Outfit of the Day – Dinner/Night Out

Outfit of the Day – Dinner/Night Out

Hey Ladies,

This is an outfit I wore a few months ago but thought that you may want to still see this outfit. I didn’t wear a lot of accessories to this outfit, but even if I did, the zebra skirt is getting all the attention any way.  You probably already know those high heels because those are the only high heels I own so far. I never find my size -_- I hope you like this outfit of the day post!! Have a wonderful day xoxo!

Outfit of the Day Dinner Night Out

Outfit of the Day Dinner Night Out



Military Blazer: Sears
Black Tank Top: F21
Zebra Skirt: Ross
Guess High Heels: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Madonna
Stockings: Primark

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52 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day – Dinner/Night Out

    1. Good morning Rati 🙂
      here in chennai its deadly hot, last night no power, dont know when the summer will get over 🙁

    1. ok i will 🙂 its hard to explain in words how i work out but maybe i can find some pictures … i will give it a try 🙂

  1. very chic..with a figure like tat you cant go wrong too much. 🙂 awesome job on keeping yourself so fit. any tips that you can share?

    1. btw i discovered one excellent healthy sandwich. was experimenting. 😛

      on toasted brown bread add cucumbers, paneer, tomatoes slices. season it with salt and pepper. in a bowl add some olive oil, basil and oregano. mix and drip the oil mix on top of the sandwich (veggies). tasted yum! try. 🙂 you can add onions, olives, capers whatever you have at home. 😀

      1. oh sounds really yum..I love salads anyways but have been too lazy to make them in the past. this one seems easy though and since I like tofu so maybe i can substitute paneer with tofu..

        Thanks much..

                1. I am feeling extremely sleepy since morning Rati….so many people went and left..sweeper, maid, gardener…all I am doing is sitting and snoozing…I just came online coz I was drinking apple juice..but now again feeling drowsy…Its today only like this…with so much body pain..now I can sleep for whole day and night I guess …. 🙁 😐 😐 😐

                  1. awww cali. Take rest darling. I was not well yesterday. stoopid chums! but took rest most of the day yesterday. You also snooze off. you’d be fine. :-* the weather sucks here seriously!

                    1. yeah…I think it may be coz of weather..its soo humid here..and I went out for a walk in the evening..came back thoroughly sweating just after 15 minutes of normal walking…may be coz of that..

  2. OMG!!!!! U look awesome! 🙂 Everything suits ur frame Sahar u have a great figure 🙂 N I love ur sense of dressing n putting clothes together!!

  3. look M already a fan of urs…:)…ur styling is apt fr ur frame and figure…u r sooopr doopr gud luking as well….so girly and so chic is ur sense of styling and nobody cud even guess u r a mom …lv lvl lvlvlvlv OOTD

  4. As always u look chic dear!! Good afternoon everyone…it is such a lazy day today…no mood to work or do anything!!! The sandwich is really tempting Rati 🙂 🙂

  5. Terrific-ally toned you are..& have Perfect Posture too..!! I do have such B&W skirt in large floral prints..I team it up with Black Spaghetti+Black Bolero+Black stockings+Black Knee length Boots+Large Red Bag+Red Statement-y Ring+Red Earrings+Reddish lippie.. 🙂

    1. And I lurrveee Primark..Stylish stuff @ Affordable price..Bought Galore frm their London outlet.. 🙂

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