Safi – The Blood Purifier Review

SAFI: The Blood Purifier

Here, we have heard of it from our moms, grand moms, aunts and sisters and even dads. Some of us have used it and had a love/hate relationship with it…… :). So lets discuss it here.


What is Safi?
Safi is a Unani medicine which claims to be a blood purifier.

What the pack reads?
The herbal remedy for skin disease such as acne vulgaris, boils, skin rashes, blemishes, urticaria etc. checks nose bleeding, cures constipation, corrects indigestion and improves complexion and helps you to stay slim and smart.
Ingredients: All natural and herbal.

Safi Blood Purifier

Dosage: 10 ml (2 teaspoonful)

Safi Blood Purifier

My take:
I am a sucker of ayurvedic products. But like many others I too have a love and hate relationship with this product. My first meeting with Safi (blood purifier) was dreadful. My eyes almost popped out only at the sight of the bottle. It was so big. I almost cried thinking that how much stuff this big bottle would be holding inside it. My nani who had suggested the medicine to me took out a big spoon that was to put the thing into my mouth. The bottle was opened and the medicine was poured out. Its appearance alone gave me shivers, so terrified I was with its colour that I wanted to run away. But I couldn’t at that point. I had nothing to do except for gathering courage and drinking it.

After hearing impressive reviews of this product from my mom, dad and aunts about how magically this product can work I had expected it to be heavenly. Interestingly, none of them told me anything about the awful taste of this medicine…. ☹
Later I was found on the floor with bloodshot eyes and tongue hangigng out as if I had had poison, such awful was its taste. I went YUCKITY-YAAAAIIIIIIIII-THOOOOOO-THOOOO-THOOOO-MMM-UUUUCKKKKSSSSSSSSSSS.

Safi Blood Purifier

This is how it looks.
I took me days to get used to of the terrifying taste….. But I must say the medicine did wonders for my skin. At first, I broke out a lot and wondered if this thing has back-fired but in week all this declined to a considerable amount. My face became very clean and glowed naturally. I thought that’s it and stopped drinking it after getting over with my second bottle. The glow sustained for a month or so and later I started breaking out again. Mom asked me to restart my dosage and in a month the glow was back again. This on and off went on till I realized that this is a holy grail for my skin.
I have recommended this to my younger sis because she is now a teenager and I make sure that both of us drink this “MAGIC POTION” regularly. We are so love it that for once we can forget having our dinner but not Safi. The only HATE or rather dislike is its taste.

Pros of Safi

  • Completely lives up to what it claims
  • Is ayurvedic and thus 100% safe and natural
  • Is not costly as compared to many acne and skin treatments. Just apt for a normal pocket. 142 bucks for 500ml. and I guess 70 bucks for 200 ml… (I am unsure of this one)
  • Though it tastes very bad but nothing compared to the glow that you can get with it.
  • Apart from curing skin problems it also checks digestion and helps in weight management.

Cons of Safi

  • Just the taste nothing at all. I take some saunf after taking it and everything becomes ok.


My Rating:  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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171 thoughts on “Safi – The Blood Purifier Review

  1. ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:) one thing i dont understand ..being a microbiologist… HOW CAN BLOOD PURIFIER WORK……….

    COMMON – BLOOD IS STERILE … !!!!!!!!!!! and acne and pimples are caused due to bacteria on the skin …….NOT IN THE BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. being a microbiologist your view is pretty narrow. but bacteria and other microbes are not the only contaminants in blood. blood is ‘sterile’ which means it is free of living microorganisms. but the blood also contains toxins. Internal toxins, as the free radicals, are produced inside the body through normal metabolic processes or through the decomposition of foods in the small and large intestines. and the elimination of this is what they refer to as purification. and that my friend is the ‘funda’.

    2. Hi

      if u r a microbiologist than you are also aware about Immune system That boost by Neem, Chiraita and tulasi so human body act as a protective system for all types of bacteria in the blood or in the skin

      so safi is very good …………. for all those having any type of digestive ir Immune related issue.

      and acne is a Immune related issue not bacterial when our body week Immune system that they are grow in the many form …..

    3. Arey may be it has anti bacterial properties!!!!… that’s why it cures acne
      And acne is not only due to bacteria…it can also be due to hormonal imbalance.

  2. tommy i used to have this everyday in my summer vacation that i spent in calcutta (standard 9) to keep my puberty-ridden-skin clear :toothygrin: u just bought back old memories :whistle: :whistle:

  3. Tommy, very nice idea of reviewing Safi !I use it too! It tastes bitter for the first few times but after a while you get used to it! It definitely purifies the blood! :clap: :clap: :clap:

    1. yes uzma, i agree it does do a good job. i can’t use it any longer coz i crossed puberty many ages ago :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. Hi Tommy good review. even I was also told by my brother in law about SAFI.
    even i used to rake bottles of it when i was a teenager.
    u r true. the taste is so horrible that u feel a poisonous taste in ur mouth.
    too bad .
    u r right one has to get used to the taste.
    i remmember we used to take safi in hot water .
    but after my college days when i started my doctoral programme. i started getting pimples acne and all. due to continous stress and sleepless nights.
    i bought a botle of safi and decided to cure it all by myself.
    luckily I thought of consulting it with a Dr , she said it wasnot at all recommended .moreover I received mails from on eof my friends it was not self curing medicines and its hamful effects. sorry ladies I dont have that mail now. but i do clearly remember safi was also there in the non recommendable list.I threw off my unpopened bottle of safi in the bin.
    Nice tommy that u did a review on Safi.
    looking for more reviews from you.

