15 Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments Every Indian Bride Should Know

Every bride dreams about having a fairytale wedding and looking like a million dollars walking down the aisle or while taking the saath pheras. On this special day, she would leave no stone unturned to look her best and that means going through extensive pre-bridal beauty treatments, facials, etc. Pre-bridal beauty routine is also a perfect way to relax and de-stress from the continuous commotion and din surrounding the impeding wedding. There are so many beauty salons that offer you pre-bridal beauty packages, but at the same time, they are quite expensive too! Moreover, these packages may not necessarily be customized as per your needs. You are special and your needs are special too! That is why, take care to choose your beauty treatments as per your needs. Whether you start it months ahead or you get it done just a couple of days before your marriage, here are the most popular and must-do pre-bridal beauty treatments. But do remember to do patch test of every single product that you try before the wedding, it’s a simple way of making sure your skin is not reacting to cosmetics, skincare products, makeup, haircare products, face packs, scrubs, ointments, etc.

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1. Eyebrow Threading: Even otherwise, threading brows is the most popular service at salons. Whether it is an occasion as special as your wedding or the mundane daily affairs, you need to get your eye-brows shaped nicely. Ideally, one should thread brows 2 to 4 days ahead of the wedding. Since heavy eye makeup would draw attention to the eye area, make sure you get them perfectly in shape.

2. Full Body Waxing – From Head To Toe: Waxing ensures that you get hair-free smooth body. Go for a waxing session at least a week ahead of your wedding. This will help your skin recover from wax bumps before the D-day. Full body waxing will get rid of hair from the legs, hands, underarms, back, tummy, and even from the knuckles. Since waxing takes a lot of time, keep one day exclusively to get waxed. Do not forget to treat your skin with extra care after waxing so that you don’t sport red bumps on your arms along with your wedding jewellery.

3. Full Face Waxing or Full Face Threading: If you have excessive facial hair growth, go for either laser hair removal three to four months prior the wedding or full facial waxing (peel off wax for the upper lip, lower lip, chin) or threading two to three days to get rid of unwanted hair.

4. Bikini Wax: Be sure you are in safe and professional hands when it comes to bikini wax. Stay out of the sun for a day post wax to avoid any skin irritations. Also, the best time to get a wax done is a week or two after your periods. Also, the week prior to your periods could be most painful for hair removal. Also, try to get your wax done in early hours of the day, so the oil and sweat build up would not interfere with the waxing process.

5. Bridal Facials: Get naturally glowing skin with a good facial at the salon. Talk with the aesthetician and determine what kind of facial would suit your skin. Go for regular facials starting a few months before the wedding, and opt for specialized glow facials (gold, chocolate, diamond, platinum, etc.) just a few days leading up to the wedding.

6. Total Body polishing: Exfoliation is the key to revealing smooth skin. Body polishing treatment ensures that your body is thoroughly scrubbed and hydrated so that your skin looks young and beautiful, always!

7. Pedicure: Do not neglect your feet because so many wedding rituals would involve display of the bride’s feet. Get a pedicure done at least one week before the wedding

8. Manicure: Pamper your hands with a nourishing manicure treatment to get them mehendi-ready!

9. Hair Color: Premature ageing is a real thing and if your hair has started to grey out really early, ask your salon about the right kind of color hair. If you have been coloring regularly, stick to that particular brand of color. Opt for a reputed salon and expert advice so that you don’t have to worry much regarding the side effects of hair coloring.

10. Hair Spa Along with Smoothening: Hair spa would help you get soft and silky hair. Opt for regular hair spas before your wedding so that your manes look absolutely dazzling on this important day of your life! Keratin infusion, Brazilian blowout, smoothening are some popular hair treatments that are trending right now. Deep conditioning, damage control treatments, shine boost spa are some other other popular ones, and do not forget to get a relaxing head massage free.

11. Body Massage: Wedding involves a lot of stress. The apprehension of starting a new life in an all-new environment lends unwanted pressure in the mind of the bride. Thus, you need to relax! Nothing can stress your wedding-jitters in a better way than a body massage. Rejuvenate yourself at a spa of your choice.

12. Teeth Whitening and Cleaning Routine with the Dentist: Want to splash that perfect radiant smile on your wedding? Book an appointment with your dentist at least 15 days to one month before the wedding.

13. Tan Removal: If you are a summer bride, we assume all that bridal shopping has caused stubborn tanning. Salons have exclusively formulated total body detan packages that can get rid of all the summer tan, ask your salon about this.

14. Dry Brushing: The dry brushing routine can be done at home, all you need is a dry body brush that would exfoliate skin, improve blood circulation, and also help reduce cellulite.

15. Get Lots of Zz’s: They call it beauty sleep for a reason. When you compromise on sleep, nothing would fetch results. Sleep deprivation would lead to weight gain, cause skin problems, and even disturb your mood, so do sleep soundly for 7 hours at least each night.

Most importantly, all that stress and erratic eating habits that happened over the past few months when you were planning out every little detail for the D-day has taken a toll on your health and those extra pounds are showing up at all the wrong places now. We understand that the slight pooch and flabby arms are giving you sleepless nights, and the extra kilos are standing between you and your dreamy wedding outfit. Looking good is not about looking perfect in every wedding pic, it’s about feeling fit and confident. And to achieve that, don’t even think about crash dieting or consider those heavily advertised fat-cutter pills because you definitely do not want to reel under the side effects associated with them. Also, crash dieting can make you look malnourished – you want to look leaner and toned in your wedding outfit, not weak and frail, right? Lose weight the healthy way by following the Rati Beauty diet which places great importance on eating the right kind of food to burn excess fat. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

With these top pre-bridal beauty treatments, you are all equipped to get married. Be a beautiful bride and do not forget sport the wonderful combination of confidence and coyness. More than any beauty package, it is this unique combination that lends beauty to an Indian bride!

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