Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Strengthening Shampoo Review

Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Strengthening Shampoo

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. I have been facing issues hair fall since a while now, I am blaming it on frequently changing climate and the humidity here. I tried a few things and changing hair care products, that is when I came across this strengthening shampoo from matrix and thought of giving it a try, thinking it would help somewhat, let’s see how did it fare for me.

Product Description:

Our first advanced system designed to strengthen the hair strand. These strengthening hair care products and formulas with Intra-Cylane™ + Bamboo, known for its resilience, fill gaps in the cuticle and enhance fiber integrity. Fortify and resurface weak, fragile hair. Ultra conditioning formulas for incredible softness. Fragile hair may be prone to breakage and unmanageability. Biolage fiberstrong Shampoo was formulated to target these needs with the power of Intra-CylaneTM plus bamboo and ceramide for repairing damaged, fragile hair.
●Paraben free shampoo cleanses hair, leaving it healthy looking and resistant to damage
●Fragile areas of the hair are fortified with Intra-Cylane and Ceramides.
●Elasticity is maintained and shine restored.


Rs. 270 for 200ml

My Experience with Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Strengthening Shampoo:

The shampoo comes in a shiny grey and green colored elongated bottle with a flip cap; the packaging is quite travel friendly and sturdy.

The shampoo has a very pleasant and mild fruity fragrance which I like.It is pearly white colored and has a thin consistency.Itlathers nicely with a little amount. Coming to my hair type I have oily scalp and frizzy hair which is prone to hair fall lately.I did not experience any additional hair fall while using this shampoo which I sometimes face when I am using a shampoo for the first time, it is very gentle. If I have oiled my hair then I need two to three washes to cleanse my hair well, it rinses off very easily without leaving behind any residue and does not weigh down my hair. It effectively cleanses my hair and scalp giving a squeaky clean feeling without leaving it too dryand adds a nice shine to my hair but hair does not feel smooth, soft or manageable post using it. I have quite frizzy hair and hence cannot skip a conditioner with it since it is not moisturizing, I doubt if it will work well for really dry hair. Also it alone does nothing much to tame my frizzy hair.

Coming to the claims of reducing hair fall, it did not prove that effective for me. It did control the hair fall a bit but I did not see any major improvement instrengthening hair with regular use of over a month now. I had quite good experience with some of the shampoos I have used previously from matrix and did expect the same from this one as well.

I like the fact that the formula is paraben free but all the tall claims here did not work for me, I guess everyone faces hair fall due to different reasons and the products to tackle it also work differently on all hair types , this one might work for some and I recommend giving it a try once!

Pros of Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Strengthening Shampoo:

• Adds nice shine to hair.
• Does not weigh down my hair.
• Did not cause any extra hair fall.
• Lathers well.
• Effectively cleans hair and gets rinsed off easily.
• Paraben free.
• Sleek and Sturdy packaging.
• Has a pleasant fragrance.



Cons of Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Strengthening Shampoo:

• Did not do much to reduce hair fall.
• Does not make hair more manageable or control frizz.
• Contains SLES.
• May not work for dry hair types.
• Conditioner cannot be skipped with this one.

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  1. I am suffering from hair fall I guess to due pollution and water here and external factors *scared* but not sure…sad it didn’t work !

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