Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener Review

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener

By Pushpa P


Hello Girls….

Am super-excited to do today’s review, it’s a new-found love for me. When it comes to hair, I love everything that can give me straight and silky hair, as I have very thin and wavy hair and nothing seems to ever suit my face other than straight and soft hair and this product just exactly gives me that.

I am going to talk about the Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener, which I bought after a lot of speculation, as there were not many reviews about it and I did not want to end up buying something that wouldn’t work. But then I took the plunge and boy! Am I glad I did!


Price: INR 1695.

So here are few details about the product before I tell you all how this thing works.

Product Claims:

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 1

About the Packaging and Product:

The product comes in the usual cardboard box packaging from Philips, with the contents inside including a user manual. T he product is a combination of white & pink and I think it looks pretty cool and girly. The body feels completely plastic. It comes in two parts, a brush head and the barrel on to which this brush head is supposed to be mounted, the brush head closes with a click when mounted. The brush head looks like any normal hair brush with bristles spaced out generously and in between these bristles are the horizontal spaces from where the hot air is going to gush out.

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 6

About Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener:

One of the pictures shows the nozzle on top of which the brush head is supposed to be mounted and the same nozzle is the outlet of hot air. The barrel has two buttons; one is a heat setting button. The product is provided with two heat settings, one low heat and another is a slightly higher heat setting. The other horizontal button you see at the top is the release button for the brush head, so when you are done using the product, you just have to press the button and the brush head gets released.

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 4

 My Experience with Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener:

Now, talking about the job this product does, this is an amazing product that saves you time giving you a 2-in-1 effect of blow-dry and straightening in one go! Honestly speaking, I really did not expect it to work so perfectly, even after purchasing it I was still doubtful if it would really stand true to its claims. But Wow!! This is such a blessing for people who have a shortfall of time very often but still want their hair to be prim and proper.

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 5

This is supposed to be used on towel-dried damp hair ( I dint even untangle my hair) in backward strokes, pretty simple just as if you are brushing your hair and the before & after pictures below will speak for themselves as to what a wonderful product this is. And it seriously took me 8-9 minutes to do my complete hair. You get soft, silky hair; do not expect it to be poker straight, you get hair that looks naturally straight, mess-free and manageable which stays so until your next wash, trust me until your next wash!

Go get this if you want to save yourself lots of time, money you spend on blow-drying and also to lessen the amount of heat you use on your hair every time you straighten it.

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 2

 Pros of Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener:

  • Does a 2-in-1 blow-dry & straightening job in one go.
  • Hair exposed to lesser amount of heat when compared to regular flat irons and straighteners.
  • Saves time.
  • Ease of use, light-weight.
  • Moderately priced.

Cons of Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener:

  • The barrel part could have been a little sleek, the bulk handle makes it a little irksome for hand movement.
  • Every time you take the brush close to your hair, the gush of air scatters the hair in all directions making it difficult for continuous brushing.
  • The bristles on the brush head could have been dense as it might not work effectively for girls with very thin or sparse hair if the brush has such huge space in between.
  • Wish it had a variety of attachments for styling like the other models from Philips has.

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 3

Would I Recommend Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener?

Without a doubt! This will work for people with fairly fine, medium to dense hair, frizzy and fine hair & may not really work for people with very curly hair or very thin/fine hair.

IMBB Rating : 4.9/ 5.

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener 7


16 thoughts on “Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Straightener Review

  1. Just one word fir!! I use normal hair straightener to achieve that kind of effect in my hair..u know natural looking straight hair..but this seems like a timesaver..great review 😀

  2. Totally agree with Nandini.. I bought it a month back.. It’s very comfortable to use and the results are satisfying.. A must buy for wavy haired gals who wants simple straight hairs without much effort..

  3. Yesterday I read this post at night and today I have ordered one on jabong. And yeeeyiiiieee coz the price offered there is INR 1195/- 😀 (+59.75 service tax = 1254.75/-)

    My hair are quite thin and wavy yet with silky smooth texture 😛 (and thus confusing me to select a hair product. Sigh !!!). They become frizzy when I keep them open for more than 2 hours 🙁 . Due to this I can never make a good hairstyle during parties and function :'( . Hope this will straighten my hair up to the extent which will help me at least keep them open for one complete night in my friend’s upcoming marriage B|

    A good review b/d/w

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