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Welcome to IMBB! πŸ™‚

We would love to have a contribution from you.

Here is some important stuff that you would like to know (Please read till the end of this page):

Before you start writing on our blog you will have to tell us if you are associated, in any manner, with any cosmetic company or not. You’d also need to provide us these two things:

  • A scanned copy/ image of your photo ID proof and your contact details.
  • A valid bank account number/ paypal account (for non-Indian residents) in your own name (family member’s or friend’s account won’t do).

Incentives: Payment, Work Experience Certificates and Sponsored Products

We pay Rs 200 per article/ review to Indian residents and US $5 (through paypal) per article/ review to non-Indian residents. For outfit posts we pay Rs 300 per article/ review to Indian residents and US $7 (through paypal) per article/ review to non-Indian residents. This does not include haul (shopping) posts as we do not pay for haul posts.

For Non-Indian residents, the payment would be strictly through Paypal. For Indian residents, the payment would be only through online bank transfer (Note that it is mandatory that you have your own bank account for authentication purposes; you cannot give someone else’s account number).

Payments to our writers would be made monthly, at the end of every month. Those writers who have written articles in a given month are to send the following details to us at the end of the month in order to receive their payments

  • Their article names along with links to each article
  • Total payment to be made
  • Paypal ID/ Bank Details

Account Holder’s Name:
Account Number:
IFSC Code:

Here’s an example of how to send your article details at the end of every month-

article details

Remember! we would not be making payments automatically from our side. In order to receive your payment, you have to send us the above details without fail. Also, if you fail to send us the payment details by the end of that month, we shall be making that payment at the end of the next month.

In order to check the number of posts written by you that month, just open any post written by you and click on your author name. It would open your author page.

We would be giving 6 months full-time work experience certificate from LA Edukreation Pvt. Ltd. to writers who complete 150 posts on IMBB, and a one year certificate for those complete 300 posts, and so on. This would not apply to writers writing less than 150 posts. Also, for those writers who cross 150-posts milestone but do not reach the next/ subsequent milestones, the work experience certificates would be provided on pro-rata basis. For example, if you write only 200 posts you’d get a work-experience certificate of 8 months. The designations would be writer/ senior writer/ editor.

Nail Paint Policy:

From now on, we are gonna stick to this standard for nail paint reviews:

High end brands – Chanel, Essie, NARS, Estee Lauder – one nail paint per review acceptable.

Medium range brands – Sally Hansen, China Glaze, OPI etc – at least three per post acceptable.

Budget brands – Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal, others – at least 5 per post acceptable.


IMBB Sponsored Products Scheme

  • This sponsored scheme applies to only product reviews submitted by writers. This includes all the product reviews published on IMBB from the 1st of November and not earlier.
  • This would not apply to reviews of products which were/ are sponsored by IMBB itself.
  • This is separate from our regular payment for reviews. The payment for your reviews would be done on monthly basis as earlier.
  • For every product review published on IMBB from 1st of November, the writer of the review would get 100 points, over and above her payment for the review. So if you write two reviews you get 200 points, besides your regular payment for the reviews. The points for every review would be valid only for 60 days.Β We would count 60 days backwards from the day you email us (at mirrorobsession [at] gmail [dot] com) about cashing your points.
  • 100 points = 100 Rs. (for writers residing in India) = USD 2 (for writers residing outside India). These points can only be cashed for buying products whose reviews would be submitted to IMBB and not otherwise. They cannot be converted into money and paid out to you.
  • You can cash your points to buy a product only when you have a minimum of 3000 points accumulated. Remember, while encashing, the points accumulated only in the last 60 days would be counted. So if you have a minimum of 3200 points in the last 60 days, you’d be able to buy a product/ products worth INR 3200 on behalf of IMBB.
  • The product(s) you wish to buy should not have been reviewed previously on (IMBB, Emirati, Filipina blogs). Β You can choose any product(s) for yourself as long as they are permanent products and not limited edition. We would count 60 days backwards from the day you email us (at mirrorobsession [at] gmail [dot] com) about cashing your points and informing us about the product. We would count only those reviews that have been published and NOT the reviews that have been sent and lying in inbox. If we give the go ahead for the product you’ve chosen, you can go and purchase it for use. You have to submit the receipt of purchase. Once you submit the receipt, we would block that product review for you and not take it from any other writer.
  • Once you encash your points for a review, you cannot cash them again.
  • We would make the payment for the receipt submitted once we publish your sponsored product review.

Article Copyright, Terms and Conditions

We would be holding the copyright of the article and the images that you sell to us so you are bound not to reproduce or re-sell the article in any form either online or offline. Please do not send us copied articles from the net. Also, we would terminate this contract if you are writing for a competitor blog. If you are already a makeup, beauty or fashion blogger we recommend that you write guest post for us.

The following would lead to immediate termination from our blog:

  • Submitting pictures taken from phone, or submitting us blurry, unclear pictures. We need sharp, clear pictures taken from camera. Send us a single photo taken from a phone and we would remove you from IMBB.
  • Submitting us content/ images copied from the net. If you are writing a general beauty article with images used from the internet, please provide us the source of the image.
  • Submitting us reviews with short or missing- experience with the product, pros and cons. Please do not fill pages with ingredients or claims. Attach images of ingredients and claims. Spend your time writing about your experience, pros and cons instead.
  • Writing on other beauty or fashion blog. Please read ourΒ blog guidelines.
  • Submitting us reviews with grammatical errors, sms language, or bad editing.
  • Behaving rudely or arrogantly with any member of the IMBB team.
  • Telling us that your payment has not been made when it has been made. Payment is a serious issue with us and we make payment to our writers on a regular basis. Whenever a writer accuses us that the payment has not been made we check our accounts. If we see that the payment has been made, then either the writer is lying or she hasn’t bothered to check her account. We don’t want to work with these people.

Article Format

Each article should have at least 600 words and at least 3 images. Please avoid writing your article in SMS language (u, ur, lemme, dis, dat, etc.). The product reviews should be written in pros/ cons format or they would NOT be accepted. If you are doing a photo tutorial or an image-based article, you can reduce the number of words.

If you’d like to write regularly and earn a decent income through IMBB, please read these posts carefully: How to Get Your Posts Published Faster at IMBB and For IMBB Writers.

We take articles on the following:

  • makeup product reviews
  • makeup tutorials
  • beauty/ beauty tips
  • do-it-yourself
  • fashion
  • outfits and street style

We do NOT take articles on the following:

  • Nail Paint (accepting high-end brands only)
  • Nail art
  • Avon, Oriflame, Amway, Vaadi, etc. network marketing brands or brands found only online.
  • Website reviews
  • Local or lesser known brands.
  • Products reviews on brands which don’t add anything to the blog such as boroline, boroplus, vicco turmeric, fair n lovely etc.
  • Product reviews on brands such as miss claire, incolor, vedic line, just herb, aloe veda etc. brands which are of limited reach. We want reviews on national and international brands only.
  • Reviews with pictures taken with cellphones. Please send pictures taken only with a camera.
  • Reviews that require too much editing with respect to grammar and sentence constructions. Although we edit all our articles, editing for an article is the responsibility of its author.
  • Reviews on different shades of foundation, concealer and compact powder of products which have already been reviewed on IMBB. This does not apply to different shades of lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners etc.
  • Soaps and handwash reviews.

Please read the following on how to get your post published faster.

Also, please ensure that the topics are not common with the ones already been written on the website. Use the ‘search’ option on the top right hand side of the blog to determine if a topic/review has already been covered. You can write as per your convenience, even an article per day. Please do remember that we would use your full complete name in the article and NOT an alias.

Some Important Points

    • Please send your articles only at this email ID- mirrorobsession {at} gmail {dot} com along with your bank account/ paypal details.

Do let us know if this sounds good to you. If the terms are acceptable to you send us your article in an MSword file as soon as possible. If we approve the article we shall upload it with your name and transfer the payment within a week. Also send us your Paypal ID or your following bank details along with the article:

Account Holder’s Name:
Account Number:
IFSC Code:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have read the rules, what do I do next? Please do NOT email us asking what should you do next. If the above-mentioned points are clear to you, please send us your article along with your scanned ID proof and bank or paypal details.

I have been emailing again but not receiving any reply. What do I do?
Nothing. We do not reply to emails. Our team is extremely small and it is humanly impossible to reply to emails. If your article is fine as per our rules, we shall put it up automatically. If we want you to edit certain part of your article, we shall email you. Other than that, we would not be emailing you or replying to your emails. If your article does not appear on the blog, please go through our guidelines to assess what is wrong and resubmit your article after correction.

I don’t have a bank account/ paypal account, can I give account details/ paypal id of someone else? No, you cannot. In order to write on IMBB, you should have your own bank account/ paypal id.

How often can I write? You can write even daily if you’re submitting good posts. If you wish to write daily and earn a regular income, please go through all these points mentioned HERE carefully.

