MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up

MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up

Hello Beautiful Ladies,
Few days back I came across a review about MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss in Kiss and Makeup and after reading the review I was so tempted to buy it that I brought two of these glosses myself. The first one that I brought was the same shade which I saw in the review and the second one is called Pucker Up. So today I will be sharing my thought about the second shade (Pucker Up).

Product quantity: 5.1 ml

Price: INR 590

Packaging: These glosses come in a square shaped transparent tube with a black cap. The cap has a small sparkly lip printed on it which complements the name Intense Kisses. The applicator is the usual doe foot one which is very convenient to use. The tube is sturdy and the cap is tight enough to make it travel friendly (can be kept in bag without any fear of leakage).

Ingredients: No ingredient list is mentioned on the product


Product Description:

Pucker Up Intense Kisses lip gloss from MUA is perfect for enhancing the look of your fuller and pouty lips. This non-sticky lip gloss moisturizes your lips while adding a lustrous shine and keeping them smooth.

My take on MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up:

Color & Pigmentation: I brought this product online where it seemed to be a red. When I received it, I was satisfied to see that it is red in the tube as well, but when actually applied, it is not an intense red color, and it has pink undertones to it. I liked the fact that it is not a very bright pink as now I can wear it more often. The color is free of any shimmer particles and gives a glossy shine to the lips. I was amazed by the pigmentation, the color is heavily pigmented. One swipe is enough to get a brilliant red color on the lips, but second coat may be applied to get a more opaque finish.


Texture: The gloss is extremely soft to apply and unlike many of the other glosses it is completely not sticky. I hate when my lips feel sticky and this particular gloss gained points for me in this area. The gloss is super moisturizing too. While using this product there is absolutely no need of a lip balm. The lips feel moisturized even hours after applying the gloss. The gloss is neither too thick nor too flowy. It has a perfect consistency a gloss must have. Although the gloss is not too flowy, yet I found it a little difficult to apply it properly, as it might bleed if not applied properly.

Staying Power: As compared to other gloss the color stays for a decent amount of time, but the best part is that, even when the glossiness is gone, the color is gone, the lips still have some color which means that the gloss have good staining power. The color transfers easily and actually very perfectly (making a proper shape of the lip) on anything that touches the lips and so goes after a meal, but the stain still makes the lips appear red.


Pros of MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up

• Beautiful wearable color
• No shimmers, which makes it good to wear in the day time too
• Gloss is heavily pigmented, takes maximum of 2 swipes to give a completely opaque look
• Non sticky
• Extremely moisturizing
• Travel friendly
• Perfect consistency
• Stains lips
• Free of any kind of smell


Cons of MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up

• Little pricey in India
• Contains no ingredient list
• A lot of care must be taken in order to get a clean application
• Easily transferable


Would I buy MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up again?

Yes! Would love to try at least one more shade from this line, but I might not buy the same color again. I just hope to get it on discount.

Do I recommend MUA Intense Kisses HD Lip Gloss – Pucker Up?

Yes! It is an amazing product with a lot of plus points, some of which are usually not expected from a gloss.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. Thanks raji… *thankyou* even i was amazed by the pigmentation……its much more pigmented than i expected… *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. thank you sumera for showing us, especially me that these glosses are worth buying and they are so amazing…i loved them *puchhi* *puchhi*

  1. The pigmentation and the shade both are amazing *drool* *drool* that totally brightens up the skin tone *happy dance* *happy dance* lovely swatches swati *happydance* *happydance* *puchhi*

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