The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion Review

The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion Review

Hello Sugars!!

How are you all enjoying the cold winter onset? I am struggling with oil painting, It just don’t seem to dry (I am a fine artist :P).  I had plans to be an active contributor to IMBB, but I have been busy with all things artsy. I am on a sabbatical lately, baking brownies and blondies 😀 anybody wants a piece 😛 This is my second review.  Let’s begin 😀


Product Description:

The berries range is a part of their Foressence range that they claim is inspired by enchanted forests and all it holds. The products from this range are “brimming with colorful, exotic ingredients, strong, captivating fragrances and the goodness and variety that only a natural forest can provide.”

Product Claims:

Rich in Vitamin-C and AHA ; Hydrates, Makes skin soft and smooth. Indulge in a soft, sensual encounter with Berry Body lotion. Rich in vitamin C and AHA, our Berry Body lotion, gently hydrates, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion 2


Raspberry extract, strawberry extracts, vitamin-E, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, lotion base, aroma, natural preservatives & food grade colors (FD & C) Q.S.

How To Use:

Apply it liberally and evenly, both in the morning and night. It is especially effective when applied on moist skin after bathing.


Rs. 525 (Indian rupees) for 250 ml.

My Skin Type:

Clear, no issues, behaves well, but sensitive.

How I Came Across This Product:

My dearopitaji coaxed me with a hamper from The Nature’s Co. this Valentine’s Day 😀 along with loads of other goodies . I know it’s a little too late, but on trying, I found this particular product best suited for winters,  so it was waiting for me 😛 and vice versa 😀


It’s their signature fat cuboid packaging, but its rather unusual I would say because its so mota 😀 Its plastic but not cheap, its sturdy and spill proof. It has a flip top cap but dispensing the product is a task in itself, not that it won’t come out, but chances are the area under flap would get messy every time :# All credit goes to its shape though, so you will have to turn the product upside down to get it. So not at all hygienic, nor lightweight, neither travel friendly.

The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion 3

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion:

First thing when you lift the flap, comes a very sweet fragrance. Scent of berries obviously, but nothing artificial. It reminded me of mixed berry smoothie but that is what it is, instead you just can’t eat this stuff 😛 Okay, that was lame woooof! On serious terms, I have been using it for over a month now, everyday, as suggested, twice daily. So yes, it is indeed very moisturizing, but dry skinned beauties, you might need to load some more up to entice the winter parched skin.  On days when I have only used it once, my skin still remained supple till wee hours. Hydration was the key factor I had expected out of it, and I am satisfied with the results. The scent is sweet and lingers while freshly applied, but fades away in a jiffy moments later. The skin feels soft and this lotion adds a lovely sheen to it. Not only it feels hydrated but looks hydrated too.

The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion 4

The color of the lotion is milky with a hint of pink and the texture is creamy. On applying, it gets absorbed fairly quickly. It does not feel heavy at all and a little goes a long way.  It’s still half full after a month’s usage, considering its winters, applying twice daily, its cost effective, I would say! At least for me.

The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion 7

Pros of The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion:

  • Provides ample hydration.
  • Smells wonderfully sweet.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Eco- friendly.
  • Easily available.

Cons of The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion:

  • Except for its shape, I don’t think I can fault any other thing.
  • The price is HIGH!

Would I Repurchase The Nature’s Co Mixed Berry Body Lotion?

Yes, I would love to, but I am dwindling to try other options available in the same range. For instance, guava body lotion, ooooohh sounds yummm :P, but I do recommend it to you all.

Avoid hot water baths, I know feels great but they won’t do any good to your skin. They will instead strip of the moisture. Hydrate your skin, not just with moisturizers but drinking enough fluids. I am talking about water here, not canned juices or caffeine 😛

Take care and stay beautiful!!



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  1. I lovvve ur style of writing ritika,love the review *clap* nd i have the same gold ring as urs *hifive* me also want brownies with garma garm tea 😛

  2. the pictures are sooo pretty..those flowers are super cute.. *haan ji*..would like to try the lotion for sure.. *happydance*

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