I checked my account recently and there is a payment discrepancy some time ago We can only check the transactions up to 90 days. So it is you responsibility to check your payments and get back to us as soon as possible in case of a discrepancy. Any payment discrepancy which occurred more than 90 days ago would be considered null and void by us.

649 thoughts on “Jobs@M&B

  1. I sent you this mail , but the message says delivery failed.

    Hey Rati ,

    Hope you are doing good. I love your blog and have left a comment on your blog earlier about eye shadow primers under the name Jan πŸ™‚
    I would love to contribute articles to your blog. If this goes well I might consider starting a blog under yours πŸ™‚
    Let me know what kind of articles you expect. I am interested in anything beauty/fashion/health..How do you intend to make payments ? What is your current payment amount ? I am in New jersey , USA. I am really excited about contributing. Do let me know soon !!

    EDIT: Have removed your email. – Rati

      1. Hey I’d tried sending you an article more than a month ago, I don’t think you received it so I’ve just sent it again. Let me know if you’ve gotten it!

  2. Rati ,

    I emailed you to confirm that I am working on a article. Most probably , I might finish it tomm..Too much school work πŸ™‚ I sent you an email..Not sure if you received it though. My previous message got a “delivery failed” notice.


  3. Hi Rati,

    your blog is very informative and I liked the way you put up things.It would be a pleasure to be able to share some of my talent on your website too.It seems to be a wonderful opportunity and I’ll surely mail you.

    Thanks for that post…


      1. Heyy ummm I don’t mean to desperate but just out of curiosity :shying: pls check your mail! eagerly waitin for your reply! :thanks:

      2. Hey Rati!

        I have been sending you mails to contribute to your blog, but I am not getting any response.
        I would love to contribute to your blog!!
        Reply soon! πŸ˜€

  4. Hey Rati πŸ™‚

    sent you a mail Did you receive it? I’m dying to contribute something to M&B!

    Please let me know if you got my mail.

    Thanks πŸ˜€

    EDIT : Removed ur mailid.- Rati

  5. Hi rati,

    I just came across ur fabulous blog 1 week ago n i feell imense plesure o say tht i have become a die heart fan of the same…there so much to know n tht to in a hilarious manner as if frens are sitiing by my side n jus chit chattin bout a product or service..lolz..i wud like 2 mention tht i m also a big cosmetic freak n the sole member of mah joint family who buye creams and cosmetics for all..heheeh

    Mah fav pass time πŸ™‚

    I wud luv to join u ppl on ur blog. Hope u wud welcome me the way u do to others..

    Will wait 4 ur rep..

    Utsav jain

  6. Hi Utsav,

    Welocme to M&B. I know I get to learn so much myself every single day. Infact you must write comments on the posts more often, and in no time you would feel as if were always a part of this blog. πŸ™‚

    Will mail you. ::)

    1. Hi Rati,

      Hope you are doing good. I am a home maker in usa, calif. I have time to take part in submitting articles on home beauty tips and fashion news as I do a lot of research online and also contat friends here locally about coupons, online shopping etc. I am interested. So just let me know, we can work it out and yes I have a paypal account!


  7. Hello Rati,
    I am a 15 year young makeup geek .I am like totally into makeup and I ,like you, discovered that there WERE no good blogs/sites for reviews bout indian products …i have been searching for ages but only last week did i find this site when i wanted a review about Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation and i am really happy that you came up with this.I really want to be a part of this.So what do you think? would you consider taking up a makeup crazed mallu?

    Waitin for ur :mail:

    :rose: :rose: :rose:

  8. hi Rati,

    As i have a long duty hour, so can’t get enought time to check my email a/c periodically. Although i have unlimited access to my official e mail a/c.
    So is it ok if i send u mails/reviews from my official ID.If there are no such issues, kindly let me know….. . as i have a review already ready to be shared with u all….. :struggle: :lashes:

  9. ok so here rush the mail to ur id. kindly confirm on receiving the same. n thanku for the prompt reply :-))

  10. Hi……I am a total make-up addict and I keep trying out new products all the time. I am new to blogging, but I would be thrilled to be able to join this blog and share my thoughts with others as well as enjoy exchanging thoughts and learning from other people’s experiences with make-up. I am thrilled to have found this site. Best wishes and thank you for your passion for make-up.

  11. Hey Rati,

    Send u mail. bt didnt received any confirmation from ur side. Did u received my mail???? ?:-) ?:-) .
    Kindly let me know if you got my mail.. :-* :-*

  12. Hi Rati,

    Good Morning!!
    I have sent you a mail on ur id for joining IMBB, hope u received it..if not den pls let me know..

    Ami πŸ™‚

  13. Rati – I sent you an email yestrday with an updated copy…but today i received delivery failue message…Do I need to resend the mail again ..:)

  14. Hi Rati, Love your blog dear….one of its kind!!Would like to share some useful product reviews related to beauty/ skincare/cosmetics, do i need to mail you??

    1. Hi Ami,

      I have not been keeping well since two days. So haven’t . got time to see the new posts. Will do that today for sure. Sorry for the inconvenience. πŸ™

  15. Hello Rati,

    I found this blog of yours today itself while searching for Mascara brands available in India. I must say you are doing an awesome job. This blog definitely has made it to my favorites list. I have been looking for a blog like this for ages where I could find honest product reviews. Guess it was my lucky day today! :laugh:

    While browsing your blog I came across this awesome opportunity to write about things I LOVE ! This sounds really exciting to me. I would love to contribute my articles to this blog.
    Hope you are still hiring. Eagerly waiting for a reply. πŸ™‚

  16. Hey Rati!
    I just emailed you a couple of days ago (from the email address provided with this reply) about writing for your blog. I understand you’re busy and am eagerly waiting for your reply πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  17. Hey Rati! I dropped you an email indicating my interest in writing for IMBB. Please please read it and (hopefully) reply in the affirmative. πŸ™‚ What is the current payment rate? Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  18. hy rati,
    can i also join u guys…writin reviews bout the products i use, also i wud like to upload ma pic..i mean wen i leave a comment i wnt ma pic to b displayed not dt lemme knw in wat way can i write..n participate in this thing…eagerly waitin for ur reply..

  19. Hey Rati..I am an avid reader of IMBB now and have set it as my home page :-)) ..Can you please tell me if i can contribute any article as a guest writer..i.e without payment…coz I just want to do it outta my fantasy for make up..n theres no better place to xpress it than here..PLZ PLZ PLZ let me know about it..
    Lotsa Love to U n IMBB :inlove:

  20. hi rati… I am a final year student of biotechnology nd i have great interest in skin care, fashion and i believe in a lthy lifestyle.
    I came across your blog today only and there’s one word for your blog- AMAZING.. :inlove:
    I would like to write some articles for your blog in lifestyle, health and fitness column. So letme know if i can be of any help. πŸ™‚ thank you.

  21. Hi rati,

    I came across your blog a week ago by accident… And, I surely have to say this… you are doing a fantabulous job!!! This blog is a pot of information about all we need to know about make up.. I am a person thoroughly interested in skin care and make up… I am eager to contribute…
    Please let me know if I could be of some help.


  22. I love ur blog very much cuz it is different from others blog i have seen. I would like 2 contribute information & details on skincare products.Eagerly waiting for ur reply :waiting: thanks

    1. Hi Rati! I e-mailed you already wanting to write for the blog but didn’t hear anything for more than a week, so I thought I would leave a post here! I would love to contribute as soon as I can! πŸ™‚

      Let me know. Thanks.

    2. hi rati,
      do i have to write a product review as first in the mail to u?to get the approval?if yes then let me know i have a lot of products i can currently do review on!i have also tried emailing u
      raunak mehta

  23. Dear Rati,

    I have sent you an e-mail regarding blogging on this website πŸ™‚ Just letting you know. Thanks xx :shy:

  24. Hi

    Dropped you an email on Saturday, wonder whether you received it. We retail products of Yves Rocher, the botanical beauty giant of France from our stores and we would love to write about those in your blog. Please tell us how we can do it…


    Archana Darshan πŸ™‚

  25. hi i am 16..i have oily skin,acne,blemishes….i recently got many products..its been a week snce i have benn using all of them..would like to write a helpful review! am i allowed ?

  26. i want to start writing in your blog, as i m new to this field, but i can write sum intresting abt ur point…so plz tell me frm where i can start…

  27. Hey,
    Gotten dangerously hooked to this website in the last few days !
    Please let me know if you’re still looking for a somebody to write for you. Will love it if I could write in for your blog.
    Hope to hear from you.

  28. Hi Rati,

    You are doing a great job. Hats off…..seriously…. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    I was just searching google few days back to gain some knowledge about make up….as my wedding is near and i don’t knw hw 2 do make up πŸ˜₯ ….and luckily, i found your blog…….yipee
    Your blog is really very informative. I have told all my friends about ur blog and it is helping me very much.


