Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash Review

Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash

Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash
After Acnes Sealing Gel and Acnes Powder Lotion, it is Acnes Creamy Wash’s turn, at last. The word creamy, in the face wash’s name is a bit misleading. The name makes you feel the face wash has a creamy face but it is not like that. Creamy has been used to describe the consistency of the face wash which is a bit thick. I got the smaller tube, that way no guilt in throwing it away if I didn’t like it.

What it claims:
Anti-bacterial, acne preventive face wash; fights bacteria, prevents acne; removes dirt and dust, kills acnegenic bacteria present deep inside the pores and fortified with Vitamin C and E.
acnes wash
A very long list of ingredients, I’d say.

What it does:
It is white in colour and smells like all other mentholatum products. The good thing is that the smell doesn’t linger on.
You just need to use a small amount of this creamy wash and it is more than enough. This way even the 12g tube that I have has lasted me more than 20 days (I washed my face with it twice a day). It doesn’t really lather but it still cleans up the face very effectively. If you have a mild acne problem and they are being caused by dirt and pollution, this product is for you. Everybody else will need to pair it up with whatever treatment suits them. Even though I have an oily skin, I do feel the need to moisturize after using this face wash because of the season. In summers, the powder lotion and this face wash together will control oil effectively without making the skin dry.
If you want to try this range, creamy wash is the safest bet.

Price: Rs. 20 for 12g

Pros of Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash:
• Cleans oil and dirt effectively.
• Only a small quantity is required each time.
• Economical pricewise.

Cons of Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash:
• Not suitable for winters.
• Dry skin and acne? This is not for you.

Will I buy it again:
Maybe in summer!


28 thoughts on “Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash Review

  1. only 20rs…. 😐 😐 :shocked: :shocked: i will stick to my derma prescribed face wash only….. Nice review maansi :thumbsup:

      1. Ofcourse the price varies with quantity maansi…..i am under the treatment of the derma thats y i wrote i wud stick to my derma prescribed face wash only. It has got nothing to do with the price!

    1. That smell is same for all the mentholatum products and it is drying, Chand. You can use it if you’ve oily skin or oily T zone and that too only in summers

  2. 20 bucks?? wow..ya i too like the sample ones. I wish the higher end brands would also sample sizes for lesser price. we’d know for sure if it worked and we’d come back for more. Most of the time the price keeps us away from trying the higher/more expensive brands

    1. You’re so right.They should have travel sized bottles for all the products that way it would be enough to make p your mind about the product and not heavy on the pocket too :methinks:

  3. I’ll buy it only if my acne starts to get berserk. :whistle: And only 20?! :shocked: :shocked: Aaaj ke zamaane mei very good na. :preen:
    Nice review,Maansi! :pompom:

  4. nice review..anything which says ”acne” catch my eyes fatafat
    And for the price, just as they say on fm-aap k zamane mein baap k zamane ka price 😀
    Which moisturizer do you use Maansi?

    1. I was using Natural Bath and Body ki ylang ylang cream, it was good but it had a very heady smell. So, now I use Papayablem from Lotus…it takes care of moisturization and I might just get rid of the scars in the process.

  5. my tube just came today from urban tpouch..i used the sample sachets and really liked this facewash… but i just hate the smell.. but otherwise i find it amazing for my oily skin :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. Nice review! I loved this face wash too. I use it once a day and it does a fantastic job of cleaning the face without drying it out.

  7. Nice review Maansi 🙂 I used the sample sachet and loved the product for my oily sensitive skin. :heart: :heart: :heart: Only 1-2 facewashes suited my skin till now after trying sooooo many..all give my skin slippery feeling after wash. :shutmouth: but this one does just perfect job for my skin. :happydance: and as u rightly said, very small amount is required… :yahoo:

  8. just tried this Acnes kit for the last 3 weeks. I should thank my mom for this. I had horrible breakouts since the start of summer ,I didnt even think this will help.But my zits are coming down,oil is getting controlled and pores are reduced..I use the kit in the night ,use the facewash in the morning ,followed by clean and clear mosturizer and lotus matte sunscreen gel. In the night , I use the entire Acnes kit ..and am loving it . So much for rs 60 !

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