10 Mangalsutra Designs Of Bollywood Actresses

One of the very sacred customs in Indian weddings is that the groom ties a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck which indicates the beginning of a strong bond between them. Mangalsutra has always been considered the most important symbol of a married woman. Married women in India are expected to wear their mangalsutra at all times, be it events or in regular life. There are so many designs of mangalsutras now that women can pick and choose what kind of a design they want to wear. Earlier, women used to wear long mangalsutras but these days, most women, love short, simple, and trendy ones. Not everyone might know why this necklace is called mangalsutra – “mangal” means auspicious and “sutra” means bond or thread which is why this holy thread is called the mangalsutra. When it comes to Bollywood, our  actresses just like us love flaunting the design of their mangalsutra and the audience is always waiting to see the design of their mangalsutra because it inspires at us a lot too. If you are all set to get married and become the new bride, then we are sure that you might be browsing online all the time to check out the best designs of the mangalsutra as you will be wearing it lifetime. We share the 10 designs of the mangalsutra of the famous Bollywood actresses below, get inspired by these designs and pick your favourite one.

1. Aashka Goradia married Brent, who is from America, but she has kept her traditions alive till date. In-fact, her hubby has shifted to India. She has made the most unique style of mangalsutra with “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” written over it with a trishul and a damru design. We haven’t seen a mangalsutra and one can surely get compliments with this design.

aashka goradia mangalsutra

2. Sonam Kapoor: The next prize for the unique mangalsutra surely goes to Sonam Kapoor because this design is again one different and gorgeous one that we haven’t seen before. Make a mangalsutra like this that shows your love and compatibility. She has a little solitaire with the sun-signs of the couple on either sides of the solitaire. This is a modern design which you can try.

sonam kapoor mangalsutra

3. Deepika Padukone’s mangalsutra design shows what simplicity and sophistication is! This design is something that we have seen before and many women who want to opt for a simple design which looks elegant can go for this one with a little solitaire.

deepika padukone mangalsutra

4. Divyanka Tripathi is the most favorite bahu of TV whom everyone loves and she is indeed a perfect bahu in reality as well. She opted for one design which has been going on since ages and you can never go wrong with this design. It is full of sparkling little diamonds with a V-shape and a little round full of many diamonds at the corner V. This design is perfect for any caste, age and more, it will suit all!

divyanka tripathi mangalsutra

5. These days women are opting for a shorter size of mangalsutra but earlier the fashion of longer ones was in trend. Aishwarya Rai got married so many years back so she opted for a longer ones with those gold and black beads and a huge pendant below it. The pendant has three rounds in a triangular pattern with a design and that is a filled with so many little diamonds which makes it look perfect. Choose a long pattern and a pendant of your choice!

aishwarya rai mangalsutra

6. Anushka Sharma also flaunted her mangalsutra design when she was newly married and she also chose a simple and a regular design which looks classy and perfect on any outfit. The design is a half-moon one with huge diamonds in that pattern. The solitaires are big and the shape of the mangalsutra pendant is also visible clearly making it look gorgeous and crisp.

anushka mangalsutra

7. Priyanka Chopra proved that mangalsutra doesn’t mean that it has to look super traditional. She showed us a very different look of mangalsutra which looks classy, modern as a well as traditional. No one could have created a better fusion than that one! The entire chain is in thin gold pattern with little black beads in the middle and then again the chain. It is a long necklace with a unique pendant with big diamonds and stone. Want to play it classy? Try this design.

priyanka chopra mangalsutra

8. Bharti Singh opted for two designs of mangalsutra. She wore a delicate one for the reception but then on the next day, she was spotted with a huge, super heavy gold and beaded mangalsutra that has been in tradition since ages. It was thick, huge with lots of gold, black beads and a huge gold pendant at the bottom.

bharti mangalsutra

9. Shilpa Shetty also opted for a simple design. It has a regular pattern with 3 drop-like shapes attached to each other making the pendant. This is again one simple and common design to go for if you like simple stuff!

shilpa shetty mangalsutra

10. Madhuri Dixit is a Maharashtrian and she did follow the Maharashtrian tradition when it comes to mangalsutra. The Marathi traditions have a fixed typical design with a mangalsutra and two bowl-like shape that hangs at the bottom. Most of the Maharashtrian ladies will be seen wearing this kind of mangalsutra.

Madhuri dixit mangalsutra


Do let us know what design you liked from the most.


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