  29. hey my name is sheeba i am a professional makeup artist + hairstylist
    i would like to congratulate u + your team 4 doing a more than wonderful
    job in educating people on the brands available in the market &
    the various trends doing the rounds along with easy applications etc….
    i would really like to join your team by providing all avid makeup +style enthusiasts
    information +education on the same
    u can revert to me on my email

    Keep up the superlative fabulous work going πŸ˜€ :laugh: 😐 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :-))

  30. Badly want to contribute. Would love to write on women’s issues and beauty. Is the want still open Rati???? Do get back on my e-mail please.

  31. Hi rati….
    still waiting for u’r mail…i m sad not seeing u’r mail in my inbox…. :waiting: i think i cannot write… :weep:

  32. hey!!

    I’m lawyer/make-up & fashion junkie. Just came across your blog. Love the whole scene. Please let me know if you’re still looking out for writers.

    Thanks much,

  33. Hey Rati,
    I wrote to you, got a reply. I replied back a couple of days before, and haven’t heard since then. Let me know if there’s something in store for me, I don’t want to be waiting for so long! πŸ™

  34. love your blog.. :heart: been following from past 3 months nw
    would love to write as im related to the same feild as cosmetologist( working with a skin clinic :heart: )

  35. We are regular customers to your brand ,but this time we were very disappointed when we used your unstoppable smudge proof eyeliner (black) of maybelline new york ,maybelline LLC, NEW YORK ,NY 10017 U.S.A.-MADE IN CHINA.It was my wedding & i wore this & after half an hour it got all smudged. it was not expected from such a big brand like maybelline ,& on this it is parcticularly written that it is smudge proof…We hope that you’ll take a quick action against it & give us a quick reply.

    Thank you,

  36. Hello Rati,

    I have already sent you an email. In case you would like to see some of my work, please see my Blogs that I contribute to daily, the links are below.

    Thanks you!

  37. Hi Rati,

    I just happened to stumble across your blog one day while surfing the net and have now become a huge fan! :-)) I subscribe to it and always get pleasure out of reading the various posts that people contribute. I would also like to contribute some posts in the makeup category as I am a self-confessed makeup addict πŸ˜›

    I will email you soon. Hope you get it!

    Cheers :chic:


  38. Hi Rati,

    i have done soo much reserach into cosmetic ingredients. i also experimented many products.
    now i would like to contribute to your blog, how much do u pay per article. previously i wrote many business atricles , now i am a home based mom so doing this cosmetic research. i am based in hyderabad. i have dry sensitive skin. i can tell my past experiences with products.

  39. Hi,
    would love to write an article. Have emailed at the address given above. I keep buying stuff all the time so I think it wud be fun to provide my inputs on them..Pls let me know if that works and whether i qualify to write..thanks πŸ˜€

    1. hey rati! U dnt nid any mr people 2 write on beauty tips/cosmetics??bt i cn assure u dt im v.gud at dt!i chng my beauty products frequently,so i cn write loads of thngs on al ds.people alwz tks my advice on beauty relatd probs.thg i knw many thngs abt make up also n use quite a few make up it wud be mch mr easier fr me if u alw me 2 write abt cosmetics or beauty tips :lashes: :struggle: :struggle: :-* :-*

  40. Hello Rati,this is Sonam from Pune.1st thing I want to congratulate u for this very informative blog.would like to tell you is that I am addicted to your blog from the last 2 months and although I’ve never posted any comment here,I know you,Radhika,Jomol,Cali,Mrunmayee etc as if all are my best friends :-))
    SEcondly, I am into skincare and can write reviews for face washes/packs/scrubs/toners/creams etc etc.(its a hobby buying loads of this stuff.)So wud love to write articles on your blog.Thanks.

    I did’nt get what exactly I have to mail you!!!

  41. Hi Rati….. am a journo based in Lucknow…. I wud love to do reviews on new cosmetics and other stuff for u as I keep experimenting and am also known as the beauty advisor in my friend’s group…. :-))
    do get in touch with me at puhleez…

  42. Hi.. Rati… doing great job!!!!
    let me know what kind of articles you are expecting in beauty and make-up segment. I am from Mumbai really interested to share my tips and article through your Blog…
    On what basis will be your payments and how much it be?
    Is it o.k. if the articles send only in text means with out images?
    Pl. let me know in detail…. i am waiting to be with you in the Blog… :handshake: :hands :handshake:

  43. hi rati,saw your website a few months ago and have been followig you often….
    love makeup and love love love lip color…….an kind…!!
    cani i send reviews too????
    what is the way to go about it?
    could you let me know!! πŸ™‚

  44. Hi Rati,

    i am interested to write arcticles on your blog by pure interest. i have emailed u also.
    i m interested in reviewing products, babt care, beauty care , cooking etc

  45. hey rati….even i want to write abt beauty tips home,fashion
    i live in chennai so i think i can give infos abt my chennai……
    iam studying in 9th std….will u accept meeee
    plx contactt or replyyy πŸ˜‰ 😐 :yes: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  46. Hi Rati

    I would not introduce myself as a makeup freak but someone who is madly in love with beauty products. I love trying out new products and share my views with friends, colleagues etc. I believe in spending each penny of the hard earned money wisely and for that matter have been following IMBB for past few months religiously :snicker: and my penny has been saved many a times.. :$

    I would like to know if my views on various products would be useful for you or your readers as I have started experimenting with various body shop, earthy goods, lush, MAC, Revlon products..

    Revert if you feel i can contribute a bit to your blog too.


  47. hi rati,
    i’m 15 and already a makeup lover πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i came across your site a week ago and i LOVED it.i really really want to write for you.i have sent you a mail, plz do reply

  48. Hi Rati,

    Just came across your website. Your knowledge on beauty is on the mark.I am 36yrs old and working. Now i am in USA. I need the latest makeup tips and brands and colors best for Indian skin, as it is confusing in US to find the color tone suited for Indian skin. Would like your help. And thanks in advance.


  49. Hello,
    I am a makeup lover .I buy loads of products and love discussing them,i guess i have come to the right place.
    I would love to blog on this page.
    LEmme knw.

  50. Hey Rati,
    Howz life? i hope perfectly painted with vibrant color (i.e. Mac, Colorbar & ………………….. list will go on & on & on. Right) and joy going high n higher n highest. “Just kidding”. :yelo:
    Actually i accidently came to click on your blog few days back n found you all gals doing all the fun here & pat came a thought in my mind how much i m missing on ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ???????? n guess wat was the moment ?….. in office with boss yelling for deadlines n me got totally stuck to your post. I luuuuuvveed that. :waytogo:
    And nw i m sharing my problem with u and hope i’ll get a much looked-for advice from your side. From last two years i m experiencing pores on my cheeks and nose going large like crazy and addition to my trauma is getting dark circles under eyes. Earlier I used to have a fairly nice behaving Indian skin which needed no extra care or makeup than a face wash, eyeline & my fav glosses. But nw I feel horror-struck to look in the mirror and that too when I m 27 only ( i hate birthday cuming every year nw :headbang: )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nw come on I m still young. (ohhhh, lets not go on with this part & me better live in my fairytale and pls…. pls…. pls…. help me before it turns out to be a nightmare totally). Please advise me some sort of makeup product that shrink them for long durations plus sum nice life saving remedies from your Dadi ka Khazana added with Nani ka khazana with a bit of Ma ka Khazana as well for both my probs.
    For more digged in info about my lifestyle read this on. I m married to a person how jumps on a sight of spicy and fried food and want to have it as breakfast, as brunch, as lunch, as evening snack and as dinner also. I doubt he has a appetite to hv while dreaming also :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: and working as a PS to a β€œβ€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€Bull””””””””” who eats away all my energy on work days. So I need something that’s easy and convenient for a person like me who becomes lethargic towards beauty and makeup in her daily routine. :ZZZ:
    My fingers are crossed.
    Lot of Luv… :thanks:

  51. hello Rati,

    I would like to contribute to the information available here on IMBB … I have been a regular visitor of this site since past few months and I should admit that many reviews have helped me on my own issues. Would love to review products so that other people may know its worth before spending their money on wrong products to get in return even more frustration 😐 .This site is very good in regards to this. Products are reviewed not from company representatives but from daily users whose reviews we all know are bound to be loyal. :smirk:
    And I am not very much aware how to post reviews so as I have seen here,ever1 posting or mailing you … I wrote this message since i don’t have your mail id. Hoping to put my reviews here very soon :woot:

  52. hey,
    I love writing and am willing to write for your site.. Please mail me the details. I have my own blog as well and have recently started my yourtube channel on makeup and other related things. I also have sound knowledge of Yoga and hence can write posts on all the topics you mentioned. Will be gald to contribute to your website πŸ™‚ waiting for your response…


  53. The first thing I want to do is thank you Rati :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:. I love IMBB :heart:.Before i was like this —-> :ghost2: about makeup. I literally learned abc of make up here and still learning of course! I would like to write articles on beauty. I don’t want any money πŸ˜‰ . Just writing for IMBB would make me feel great! :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: . Will mail you soon πŸ™‚

    see you soon πŸ˜‰

  54. hey rati..!
    I did mail you an article but u did’t publish it. There mustbe something wrong in it…please let me know how it wasnt up to mark…so next time i can do better.. πŸ™‚

  55. Hi Rati,
    I think this website is the India’s most popular website for beauty product reviews. I love following your website and I am addicted to it now. I would really love to be a part of the site, can u please tell me if u’r hiring now also?

