Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach –  A Review

I first heard about the brand Nature’s Essence after reading a review here on IMBB. When I saw the Gold Bleach at the store, I was intrigued because it claimed to bleach your facial hair to match your skin color. Getting rid of facial hair on the sides of my face has been an issue for me.  Threading makes my face red and swollen while using facial hair removing creams such as Nair have not been too satisfactory either.  So I decided to try bleaching as a last resort.

The kit

What the product claims: “Lightens hair to match skin color, and makes skin fairer and glowing. Its mild formula gives more natural texture with no irritation to the skin”. (I am not sure what they mean by “gives natural texture”. Perhaps they meant it gives you a natural glow)

Price : Rs 50 for 43 gm

The pack contains a cream, activator powder and a spatula. The cream is white and has a thick consistency. The powder is a light yellow and has a strong pungent smell.  When mixed together it forms a cream colored paste and the pungent smell is not as strong.

powder n cream

What it contains Gold flakes, Ammonium Bi-carbonate , Hydrogen Peroxide (Considering its price, I really wonder how much gold actually goes into this product!)

Instructions Cream paste

Mix two spatulas of the cream with two pinches of the powder and apply it on cleaned face.  Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off.



before bleaching





after bleaching
after bleaching



I followed all the above instructions and after washing it off I found that my skin had lightened by one tone. It had also lightened my facial hair. The bleach also lends a nice glow to your face which unfortunately fades in an hour or so.

Note: It has been advised not to use soap for at least six hours after bleaching.

The product recommends bleaching twice a month for effective results. Either way the general rule with all bleaches is to give it a minimum of 15 days gap. These are some before and after pictures. The difference is not clear in the pictures but in reality the square patch where I applied the bleach is clearly visible.

Pros of Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach

  • Reasonably priced.
  • Provides a mild bleach improving complexion by one skin tone
  • Bleaches facial hair
  • Has not caused any allergic reactions

Cons of Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach

  • Complete list of ingredients is not provided. With products such as a bleach, I would definitely like to know the complete list
  • I am not too convinced that this actually contains gold.  The cream is a pristine white, even if there are a few gold flakes shouldn’t they stand out? This has me puzzled a bit. Even if the product does contain flakes, it must be a very small percentage. In which case calling it a gold bleach is hardly justifiable.
  • As soon as you wash off the bleach it gives you a nice glow. Unfortunately this disappears in an hour or so.

IMBB Rating :-* :-*:-*

Will I repurchase.

No? Though this product does a reasonably good job, the fact that only “key ingredients “ are listed is a drawback for me.  Of all beauty products bleaches tend to have a lot of strong chemicals. And if a product can change the colour of my skin/hair in ten minutes, I would definitely want to know the exhaustive list of ingredients.

So ladies, what’s your take on bleaches?

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26 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Review

  1. I am pretty scared of bleaching but I do bleach my face once in 6 months. I use the oxy bleach and it works pretty well.

    I am really wondering whether anyone can give “gold flakes” in a 50 buck bottle…. 😕

    Don’t you think that’s just a trick to sell off stuff..

    I am not too sure but the price of gold is Rs 17,000 per 10 gm. 😛

    1. Sigh, every time I hear the word gold now I feel like slapping myself for buying that Jovees 24 Carat Eye contour gel. Total total waste of money 🙁 Wish I had read Mrunmayee’s review on her blog before buying it 🙁

    2. Rati – Exactly what i was thinking.. and the cream was pure white.. gold cant dissolve that much to become pure white na?!

  2. they probably put one ion of gold in the whole package 😛
    i’ve never bleached my face. i don’t think i need it right now plus i’m waaay too scared of putting such strong chemicals on my face! my skin reacts extremely badly to them (came to know that through hair removal creams). it takes a lot of hard work to keep my face skin stable and i’m just too scared that it will break out into rashes or turn red and itchy. 🙁

  3. Yeah me too wary of bleaches. I always get a feeling that my skin becomes darker than it was before applying the bleach. Maybe that is also one of the reasons I tend avoid bleaches 🙁

  4. Nowadays I notice that my arms are getting tanned badly…looking for some remedy for this, will this bleach work on arms as well as u showed in the pic???Quite against using bleach though, ladies can anyone help me with a solution for tanned arms??And also a good sunscreen which we can use to prevent tanning of arms….

  5. hi i do apply bleach bt once in 2 months. i know it is too harsh for the skin bt i didnt faced any breakout … :giggle:

  6. ya the glow lasts only for the evening sadly
    but i am too scared every time i bleach
    once every three months is okay
    but my skin CRAVES fro moisture after i bleach…
    so just wonder what it does to us! 😥

  7. Rati, you mean to say that detan pack removes tan??? till now I was thinking it is just a preventive stuff against tanning, i mean a sunscreen…thnx anyways will give a try for sure 🙂

    1. oh no, it does remove tan. I have not used it personally but yes i have heard all good stuff about it so far. my friends used up 2-3 tubes until she got back to her normal self. hers was a “rajasthan desert” tanning so you can imagine… The day i would need a detanning stuff, I know what to pick. 🙂

  8. I have used bleaches previously and did not find it a very skin-friendly solution for facial hair. I visited a dermatologist recently and she absolutly No-no-ed bleaches. She asked me to try a natural combo of Lemonjuice+sugar+honey on face regularly to avoid facial hair growth plus a pack of haldi and milk before sleep.
    I am seeing a reduction in hair growth plus some of my hairs have gone golden.
    I think in long term, this would work very well.
    another useful tip she gave me was to avoid touching my face unless absolutely necessary.
    She said facial skin should be kept like a delicate silk cloth and cared accordingly..i liked the way she put it.. 🙂

  9. I used this bleach and it darkened my skin almost 3 tones..I have a wedding to attend to tomorrow.. Anybody any suggestions

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