Poll: Do you use foot creams?

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34 thoughts on “Poll: Do you use foot creams?

  1. hey!! I use scholls foot and nail cream… It has worked wonders on my non pedicured, tanned and wrinkled feet… 😛 …. Now their condition has improved… would write a review on it soon… hey Rati pls pls pls tell me how to upload my pic into my profile cant c any option to do that…….

    1. Rashmi, go to gravatar.com and you can upload your picture there. They will ask for your email id , just provide the same email id on gravatar.com that you use on IMBB. You will get a confirmation link in your email and that’s it. 🙂

  2. Yup! Especially in the winter. I use Himalaya’s Foot Care Cream and good ol Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, not together though!

  3. I have recently started using foot creams . I wonder how much diffrent are from the regular creams but they give a nice pampering feeling to feet. Isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Yea they do feel good…and work! I feel that it is primarily due to the viscosity, foot care creams in general are thicker than regular creams/lotions. I would also think that they penetrate the skin better since the skin on the bottom of feet is keratinized and harder to penetrate than say your forearm.

  4. Oh I love foot creams…Sometimes I get really lazy to use them though 😛 I love Oriflame’s foot care cream and Avon’s foot works cream. They are both aweeeesome 🙂

      1. oh cool then i shall review more of these and specially various foot creams by oriflame
        they have a lot to choose from…gels and creams
        that should help

  5. I don’t use a foot cream…always use Nivea – the blue cream, not the white one. Or any body butter that I am using. A moisturizer is only if I don’t get anything else.

    1. I use Himalaya foot cream and quite like it.The best thing about it is that it is not too heavy and that it is not sticky.

          1. No Rati I don’t think there is any blue coloured nivea cream.At least,I don’t know of any.I am sure what Radhika meant by blue cream is the Nivea white cream in a blue tin pack.But,only Radhika can confirm it.

          2. Yup yup..i meant blue colour tin/tub – that’s the classic/old/regular one….My goodness what confusions I create. There is a white tub Nivea too…its Nivea Soft I think…its a softer cream and spreads much easier and is lighter and smells good too. Both Niveas – the creams are white – only difference is in the container colour so I just say white nivea and blue nivea. Sorry about my wonderful language skills!!!

    2. To use Nivea as a foot cream is not a bad idea at all.In fact,I quite like it.Will try it once I finish my Himalaya foot cream.

      1. yar how can you girls wait for a product to finish before you buy more!
        :reallyangry: please teach me ! my hubby will be the happiest man on earth then!

        1. Mostly I can’t. 😛 But atleast i try and mostly i fail. 🙁 It’s such a satisfaction when I finish up my products. With makeup, I don’t think I would be able to finish up anything ever. And I still keep buying more and more. I blame all these companies who come up with all these cute packaging and promising products. Not my fault. :((

        2. Neha please don’t sound so exasperated.Most of us belong to the same category as you.I am an impulsive shopper,so you can understand how many things I buy before I finish the existing ones.But,sometimes I get bored to see the sheer volume of things on my dressing table.Would you believe it,I sometimes use much more than the quantity required just to finish things so that they can go to the bin .As of now ,I am just trying to mend my impulsive buying habits.I don’t know how successful I will be.

  6. i use scholls, oriflame has many and avon too
    and separate for cracked heels
    they do pay off when people compliment my feet :blush:
    how modest! 😐

    1. iiiiiiii wwwwwwwwiiilllllllllll do it for you shilpa! :announce:
      along with some others too in the same article for comparison

  7. I have tried different foot creams like the body shop, normal vaseline body lotion , himalayaetc…
    This may sound really weird but the best that’s worked for me is something called jatyadi malham.. i think that’s how its spelled.
    Its basically petroleum jelly with drops of jatyadi oil mixed in it. Its the consistency of vaseline, doesn’t smell scented and a little sticky. Does wonders for cracked heals , rough soles , rough elbows and knees. I play sports alot and walk around bear foot in the house ( unknowingly) and don’t have time at all to do a daily foot care routine. I put on jatyadi at night before bed on my feet and sleep( in the winter wear socks on top). It works very well, but if anyone is looking for a product in terms of its look smell , consistency .. its not for you!

    hope it helpsss
    Puja 😀 😉 :beauty: :dance:

  8. Pls Pls PLs NEHA do a review on AVON and Oriflame products…. I hear everyone talking abt them never thought of trying them until nw…. when I saw ppl at IMBB talk abt it…. Products from scholl are awesome… :yes:


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