  56. Hi Rati,

    I was just browsing for soem tips on retro look for a contest this friday and found your blog very useful. Also, i noticed that u hire writers. I do write a bit and would love tp contribute here. Let me know how to get started and plz pass me ur mail id. i’d love to send you some articles. Thnks n keep up the good work.

  57. Hey Rati…

    I have been a slient follower of ths blog frm sme tyme nw…wld luv to contribute my thoughts about Make Up/Cosmectics/Fashion..I reside in India.. Can u please let me know the procedures to join this group…


  58. hi i would love to share all my experience with u guys
    i was an engineering student 4yrs bak and being a student had no time for grooming and stuff like that but now i have a flawless skin i am sure that i could contribute a lot for beauty tips starting from home base trials to the best parlor trust me i tried everuthing to get a beautiful skin and touch wood i did get it… let me know if i could rite for ur site bye…

  59. hi rati i follow ur blog quite regularly….its quite informative….neways i am working as a dietician…and wud lyk to contribute to this …luking forward to ur reply
    bye for now..

  60. Hi rati,

    My name is preeti chauhan and by profession i am an HR-Consultant. Few days back when i was googling to check out some recent eye make-up trendz..i stumbled upon website/Blogsite (IMBB-Indian Make up and beauty) and from that day i am hopoked to this site.whenever i am free( even at my workplace πŸ˜› ) i just cant seem to hold back myselk and take a quick peek as to what is new going on in the world of IMBB..the suggestions,review , haul , new product launch etc etc just reading them all makes my day ..:) . I too am ,like others, very much passionate about make up trends and fashion. And would also like to contribute whatever information,review etc is required about makeup and fashion through this blog site.

    since i am new in blogging , i would appreciate if you could help me by suggesting as to how can i start contributing my thoughts , suggestions etc regarding makeup and beauty. And also i saw your post regarding opening for writers to write on,would also like to know how can i start submitting my blogs.

    Waiting for your replay..:)


  61. I don’t really mind about the pay, but i’m from Britain and I think it’s really good there is this Indian blog. I am obsessed with fashion and makeup. I would love to write for this blog. Hope you reply back.

    Take care xx

  62. quite interested in writing about health nutrition and yoga and being a dentist by profession, some of that as well. Looking forward to a positive response

    regards πŸ™‚

  63. Helloh lovely,I stumbled across your blog just today.I just love your reviews,& most importantly your sense of humour in writing.I would love to write for you.I am new to blogger & I have just made my own blog few days back.
    I am sooo into make up & style.I love everything fashion related.I only thing lacking is I dont have sufficient poket money to buy high end products.I would love the chance to write somthing I love at the same time earn money for it.
    please do reply.
    –kisses β™₯

  64. hi i really liked your site…n its very useful… i m a big makeup lover and want to know new trends and products i will love to write for your website

  65. hi rati…
    i came across ur blog a few weeks back n i ve fallen 4 it….wud looooooove 2 share my info n knowledge on beauty products….n also on d current fashion trends…plz reply…i just cant wait 2 start writing 4 IMBB… :beauty:

  66. Hi,

    I came across your website and the job at M&B caught my attention, I am very interested in this job proposal and would love for you to consider me.

    Although I have no experience in the fashion industry, I do work in retail so I am very aware of the trends and fashion available, this is also alongside my extreme interest in make-up and fashion and because of my interest I have recently set up my own blog with

    If you would like to look at my articles to see if I am suitable for what you are looking for I would be more than happy for you to browse through my blog at

    I do not write for any other company other than my own blog, I also live in the UK but I have a PayPal account (which is the requirement if I do not live in India).

    If you need more information then please contact me, and I would be grateful to write for your blog.

    Thank you

    Dua Najib

  67. Hi…
    I just wanted to write on this blog and i thought a makeup, street fashion, women’s issues & relationship issues. I’ve seen that a fresh/new perspective is often helpful in a problem and I thought I can try that here. I know I’m no psychiatrist but I’ve seen different relations among my friends and colleagues and they all talk to me whenever they are in need. I’ve often been able to help them out, and till now have not seen anybody having any problem with what I say (*touchwood*).
    Also, coming from a middle-class family I’ve learned how to dress-up in a street smart way rather than splurging tons of money on shit-expensive labels.
    And about make-up, I like doing make-up and in the past few years have tried to specialize in eye make-up. Thought that could be helpful.
    Do let me know.

    Thanks. :heh:

  68. Hi Rati ,

    Have been using your IMBB for few months would love to write articles on different products which i experiment with πŸ™‚ please let me know? waiting for your mail :smirk:

  69. hey Rati, Hope you are doing fine, i sent you mail, a week or 2 ago, i just love ur blog and m very eager to write for M&B, i am ready with Garnier light night cream, Please tell me where should i post it,

    Thanks &love :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  70. Hi Rati,
    I’m a newbie to makeup, to the extent that Ive just started realizing the gorgeous things my relatives have been gifting me just for me to stash it away and continue being a kajal and lipstick person! Now that I know the amazing stuff I own and thanks to the creative streak in my passed on from my Dad, Im bursting with so much to tell everyone else! Saw the Writers Wanted on your website and I just had to ask, Are you still looking? πŸ™‚

  71. Hi Rati,

    This is Shalini Sachdeva. Have come across your blog a week back and since then I am hooked upp!! This platform is exactly what I was looking for.. I am always confused before buying anything.. should I invest my money here or not!! And your blog.. reviews.. swatches.. is just the answer to my confusion..and dilemma.. You are myy Knight in Shining Armour ..hehehehe..
    Well.. I would love to participate in your blog.. Can I post my articles to you.. Please lemme know if they interest you..
    BTW I am a Software Engineer in Noida. Do lemme know..

  72. Hi Rati,

    I’ve only just read this, i would love to blog for you. I am currently blogging at the moment and the catorgories are fashion and beauty. I’ve tried to email you but it says that it failed.

    Please please reply to me, i’d love to blog for you.

    Kind regards,


  73. I am interested in writing for your blog. I love writing on home beauty tips, beauty, women’s issues and food. I would like to write for your blog. I have mailed you at. My CV is attached and I have provided all my basic information and stated my queries there.

    Please let me know your feedback! πŸ™‚

  74. hi,

    I would love to write for your magzine. I am a nutritionist and would really like to share articles on fitness, health and related topics. I will mail you one soon.


  75. Hi Rati,

    I am interested in writing in any one of your openings – I just started writing about makeup (even though I have been interested in it for years) and I also recently started making a youtube channel. It has only 3 videos, but I am working on making more. Please consider me for your website!


    Kaya Patel

  76. Hi Rati,

    I would love to be a part of your blog. I can submit in Makeup tutorials as well as product reviews. Please let me know how I can contribute. Thanks.

  77. hiiiiii Rati……..i m a big fan of urs n this site ….this really is an informative site. After searching lotz of sites i came to know abt this site n i m really happy to b a member of :shying: this site……..i also want to write for ur site on fashion, beauty, makeup, health ect…….plzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know if u think i m a right person …waiting for ur response……tkcr bye

  78. Hi Rati

    I have just sent you an email for becoming a writer for your blog.please reply…already in love with this place.


  79. hello rati.. kindly check your e mail..i am very interested in writing for you..i love hair and make up .. am also into “do it yourself’s” … i hope i can contribute to this site . ! thank you !

  80. Hi Rati

    I didnt see this before I saw the Sunday Sale, where I left a message about participating in the blog. I guess I spoke out of turn there πŸ™‚ but nevertheless, I want to state that I have been following your blog for a good 2-3 months. I think you guys are doing an amazing job, I leveraged some of your opinions and have ordered some stuff on and etc. I would love to participate in this blog, I dropped you a mail sometime back but haven’t received a reply. Anyways, please let me know if I can do that and what I will have to do to be a part of this beautiful knowledge sharing.


  81. hey hi. i am a writer and jus in luv wit ur blog. will b vry glad to write in ur blog. hope 2 get a chance. lemme knw if anythng crops up. bye!!!

  82. Hey Rati

    Hey my name is Anje and live in SA do i qualify to write on your bog? and if i do what is the payment ?:)

    Kind regards
    Anje Van Der Westhuizen


  83. Hi Rati and all other IMBB beauties,

    i just came across your blog few weeks back while searching information about Lotus Whiteglow, skin whitening and brightening serum, I fell in love with your blog, very informative, Everyday i will be waiting eagerly for new posts,new product reviews.etc., I love the way you explain about each and every product,its cost,pros and cons,ingredients…… a single word its simply Awesome!

