Oriflame White Body Lotion Review

Hello ladies!!

Recently I have been searching for a maintenance lotion that I can use for my daily needs. One that is not too greasy and has good whitening effects as I have developed tan on my feets. Ok I am not expecting to be ghostly white or anything like that and no drastic changes whatsoever. I only want something that I can use that can protect me from the sun and at the same time, remove the tan.

So in my quest to find an appropriate moisturizing lotion I came across the Oriflame’s White body lotion from their Optimals range. Also the Oriflame brand has always been famous for its line of skin care products so I was not at all skeptical to use it.

the Oriflame’s White body lotion
the Oriflame’s White body lotion

Its Price: I do not remember the actual price but as far as I can recall I paid around 364 bucks for 200 ml. (Indian Rupees)

Oriflame’s White body lotion
Oriflame’s White body lotion

Ingredients’ List:

the Oriflame’s White body lotion
the Oriflame’s White body lotion

What it Claims : Instantly moisturizes the skin leading to smooth, healthy & fairer skin.
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the Oriflame’s White body lotion
the Oriflame’s White body lotion

As the name reveals, it has a lotion/fluid consistency which makes it easy to absorb & doesn’t make my skin oilier. I only have to apply the fluid in patting motion to the skin & voila!!! It is totally absorbed. It comes in a slender white tube with a handy click cap, which makes the squeezing out of the product quite easy. The lotion itself is milky white in color with a cream base. Since it filters harmful UVA/UVB rays as it claims I don’t have to apply a separate sunscreen if I go out for a little time period. But when I go out for longer periods I use a separate sunscreen on top of this product. This lotion is a very rich cream which has a very light texture. Because of its thin consistency, the skin absorbs it remarkably fast. On top of all that properties, it visibly lightens the skin tone. Usually my skin tone becomes tanned very rapidly by the sun, even if I go out for a little while & my exposed skin is already few tones darker than the rest of my body. This miraculous lotion turns the skin tone back to normal with continuous usage which I love the most about it. Although it did not give me any rosy white skin, nor does it lighten my skin remarkably but yes continuous usage does makes a difference….

What I love about Oriflame’s Optimals white body lotion:

  • The lotion itself smells sweet, and the consistency is not so thick.
  • The lotion also brags of having SPF protection.
  • So far the lotion is not greasy at all. After I shower, I put this on my body skin and it is readily absorbed. However, I found that it is only good for people with oily skin as the moisturizing quality is not enough on my sister’s skin who has dry skin & she has to continuously put on more lotion every time.
  • This comes in a tube with a click cap. I like that it is hygienic and you can squeeze as per your requirement without wastage of the product.
  • I did not notice a single break out.
  • It has even out my skin tone to an extent.
  • It is non acnegenic & dermatologist tested.
  • Recommended for all skin types

What I hate about Oriflame’s Optimals white body lotion:

  • I wished it came with a pump dispenser bottle.
  • Although it claims to protect from direct sun light but no SPF content s mentioned on the tube.
  • Oriflame products don’t come in sealed packs.
  • Ingredients list is frightening.
  • Costly as a moisturizer.


And since it’s a whitening lotion, it costs more than your average lotion. It works though and there have not been any side effects in my case, so it’s really worth your money. If you’re looking for a moisturizing yet whitening product that works and if you’re patient enough to wait for results, then this product is for you!

Will I buy again?

Oh yes I loved it a lot!!!! I am quite happy with this, want to try the other variants too from this range. Definitely will always be one of my favorite body lotions. Until I find something new I will continue using this……

Did any one of you try the lotion from Oriflame’s optimal range? Do share your experiences..


12 thoughts on “Oriflame White Body Lotion Review

  1. Hey Sush, after so many days, how are you doing……………..i am interested in trying more from the Oriflame range after positive reviews such as yours….. :-))

    1. Hi Jomol… i m good…
      Oriflame products are really gd esp their skin care range :yes: ,… do try them :-))

      Btw hw were the avon products??? :hypnotized:

  2. Hi Sush, long time. :))

    I think after reaidng all these reviews I would myself start buying oriflame products. 😛 This really looks like of one of their good product. 🙂

    1. hey rati… yeah its been a long time since i hv written any review bt never forgot to peep into IMMB whenever i get a chance… :laugh: 😀

      it is indeed… do give some of them a try sure u’ll like them…

  3. Thnx 4 the review Sush 🙂
    I know wat u mean abt exposed skin getting eally tanned.My hands,face and rst of body are 3 diff colors.I look like a damn chess board 😥 😥 :-(( 🙁
    Will check out this product and see wat it does 4 me 😀

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