My Mini Makeup Haul

My Mini Makeup Haul

I recently purchased few stuff from Avon since there was a huge sale on most of their items. Since this was my first ever purchase from Avon I just bought a handful of items I really needed.

Mini Haul
Mini Haul

1)Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner
Shade- Blue Flare
Original Price- Rs 229
I got it for around Rs. 177
It’s a glide on, self sharpening pencil in an electric blue shade. It is a pretty pigmented color & has a shine to it. I have used a similar color eye pencil by Nivea before & though it was creamy it hardly showed on my waterline. However, this on the other hand shows quite vividly in one application itself not requiring me to apply it again to darken it. Thank you Neha & Sush for recommending this to me 🙂

Avon Glimmerstick
Avon Glimmerstick

2) Avon Color Trend Eyeliner
Shade – Turquoise
I don’t remember the original price but I got it around Rs.241. I have been in the search for a perfect turquoise/aqua shade eyeliner since ages. This is not perfect but definitely better than the others I have tried. It stay’s for 3-4 hours on my waterline (when darkened twice) which like a huge progress !! However, the color does not look so vibrant on my waterline.

3) Avon’s Jumbo Lip Liner
Shade- Peach Gold

AVon Jumbo Lip Liner Peach Gold
AVon Jumbo Lip Liner Peach Gold

I got this for around Rs.304. It’s a light honey color with gold shimmer on it. It is a pretty pigmented color which looks good even without applying a gloss on it.

4) Nyx’s Jumbo Lip Pencil
Shade- Iris
Original Price- Rs.241

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Iris
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Iris

I picked this pencil on a casual outing with a friend. Though the shade is called Iris, it is actually a gorgeous pink periwinkle kind of a shade with silver shimmer. When applied on lips, it looked really nice on me in the store lightning but outside it gives a purplish kind of a look which does not really suit me 🙁

NYX Jumbo Pencil and Avon Lip Shade Swatches
NYX Jumbo Pencil and Avon Lip Shade Swatches

5) Labello Glamorous Lip Shine

Lip gloss
Labello Glamorous Lip Shine

Shade- Natural
Original Price – around Rs. 152
Labello is an awesome drugstore brand of lip products mainly lip balms but it recently introduced its lip shine range as well. It’s a peachish gloss with shimmer on it. I basically got this because it has SPF 15 in it plus its very smooth & not at all sticky. This is what I have applied on top of my Avon Peach Gold. I’m not sure if we get this brand in India. In case you do in your area, get hold of this product because its just amazing !!!

6) Avon Nail Experts Quick Dry Spray
Original Price- around Rs. 380
This product was not on sale. I got it anyhow since no other quick dry top coats work on me. Since this is a spray I assume it might. I haven’t got a chance to try this product yet. Will do a review on it soon 🙂

I would recommend Avon’s Peach Gold, Blue Flare Glimmerstick Liner & Labello gloss.
P.S:- sorry for the crappy pics. My cam’s real crazy!!

Have you tried any of these stuff? Please do leave in your recommendations.


23 thoughts on “My Mini Makeup Haul

  1. Hey Insiya,
    great haul! We get the Labello glamorous lip shine as nivea glamorous lip shine here.. 🙂 in this nude peachish colour and a pinkish colour..

    1. thanks for getting it to my attention 🙂 i had no idea labello & nivea lip shine are the same. We get it only as labello lip shine here not as nivea.

    1. all the nyx stuff are cheapp !! this is like a standard price for most of their products including their jumbo eye pencils & eyeshadows. that is why i love nyx :-))
      the glimmerstick is amazing.i really love the staying power.

      1. cool… since their blushes and other stuff cross the 500 bucks mark i thought this lip pencil would be similarly priced. for that price i would rather put in more money and invest in a better brand! where do you shop for nyx?
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

        1. yeh the blushes are slightly expensive.i stay in dubai so i mostly shop nyx from lifestyle.i’m not sure if we get nyx in indian lifestyle’s as well. nyx is available in mumbai’s beauty centre.don’t know about delhi though.

  2. Hi INsiya,

    Loved the peachy gold colour. Infact I am itching to see how it would look as a blusher.

    Btw you’ve got very well defined lips. 🙂

    1. yeh i already tried it as a blusher & eyeshadow as well 😛 It rocks !!!!

      thank you :-)) it’s so difficult to take a picture of your own lips !!

    1. thank you.i think you can buy online from the avon’s site. not sure if they ship in india though. I think its better if you can buy avon products via an agent. it probably will cost you less & you will get the items delivered at a faster rate.

  3. Great haul a fan of nivea tinted lipblams..and ya outside india they sell in the name labello however packaging seems to be just the same.

    1. thank you 🙂
      i had absolutely no idea nivea & labello were one and the same until ik & rima mentioned about it !!
      i feel so stupid :silly:

    1. thank you again 😀 😀
      i will get more glimmersticks now !! the picture really does not do justice. the color is much more beautiful. unfortunately i am not able to find anything about blue flare online.

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