  84. Hi rati,
    I just come 2 know bout yr site n i would love 2 write 4 yr site…………plz do reply me

  85. hey rati :heart:
    came across this blog 3 days back n m already hooked to this. finally got sumthing interesting to do with all the time i have now (on a looooooooong brk after 4 yrs n m shamelessly happy to hv left my job :yahoo: ) m really interested in writing for ur blog abt beauty n make up.
    do reply if u r still hiring.till thn lots of luv n keep on the good work. :kissing:

  86. Hi,
    I mailed you a couple of times earlier,but havent heard back…i wud love to blog on your site..please reply

  87. hi rati….

    i read your blog today only…

    as i am not fond of makeup but still i want to know more about it.

    and also pls tell me how can i put up ma articles here?


  88. are writing and sending articles still open? if yes, i would like to write on fitness and health and other related issues. ?:) :pompom:

  89. are writing and sending articles still open? if yes, i would like to write on fitness and health and related articles.

  90. Hi Rati,

    I am a Diet Consultant and am a total FAN of homemade beauty recipes.. I would like to join your blog as a Blog writer


  91. Rati, I mailed you a few weeks back and agreed to your terms of posting articles. I even wrote a food post and mailed it to you but i haven’t received a reply yet :((

  92. Hi Rati,

    I am ready with my articles..ever since I got your mail titled.
    IMBB Needs more Writers.

    Now what?


  93. Hello, I sent an email and received a reply saying you had received the mail, but no actual reply to my question. I was wondering if I can manage my own blog under while also submitting articles to the main site. Of course there would not be any repeated material.

  94. hey omg i love ur blog … cos u learn so much and best part almost all of the products in reviews and tutorials are what u could find here…
    good job πŸ™‚
    i would love to conribute to m&b and have sent u an ” audition mail” lemme know what u think of it
    xxx love and peace xxx

  95. Hello Rati,

    You got a very beautiful name. I have sent u an email today regarding your post for writers for Make up, Fashion. I look forward to your early response.

    Situ :thanks:

  96. hey rati have sent you a mail regarding to join the blog. i hope you have got it. wating for the reply
    jus wanna say awesome blog :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:
    lots of love, take care :heart: :heart: :heart:
    :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

  97. Hey hi. Im 4n kolkata n a writer. want to write for ur blog. kindly let me knw the procedure. waiting 4 ur reply….byee

  98. Hi Rati,

    Following the blog since long. :snicker:
    Would love to write for IMBB. Please let me know the procedure to apply.

  99. Hello
    My name is Rizwana and I would love to be a part of your beauty blog. I have worked as a make-up artist for Debenhams and I also do bridal and party make-up. Im a make-up guru, and know the latest trends and fashion. As for my self I would not go to the corner shop without make-up. I buy all the latest make-up out and have tons of it. I am from the u.k. Plz email back thank you.


    KHUSHBOO :heart:

  101. hey to which mail adress do i mail it to? if i want to mail on hair and beauty..??? plz reply me d mail adress….i have flair 4 wrting…i write ab everything and anythng descriptive.

  102. hey rati,i would like to enroll for a job at M&B because its the best site..where women of all ages come and discuss about makeup..and even i would like to share i am 18,i am help out teenagers to choose the best products,thus saving money and using it wisely.
    hope you see my passion in writing and in M&B.
    thank u

  103. hey rati!!!!!!!!! i am a hardcore follower of ur blog!!!!!! and nw i wud love to contribute my writing skills to this blog!!!!!!! tried mailing u bt cudnt!!! so rply asap!!!!

  104. hey rati,
    i stumbled on this site wen i was googlin bt a biotique product….awsm site…and nw its my beauty mentor :preen:
    hi i am resma…am 20,doin btech…i wud lovvvvvvvv to contribute articles cos i am one of those experimenters who try all d new products on d block…bt don knw d procedure…mailed you…ther was no reply :waaa:
    i hop u do repli… :shying: i am waitin desperateli πŸ˜₯

  105. I had tried mailing you but then it just bounced. Err..could it be a yahoo problem? Anyways her is my mail. :toothygrin:
    Hey Rati
    First of all let me just hug you!! *hugs* Okie.Now since thats out of the way let me start. I just absolutely adore your blog and I know you have been getting the same comment for a really long time but then I say it with all my sincerity. These days I prefer reading lots of reviews before actually buying them (Why waste money on stuff that don’t work?). Anyways I used to read from mouthshut mainly because they have covered quite a lot of products but then no review was in full detail or anything. Just good, bad or with some tiny details that really would leave me confused. That was when I stumbled on your site and after that what I always do is goto google..type in the name of the product and then type ‘makeupandbeauty’.

    So my basic point for the above paragraph being-I would love to work for your blog!! Kindly do tell me if I must satisfy any criteria or anything. If you want I can mail you my article that got me first place in college (I know I know..not that great an achievement but still).

    Next I know it seems kind of rude to be asking about money the first time we chat but then how much will you be paying per article. Say if the article is pretty average? Sorry that I sound money minded but then cash would be a huge motivator.


  106. Hy !
    Only 2 days ago, I came across imbb.
    I think its very informative about the various products.
    The articles are good.
    I would love to write something.
    where should I mail it to ?

  107. Hi Rati,

    I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and I am truly impressed as there not many blogs that talk about makeup related to indian skin tone.
    I must say that you have done an amazing job. I would like to be part of your blog family by writing articles related to make up and skin care.

  108. Hi I would like to write for you. I’m coming into a space in my life as I am 49yrs and having to change everything diet, exercise, I’ve just taken up swimming again after 20 years and doing Tai Chi for spiritual and health reasons. I would love a blog to write down my experiences. Please mail me if you are interested. I’m in the UK. :thanks:

  109. hi….
    I really like the concept.
    i am addicted to this blog and i read them as soon as they drop in to my inbox.I am willing to write in this.
    can i get more info. about joining imbb as writer.
    i am 22yrs young.
    i am pursuing my architecture degree.
    please do reply as soon as possible.
    i m waiting

  110. hello Rati
    i maild you after that i got one mail saying thank you ….but after that i didnt get any of info about joing IMBB.plz reply soon.!

  111. hi rati
    i have never been a makeup lover but after your blog i feel i’ve stepped into something wonderful :woot: :woot: the product reviews makes me want to buy all those products!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    am so in love with this blog :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    truly amazing!!!
    i can find review for each and everything i came across πŸ™‚
    keep the good work going :yes: :yes:
    PS. i would love to write for your blog πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  112. Hi Rati,
    Can you suggest me the best makeup school/insitute in delhi. ?:)
    i am waiting for your reply
    please help me. :waaa:

  113. hey rati!!!

    This opportunity is supercool!!! to share the ideas and views about beauty…. i would love to do this i am sending you a mail as soon as possible!!!

    Love you!! :heart:

  114. I am Human Resource Professional shifting myself from 9am to 5pm job to freelancing job. I have flair for writing and photography. Would like to contribute Articles for make up , fashion ,fitness etc….
    Hey rati would like to know when to start writing and what is the procedure of knowing whether my article has been approved or not. Great job done – this blog is good source of Infotainment for me.

  115. Hi Rati,
    I’ve been IMBB smitten ever since I found this blog. Its one of a kind I must say. I did send you an article 2 weeks back and waiting for you acknowlegment. Looking fwd to posting more.

    Keep up the good works you’ve been doing. :yes: All the best.

  116. Hey Rati,

    Just saw this. I am a product junkie, I experiment with a number of products on my hair and skin. I’d like to review them on your blog. Please do send me an email how to start if off. Hope I am not late in sending a mail..I already see a lot of replies to your ad. :waytogo:


  117. hi rati…
    am a bit skeptical about this online money transfer thing… is there any other way to send money?i have mailed u the same please check. and regarding posting picture,the attachment capacity in mail is can i send that in two mails??

  118. Hi Rati,

    I am looking forward to write on IMMB, i have sent all the details in the mail, Pls do check and revert.


  119. Hey Rati,

    I have sent you my article a week ago and awaiting your reponse. Please let me know an update about the same. Thanks

  120. Hi Rati!!
    How are you?? I am new to this blog. Just found that I would also love to contribute to this blog. I love make up very much. But because I live in Australia from past five year, I am not sure about the indian prices. I am brand savy as well…. I have used a lot of foundations of different brands such as Mac, Channel, Christian Dior and Inglot. So can we post pictures of the make up we done it on ourselves?? Please reply. I would really appreciate your help.

    Ophelia Pearl
    (My Screen Name)

  121. hey rati i am a big fan of IMBB since last few days.. i am reading your articles form some times .. I really love to write for your space ..its my pleasure … i am sending you a mail please reply .

  122. Hi rati,

    i have been reading IMBB for quite some time now……..i mailed you after receiving a mail from you regarding writers wanted, but din receive any response………..would love to write for IMBB
    awaitng your reply

  123. HI there! I love this blog! I ‘discovered’ this abt a year back….and since then, whenever i wanna buy skin care/makeup products, I do a quick tour of reviews posted here πŸ™‚ I love make up and I love to write….if you think I can contribute , please do contact me…thanks! :toothygrin:

  124. Hi Rati

    Hope you are doing good!

