind of food that would nourish the body and accelerate the fat-burning process rather than practicing starvation or food deprivation which certain fad diets promote.  It would be wise to include nutrient-dense food that pack a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and essential minerals within a small quantity. Makhana is on such food item we can count as superfood which is extensively available all over. Makhanas are extremely popular in India during the fasting season, but it’s only recently that its benefits with regards to weight loss got highlighted. Makhanas, also called as foxnuts or puffed lotus seeds, are extremely rich in protein, low in calories, contain trace nutrients such as manganese and phosphorous, and can act as a perfect snack whenever you cannot control hunger pangs. Makhana is a highly healthy and nutritious snack which you can indulge in between meals without much guilt. The best thing about this snacking option is that it does not lead to bloating. While only dieting and exercise would lead to weight loss, makhanas and other such nutritious food can boost the whole process.

Makhanas For Weight Loss

Why Makhana is Good on a Weight Loss Diet?

1. When you feel the need to snack on something, but want to be extremely careful about not ruining your diet, then look no further than makhana, which is the healthiest snack that you can find because 100 gm or one cup of makhana has approximately 260 calories without any fat content.

2. It is also a rich source of protein which is a macronutrient that boosts weight loss, by keeping you full, and helps burn more calories through the day.

3. Good source of minerals like magnesium and potassium that keep the heart healthy and boost metabolism, and help to reduce inflammation too.

4. The rich calcium content helps in decreasing belly fat.

5. Makhanas also have fiber which keeps you satiated for long, keeps blood sugar stable, and keeps gut healthy and robust – all of these factors boost weight loss process.

6. Contains the antioxidant kaempferol that fights free radicals and reduces cellular damage.

7. Has low glycemic index, does not cause insulin spikes. Insulin as we all know can trigger fat storage and when someone is trying to lose weight, they should avoid food that would cause sharp insulin spikes.

8. It’s gluten free.

9. Low in sodium.

10. Does not cause bloating.

Different Ways to Consume Makhanas for Weight Loss:

1. Plain Roasted Makhana: You can dry roast makhana without actually adding any oil by just adding a pinch of pepper powder.
2. Makhana Roasted in Ghee/Coconut Oil or Olive Oil: Ghee and olive oil have healthy fats that boost the whole weight loss process and coupled with low-calorie makhana, they make an absolutely delicious snack for people on a calorie-deficit diet.
3. Makhana Raita: Make your usual raita and add roasted makhana to get that crunch factor.
4. Spicy Masala Makhana: Roast makhana in 1 tbsp ghee or olive oil, add 1/2 chilli powder, 1/2 tbsp pepper powder, and 1/2 tbsp cumin powder.
4. Mint Makhana: To make mint makhana, heat 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp of mint powder, and 1/2 tbsp chat masala. Roast for a few minutes and your delicious snack is ready.
5. Spicy Makhana Chat: Make delicious chat with makhana at home by adding a bit of turmeric, chilli powder, chat masala, and salt.
6. Gur Makhana: Looking for something sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth? Make this gur makhana with just a few ingredients like jaggery, fresh coconut powder, and a little ghee. Roast makhana in one tbsp of ghee, add the fresh desiccated coconut into the makhana, and bind everything together with jaggery that has been melted in a little bit of water. Have it when you feel in a mood for something sweet yet healthy.

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Can you think about any other way to makhana? If yes, please do mention in the comments below 🙂

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