    I came across this great website of yours some ten days back and I must confess I am totally ” ADDICTED” to it. I spend hours reading your website. Very informative and helpful especially when markets are flooded with wide range of cosmetics.

    I am an avid buyer of cosmetics and when I saw this particular opportunity to contribute, I could not stop myself from getting in touch with you. Given an opportunity,I would like to review various cosmetics for your blog.

    I have gone through your terms and conditions, which are very much acceptable by me.Just had one doubt- Is it Ok if I contribute just two- three articles per month, exceeding which will be bit difficult for me.

    Waiting for your kind revert.

    Take care



  125. Hey Rati…saw your blog and simply loved it …I would also like to contribute in this …please let me know whether you are still accepting the articles from bloggers. Also what are the topics you would prefer for blogging ?

  126. Hi Rati πŸ™‚
    I am very interested in sharing my views about makeup and beauty with you! I just sent you an email. Look forward to hearing from you! πŸ™‚

    Kiran aka yellowsuit

  127. I am a professionally trained beautician and very much interested for the art of make-up n skin care program, I also practice occasionally within my friends and relatives and they are absolutely happy with my work, and never visit in parlors.

  128. Hi rati…. i mailed u regarding writing product reviews… i would love to write.. but you said you have stopped taking reviews on oriflame… ok.. so can i give reviews on FACES ? i have 4 nail enamels of faces, and also a Lip Gloss of FACES cosmetics astra shine…. plz do reply…

  129. Hi rati…. i mailed u regarding writing product reviews… i would love to write.. but you said you have stopped taking reviews on oriflame… ok.. so can i give reviews on FACES ? i have 4 nail enamels of faces, and also a Lip Gloss of FACES cosmetics astra shine…. plz do reply….

  130. Hi Rati

    I’ve written 2 articles and mailed it to u.. But i’ve no clue on whether u got it or not.. Is it poss to revert back, if the article is 5n or not..

  131. Hi Rati,

    I read the article saying “Wanted Writers”. I am interested in penning down my ideas and tips for M&B in Beauty/Health columns. Please send me details that are required for startup procedures.


  132. Hey Rati,
    Mailed you a couple of times and also sent my review to “” , but no response :(( PLEASE HELP!

  133. Hey !! :snicker:
    Hi Rati !!
    I just want to say that I just love :inlove: your blog and its simply amazing, keep up the good work :waytogo: .
    There are so many reviews over here that have been useful to me and following these I have bought some great products for myself.I check you blog daily and keep a tab on it, looking for some great new reviews.
    Well, I am interested to help you in your good work by writing reviews of some good products that I have tried myself and are not yet here.
    And one more things I was having some queries that I wish you could resolve , like can I write a review on any other article, apart from the product review articles.
    I hope you will reply soon.
    Waiting for you reply. :shy:
    Take care O:)
    Lots of love :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  134. Hi Rati,

    I have been a silent reader of you blog and have been benefitted by it. Iwould myself like to review some products and m infact almost ready with them.
    Please let me know if i should mail you those.


  135. hi
    this is aliyah
    i want to write articles for ur blog
    so do i just send u my artcle along with the bank details??
    pls reply
    thank you

  136. hi
    this is aliyah
    i really wanted to write for your blog
    should i send you my article
    along with the bank details

  137. hey ratii very keen for joining your blog . i am nt associated with any company or other blogs, sent you a review. pls upload it soon. want to see it in ur blog. :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  138. Hey Rati!

    Would love to contribute to your blog!! :woot: But when I’m sending you a mail it’s bouncing.. :waaa:
    Please mail me back..

    Thank you!! :thanks:

  139. Hi Rati!

    I just dropped by to let you know that I have emailed you – I’ll be awaiting your response so I do hope that you have gotten it and it sent through!


  140. Hey rati,
    Im an ardent reader of IMBB and jumped at the idea of contributing to it. I’hd sent a lipstick review of revlon ‘wine not’. But its not uploaded πŸ™ . Just let me know if there’s something wrong with the article.

  141. Dear IMBB,
    I have tried repeatedly to send mails of my completed review to mirrorobsession. Have also written on this page quite a few times. I have not received any replies/mail till now. Looking at the rest of the comments on this page, guess a lot of people are having the same problem. I really like this blog and would like to be a part of it. But this aspect of repeated trying is distressing.
    Hope I get a reply for this.

  142. To Rati or whomever else is in charge of these ‘applications’ –

    Sent you an email a few weeks ago eager and interested in writing for this website, since I enjoy it very much. Never got a reply back, neither a yes or no, so I’m still waiting and curious. I’m hoping one of you gets back to me with a reply soon! If needed to send something again, just let me know!

    Thank you!


  143. hi Rati,
    I am following your blog from last month and i really loved it :pompom: . Can i send you my review with all the necessary details about myself? Please do reply :worship:

  144. Hi Rati,

    I am in love with this website….. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: I would love to contribute my reviews as I am an avid lover of make up and beauty…..So I have recently sent you a mail regarding this and have’nt received any acknowledgement yet…. πŸ™

    waiting for your earliest reply………….

    Ishrath :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :-* :-* :-*

  145. hey rati…. cn i b a part of dis too.. hve loads of things to share…. tel me hw to start….
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  146. Hi I will love to send reviews for your blog just like the way everyone else does πŸ™‚
    Please leme know what all I need to do.also I have already sent two reviews and they got posted as well πŸ™‚

  147. Hi Rati/ Jomol,

    I want to start it with a confession outright. I have been a lurker on IMBB. In fact, for all my cosmetic shopping during my wedding, I consuted IMBB religiously. This was a year back- a year full of so many things that I never could tell you how thankful I am to you and all other writers who contribute on IMBB. Now, I read IMBB during my green tea break in office, along with my friends. (Read: 10 girls drooling over Rati’s latest look/ cosmetic- some envious, some wide-eyed, but all suitably impressed πŸ™‚ )

    This has become such a therapeutic part of my life that it made me also consider writing on cosmetics and skincare. Btw, I work in a publishing house in Bangalore as a writer/editor, and too much of literary and intellectual stuff 24/7 was taking a toll on my lighter side. So, on our first anniversary my partner gifted me a blog and eversince, it has become my baby πŸ™‚ Every evening, after returning from office, I try to write a post or two. Since my entire family is in Delhi (including my sisters), this blog is the window through which I reach out to them and share my experiments/experiences. And, I dream to make my blog a repository all wonderful and not so wonderful products that I tried on me, and skin care advice, and this I would love to share with my daughter if I have one some day;)

    Oh! I got really carried away, didn’t I? Rati, I writing to you becasue I would like to be associated with this wonderful community of IMBBians. For a start, I can write guest posts for IMBB. I do not want any payment in return. I got this idea after reading this: Please do let me know if I can contribute to IMBB and if so, how.

  148. Hi

    I am new to this website but i really enjoy reading the blogs and reviews
    i also want to contribute my experiences about various make up and beauty related products with you guys

    what is IFSC Code
    i will send the details soon
    by the way where should i send the deatils i mean the email id :preen: :clap: :yahoo: :waaa:

  149. hi rati,
    this is my first time im writing something on line. i wanna write about some common medical prblms that women r facing today( as im a doctor) and ofcourse some beauty produts to cn i do it plz let me know πŸ˜‰

  150. hi rati,
    cn i write about medical things like laser surgery for eyes to get rid of spectacles, white discharge etc(as im a doctor) ofcourse along with some beauty products. wating for ur reply thank u

  151. Hii Rati
    I would like to write a few make up reviews for your blog.I did email you few weeks ago but havent received a reply so i am posting here.I have searched for the product on the blog and the review doesnt exist.Can i directly write a review and email you?and how should i provide my details?
    Please reply
    Thankooo fr such an awesome blog fr all of us

  152. After months of following IMBB it is only today that I stumbled upon this.. I will soon do a review and send it to you til then take care..ciao

  153. Hii rati, I love makeup since from my childhood days. And before my engagement day I was googling for some good makeup products up in the market and was introduces to this site of yours… and since then I always took any decision from this site before buying any product. But now,,I equally feel the urge to review on some products that I find good and helpful for me.. I will be mailing you shortly..
    I am still a novice but this site has taught me many things, even a few months back,, I didn’t know what’s contouring one’s face means, what do the primers do and many more things.. and I would love to know more,,learn more rather and would definitely love to share some of my experiences with you….

    Thanks a lot . πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  154. Hi Rati,

    I’m a great fan of this blog and I would love to write articles for this blog.
    Finally i have come up with an article and I have mailed it to you.
    Please check your mail.


  155. Hi rati…i am a kashmiri girl…and i want to contribute to IIMB blog.i can review lakme,oriflame,avon lotus,olay,revlon,vaseline and shehnaz hussian kindly let me know if i can be of any help…regards Aisha..:)

  156. hi rati,
    thanks for creating such a wonderful blog.i came across your blog some time ago.and really fall in love with it :love: :love: i want to write for you.i have sent you a mail, please reply.. :)) :)) :))

  157. Hi Rati,

    I have sent you a mail. I’m looking forward for your reply.
    I want to write for your blog. Love this blog.


  158. Hey Rati,
    Ive been following IMBB for almost a year now and i am OBSESSED with it.
    It started out with me buying few products and being completly disappointed with them so have made it a point to read a review of anything im gonna buy over here first.
    Also I would really like to make few contributions of my own soon.

    Luking forward to joining the IMBB team. πŸ˜€

  159. Hiii Rati..I am visiting IMBB from a veryyyyyyyyyy long time :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: … I really appreciate you for your tremendous efforts for this blog :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: . It is sooooo informative…. I would really love to write reviews on this blog ,will drop an article as soon as possible… πŸ™‚

    I don’t want to ask anything special as u have already mention everything…but 1 thing I want to confirm that oriflame product reviews are not allowed on your site??( i think I have seen 1 review somehere in your blog ..,. I might be wrong… please clear my confusion).

  160. hi Rati,

    Your blog is awesome and have to admit :teddy: .. you have got the right attitude and the right sense of fashion babe!! i love all the posts on this blogs and i have been addicted since last few months. I would really love to be a part of IMBB. I have mailed you a review. Please check and revert.

    Mayuri :heart:

  161. Hi Rati,
    I am a huge fan of IMBB.
    I really want to write for your blog.
    I would like to contribute articles on beauty and fitness.
    Can I still apply for this…???

  162. hey i sent an article on home hair spa treatment did u get it pls let me know if your publishing it
    i love ur blog and wanna be a part of it

    thank you in advance

  163. hello rati di,
    I would like 2 work with IMBB..
    I have written review on 1 product and have mailed u 2 consider,
    plz check the mail and looking forward for ur reply….

  164. Hi, am interested in writing for your blog, am not associated with any brand of products, just wanted to know the 3 picture which i have to add to the blog, can i pick them from any search engine or should i have to take it myself?????

  165. Hi Rati gi
    I am a follower of this website for the past 1 yr. U are doing a great work.
    Would love to write in your space. Will mail to soon. Actually after learning a lot about skin care and make up i ve started doing a regular skin care regimen and planning to enter makeup world.

  166. Hi, me too a fashioonfreak and am glad that I discovered you. Would love to share my love for clothes, cosmetics and perfumes with reader. Wanna join you as a article/review writer. luv

  167. Hi Rati,
    After months of reading this blog, i finally thought of actively participating in it. Once coming across this blog accidentally, gradually i came to love it and now i do not miss a single post here! πŸ™‚ I like the way everybody’s so friendly and helpful to all others. And I really like the way you interact with all…not to mention your spell bounding dressing and style sense. You toh are a total celebrity in Indian makeup and beauty forums! πŸ™‚ You are very sweet, just like your blog. I would love to contribute to it.

  168. Hi Rati,
    This site had been a real help to me while selecting which products to buy.Soon will mail my article.Helping other users will be great,as i myself had been greatly benefited by this blog. πŸ™‚

  169. Hi Rati,

    I have a quick question,
    1. someone who is full time employeed can also write for your blog?
    2. I have a personal blog, i write fictions there. Can I write product reviews for your blog?

    waiting to hear from you.

  170. Hey Rati
    Hope you are doing great… i thought of connecting with you, and write for your blog, we’ve met before as well.


  171. HELLO RATI,



  172. Hey Rati,

    Am a lover of your looks and your blog.
    I am a die hard fan of yours and your killer looks and charming personality would force me to get busy with Faux Pas followed by your Imbb emails.

    They are so so helpful and informative.

    I would be overwhelmed if I can be a part of it.
    Please let me know if I can write in your blog. I would like to write about skin care, cosmetics and fitness mantras.

    Please please let me know as early as possible.

    I am from kolkata.

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Lots of love

  173. hello Rati….

    Its allmost a month i have started reading your blog….and am truly in love with your articles….love them all……i would realy love to write for your blog….. πŸ™‚

  174. Hi Rati

    I just love to read the posts..would like to write some articles for your blog. I shall mail you all the information very soon.


  175. Hii Rati,
    I have just mail you my first review… Did u get that mail? please check your mail box πŸ™‚ and one thing I forgot to write in the mail that I am not associated in any manner with any cosmetic company. .. pls jaldi se reply.. thanku πŸ™‚

  176. Hii Rati… its so confusing.. sometimes my comments goes under moderation. sometimes they apper .. sometimes they don’t πŸ™ ..Anyhow.. I wanted to convey that IMBB is the bessssst site for makeup and beauty reviews. I love it and following it from very long time but recent made my account here. When I made it I thought I should also share my experiences regarding beauty products.:)

    I have send you my first review please check your inbox. did you get the mail? and I forgot to write in the mail that “I am not associated, in any manner, with any cosmetic company” Please check your inbox πŸ™‚ I am waiting πŸ™‚ . please reply Rati. Thank you. …:)

  177. I wish to write for IMBB and had sent articles to submit, article but never got any reply. Also i have few more articles to submit do let me know if I can write. Thank You

  178. Hey hi….I have mailed my details alongwith the topic of my article which is Aaranyaa Shower gels…let me know if the details I provided are sufficient and when I can submit my article. Thanks

  179. Hi Rati,

    I love this blog of yours & has helped me a lot in buying make up stuff……
    thankz a ton…..would like to write in M&B so my frnds can benefit as well.will send u mail soon

    by c ya…

  180. Hey Rati,

    let me know if I can send articles on skin care… I must tell you, this blog is very very useful for make up and skin care..
    All the best πŸ™‚

  181. Hi Rati

    I am super interested in writing for your blog. I would like to do reviews and OOTD’s.

    Please let me know how to go about the same.


  182. Hey i just came across your blog.. We are two girls eager to write for you πŸ™‚
    Both of us are fashion enthusiats.. I will mail you the details please have a look πŸ™‚

  183. Hello,

    I would like to contribute to your blog but, I want to know if you’re expecting a certain number of articles per day or would I allowed to write as many as I want. I write for another magazine and may not always be able to write more than 1 article a day. (I work as a columnist and film critic, I don’t think it would be considered a competitor site).

    I would love to contribute though and think that I could be an asset to your blog.

  184. Hi Rati,

    I’m a great admirer of the work you guyz are doing… i would like to write in reviews for IMBB, complete makeup freak i am… πŸ˜€

    pls let me know how to start !

  185. hi Rati
    I am a content writer and would like to write for makeupandbeauty. Do i need to start writing or send a CV first?

  186. I regularly visit for reviews on products and tips regarding makeup and beauty, i just came across this page and i would love to be a part of by writing reviews for different beauty products as i use them a lot,
    please let me know how to apply for it,

  187. A lovely informative blog you have .i just found it.i wish i could found it before πŸ™ still not late i guess.i send you an email.can you plz check it and reply me………waiting to hear from your side !

  188. Hey Rati,

    I just love to read your blog and much inspired I sent you two articles, from this same e-mail ID but sad, I did not receive any feedback on those. Can you pls check and lemme know. Waiting eagerly for your reply.


  189. hey Rati..u luk gorgeous lady..rose: rose:

    plz tel me one thng hw 2 register on ur blog..plz tel me..iv got really addicted to it..badly..plz lemme kno..

  190. Hi… I would like to thank you for a very helpful blog… its a great blog…. I’m so addicted to ur blog. I have always liked makeup but as i have a sensitive skin i would never buy any new product before… but since i came across ur blog n started reading the reviews i have tried a lot of new products… this blog is very helpful…n great for all indian makeup lovers.
    I have a request to all the writers of this blog Please review products that are affordable by middle class girls also.
    I would like to register on your blog n write articles also… please let me know how to register.

  191. hi rati,
    i m following ur blog from 2 mths, i just love it. blog is very informative now i always consult it before purchase of any single beauty product. u all r doing awesome job. all the best .and keep it up.

  192. Hi! I’ve been following M&B since a long time… I’ve made almost all my purchases based on reviews given on this blog… I am highly excited in writing reviews about beauty products and cosmetics…:) Need guidance, since I am new blogging :)))

  193. Hey!! I am a Senior Correspondent with Hindustan Times (HT City, Meerut)..I am a HUGE fan of your blog and would like to contribute..Please let me know if you are still hiring!

    I did post an article, Striking Metamorphosis about how IMBB helped me with my very poor make up skills, a long time back..I can also send you a few copies of my articles on make up and fashion printed in HT (UP, Delhi) for your reference..

    Eagerly waiting for your reply!!

  194. Hi Rati,

    I’m a regular visitor of your IMBB and a huge fan of it. It helped me a lot in learning makeup basics and definitely i refer to IMBB before buying anything now πŸ™‚ i would also like join IMBB and make my contribution to it helping my others like me. I work for a MNC in Bengaluru.Do let me know if you are still hiring.


  195. hey imbb team….mailed a review last week but it has not been posted yet on the ste…did you guys not like it..please let me know if it is so….thanks

    me too waiting eagerly for your reply πŸ™‚

  196. Hey… I just saw this… wow … i really like to write.. i mwna to share my exp… thx rati… m going to mail you… πŸ™‚

  197. Hi Rati,
    I love your blog and it is very helpful. I myself love to buy cosmetics etc and I feel I can very well contribute to your site via articles in form of tutorials, reviews etc. But I have one question- If I want to send any article do I need to be a blogger or just sending an email will do. Please let me know and then I will be glad and pleased to share my articles to this site.
    Thanks Shweta

  198. Hi Rati,
    I would like to contribute to IMBB through product reviews and DIYs. Just wanted to know what’s the very first step.
    I had mailed you but haven’t received a reply yet.

  199. Hi Rati,

    I am big fan of yours, its been 2 years that i have been following your blog.
    Could you please let me know if you are still hiring.
    I am a dentist currently working as clinical research professional.
    I have 2 years experience in subject writing.

    Warm regards,

  200. Hello Rati mam,
    I have written some articles for this blog and its a pleasure to write for you guys. But I don’t know whats the reason for the last three articles I’m not getting any response from you people, I sent them twice. I wonder are my mails not getting delivered to you or have you dropped me as a writer?

  201. Hi Rati,

    Let me first congratulate you for your awesome sense of styling. I am a regular visitor at you page fashion faux pas. You carry some of the finest outfits with so much ease and elegance.

    You’re indeed blessed with some glowing & smoothest skin. All thanks to all the bunch of people who keep sharing their wonderful product reviews and feedback here on this forum.

    Its gets quite helpful when u have a product review before you blindly go buy it impressed with its eye catching packaging.

    I only buy most of my stuff after checking out its review on your page.
    I’d love to make a contribution on your wonderful blog with the reveiw of some unusual stuff I have in my kitty.

    Would love to hear back from you

  202. Hi Rati

    I have a few queries –

    1) If I write reviews for product not available in India but I give you my account details from India and if my post gets published then you will transfer the money in my India Account, right? I hope that wont be a problem.

    2) Pl tel me if the same person can write for different columns like beauty, DIY, outfit/fashion blog, fitness, etc. etc.

    3) Do you pay in pounds? If yes, how much? I am shifting to UK soon so might do some reviews from there.


  203. Hi Rati,

    I am a medical writer by profession.
    But being beauty obsessed, I am keen to write for your blog.
    I have a couple of products that have been awesome for my skin, but I am not sure about the availability.
    I got introduced to these through a beauty parlour. The company name is “Care’s”.
    It is available in Delhi as well, as my friend purchased it from there only.
    Just let me know if you will accept the reviews.
    I shall write and send once I receive the confirmation from you.

    Please let me know soon.
    Would love to write for you.

  204. Hi

    I put in many comments appreciating your blog and information. But it somehow never appears ? I m not sure if its reaching you

  205. Hi Rati,

    I have been constantly in pace with your blog for over a year now. It has become a routine to open the IMBB site more than 3 to 4 times a day.
    Love everything, every single detail about your blog……right from the format ,to the information, to the concept ,the detailing , the pictures , the style and every little thing.
    IMBB is a wonderful platform for homemakers like us who have kept their talent of writing hidden somewhere. If given an opportunity i would be privileged to become a part of your wonderful family and contribute to the information and my love for cosmetics.
    Eagerly waiting for your response.
    (Rati i would be very soon sending you an email as well)
    Thank you,


  206. Hey Rati…
    I have to admit that I am really addicted towards your blog..when i wake up in the morning this is the first thing i do …open up your blog and read all the new reviews that have come up..would surely rate it as number 1 indian website for reviews.. I always open up your website before purchasing any product.. I am a big fan of yours as well as your blog and would really like to contribute..
    Would try to mail my article soon..
    I know you are a very busy woman but would love to hear from you ..Thank you..!!

  207. Hey rati..
    I was just a bit confused as to how to become a part of this blog..i am very keen to write on your blog and just love your blog a lot..but in order to become a member do i need to send sum details to you?
    Please revert back..I am waiting for your response..Your response would be truly appreciated..!!

  208. Hey Rati,,, I love all of these posts on IMBB, Also I have bought so many products after reading reviews from here, And i love your dressing sense πŸ™‚
    I would like to write in too..Let me know more pls

  209. hi rati,

    read the entire thing regarding job at IMBB, unfortunate it really reeks of suspicious. along with the article it mentioned that bank details are required. um…. that’s like so so fradulent it seems to me. could you maybe maybe just link up writers at imbb who are actually working for imbb???

    also pray, please tell me why the article has to be in msword format and not in the blog of the person??

    hey just wanna say no offense…. just cautious…

    suspicious gal

  210. hello ma’am!!
    ive been a big fan nd a frequent visitor of m&b!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    and ive read almost most f your product reviews and whenever i need to buy something i first go through the review on m&b nd den purchase it!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ it had indeed helped me a lot!!
    and ma’am i would also love to become a member like you….nd write reviews!!! can you pls guide me!!! it’ll b really helpful!!

  211. Dear Rati

    Thank you ever so much for your wonderful reviews of all the MAC lipsticks. I was so nervous about buying my first few and your reviews kicked the confidence into me. Now I am the proud owner of three gorgeous shades including Up the amp πŸ˜‰

    I am writing a review on one and shall send it to you soon. I would love to be a part of your makeup team and write a few reviews for you. I shall send you my review shortly.

    Warmest regards

  212. Hi Rati Di,
    I am new to IMBB(just 1 month) and thanks to all you people now i am able to understand and carry myself well with make-up and clothes, thank you so much. would like to contribute directly. will mail you my first article, hope you like it Rati Di. Let me know. πŸ™‚

  213. Hi Jomol,

    Could you please revert on my email. I have no idea why my posts are not getting uploaded. Is it because you are not able to send payment in my account and using somebody else’s account.


  214. hey..i am 15 years old..and i love ur blog..can i still send in reviews ? eventhough i dont have a bank account of my own.. πŸ™‚ ? @Rati please reply quick..:P

  215. Hi Rati,

    I’m unable to understand how to register on this site. Some insights on the same would really help me πŸ™

  216. hi Rati,
    I have been reading your blog for a very long time and I never miss your email updates..
    Also, I would love to contribute to your blog… πŸ™‚


  217. Hi Rati,

    Greeting for the day…!!!

    As I have already wrote my first blog related with beauty tips for IMBB.It was published on IMBB on 9th aug’13.I am very glad to be a part of IMBB *thankyou* for accepting my first blog entry.
    This is the platform where I can enhance my writing skills and creativity in a well manner. *puchhi*
    My concern to write in this section is to let you know that I had sent my second blog entry on 10th Aug to you but haven’t got any reply till.So is there any server problem.or something else cause the delay.As I am very much interested to write for IMBB on daily basis.So kindly do the needful and please reply me back.

    Sonia Sharma

  218. hey Rati!
    your blog is just amazing.
    Im workin as a dietition and would love to write for your blog related to diet.
    Hope to see ur response.

    Dt.Medha Mathur.

  219. Hey Rati Di,
    I have a query..It wud be so kind of you , if i get a help from you and team IMBB
    I need to select my outfit for my Best friends Marriage. I m too slim to be more clear B-size is 30 , cnfused about lehnga & saree.Please Suggest! what will look more good

  220. Hi IMBB team,
    I dropped you an email showing interest in contributing to this blog.
    Please let me know if i can send across the article


  221. Hi Rati

    Love to go through your blog regularly.. By profession I am a corporate legal consultant and by passion i m a beauty tipscoholic…would just like to know if apart from the beauty related topics can we also take up topics related to females in legal and corporate world including their rights and other issues….thanks


  222. Hey rati,
    I am an editor myself and would love to write for your blog, I love to look good like every other girl does which calls for “fashion is in our blood” I just wanted to clear up my head with a little detail, that is it really necessary to have a paypal account as my bank doesn’t connects with it.

    Hope to hear from you about it.

  223. hey ,

    Do you take blogs on fitness ! I am a new mom who is hard core into fitness and training to be a Zumba instructor . I managed to lose all my pregnancy weight and more and would love to share some tips I learnt . Also I submitted some articles on DIY weight loss website . Can I send those to you too ? Else I can also do new posts ??

  224. Hi Rati Di!
    Your blog is so informative, it has changed my life. I am dying to contribute something to this blog. I have already sent you an email with an article. Please do reply if you’he gotten it..
    Love you loads.. You are truly an inspiration for beauty geeks like me.. :*


  225. Hi Rati,
    I have been following your blog for a long time and now I feel to be a part of this. While going through the terms and conditions, it’s mentioned to use images taken by a camera will be approved. I have a problem here that presently I don’t own a camera. I would request if I can send you article with good clear images taken by phone for your consideration. If you find it not up to the mark, you have all the authority to delete. Just requesting to give it a chance. Thank you in advance.

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