    1. ohh…… is that so??
      plz let us all kno if u evr come across that mail agn….
      i wasnt aware…… but i haven t seen any side effects or ill effects of it ….abhi tak atleast…

  5. Its not that bad, one gets used to the taste. Its very good in reducing weight also, one of my seniors lost a great deal of weight after having this for a quite sometime.

  6. i have never had this product,
    My mom never gave it to me :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

    i dont have acne or pimples
    but will it make my face glowwwwwwwwwwww? :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  7. I have never had safi.As you mentioned that it broke you out initially. I have seen this happening with my friend as well. I don’t remember exactly whether she continued the usage or not but that kinda left a scare in my heart. I never dared to pick it up .

    Glad it’s working for you. :))

    1. ya… i did and so did my sis…
      we both broke out first… but i guess that is a part of its functioning….. cleaning the blood as it says….. its just for 2 dyas max. then u start getting well… 😀

      1. Hi,
        I am 25 and having pimples.

        How long will it take to cure.

        Can safi be taken with homepathic medicine or alone.

        Because i ahve been taking for 1 month and no effect still now.

        I have taken it earlier in my teenage it was effective during that time.

        Now pimples are dure to hormonal imbalance

        will safi work right now.

  8. it makes me nauseating :smug: ! i hate this product ! i had drunk 2-3 bottles but my pimples and acne remained loyal to me :bully:

  9. aaaaaaahh.i think mostly all of us here have safi memories…even i drank it….in std 8-9 i guesss…when i had those puberty wale pimples n acne..ughh..tastes horrible. :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

  10. hmm thanks for the review. i was sceptical. now finally i can happily buy this. can anyone suggest me about the dosage? like how many times a day?? :pill:

    1. i can tell u about my dosage..
      when i started it i used to take it twice a day… two teaspoons with half a cup warm water….. later i reduced it to once a day. now i take only one teaspoon once a day….

  11. My mom claims she went through 7 bottles to permanantly rid herself of cystic acne, and she has awesome skin … I couldnt get myself to get through even 1 bottle .. its foul tasting …

    but i also recently read some stuff abt safi having high levels of arsenic n stuff in it so I dunno 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

    I def agree with rids abt the blodd acne conundrum … but since Safi does work I think if someone can get through its tast it might be awesome 😀

  12. ee.. im about to restart my safi today after lot of scoldings from my parents 😛 left it half way 😛
    ok i guess we women are ready to do anything for our skin 😀 see our sacrifice 🙂

  13. Tommy brought back good memories. Ive always had acne prone skin and I used to have this a lot… even now it’ll be lying on my kitchen counter at my parent’s place.
    Somehow it works 🙂

  14. yeah Rids is correct….I am very suspicious about Safi…..long back I had heard that it contained more than permissible amounts of arsenic and other chemical compound….. :wilt: :wilt:

  15. I wish i had nice things to say about Safi. I took this early last year and found that my weight had reduced a teensie bit but it did absolutely nothing for my skin. Also, it screwed up my digestive system. I wonder what i did wrong:( the taste was alright, nothing unbearable

  16. Ya Tommy I agree with you 100%. This is an awesome product. I used to have this everyday when I was in Sydney. Once I came back I had totally forgotten about it !!!! Though I don’t have any major skin problems this made a drastic change in the way I look. My skin was all shiny and glowing 🙂 Thanks for reminding. I will start having this again. After seeing the results I don’t mind the taste.

  17. nice review tomyyy ::)
    saafi was reccod to me by an aunt n she has lovely skin…bit apprehensive still coz i have heard it breaks u out bad initially 🙁 how long does it tak for d brk outs to settle? did u see any scarring too?

    1. if u r a first time user then it takes time to what it says “purify the blood ” n i guess that is why the breakouts happen…
      now i kno i will sound like a crack pot but i think they last for i guess as much impure one’s blood is…..?? ?:) ?:)
      coz for me it was for about 2-3 datys and my sis took a round a whole week to get ovr with it…
      and as far as scarring is concerned….. all breakouts do have some amount of scarring and it totally varies from person to person…. hope this helps u! :waytogo:

  18. yea scoobiee it tastes horrible…
    but i dont remember having any benefits because whenever i had got the bottle i couldnt gather courage to drink it for more than 4 or 5 days… and i get impatient for results.. plus i used get bored to continue routines in my teenaged days then and was constantly on a lookout for new products…

    btw iv also heard safi helps u lose weight too… but then again i cant talk about 1st hand experience on this one coz i never gave it a chance 😛 :p

    but nice review tommy i enjoyed reading it.. 😛 bought back a lot of memories… :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

  19. One of my cousins guzzled bottles and bottles of it. Never helped her acne.It only cleared on its own after she got married!!! :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

    1. hmmm…. something similar happened to my frn also…. everybody is different and different products can act differently on different ppl… 😐

  20. I have been having Safi for more than a year now, and it has helped my skin to a great deal.. its not just acne, it also helps is making the skin tone lighter as well.. Overall, its been good, until now… Lived up to everything that has been mentioned on the SAFI box…

    But I have heard about a lot of side effects of Safi as well… And they say that doctors dont approve of it… And also about high levels of Arsenic and stuff… but there’s so much competition in the world for products like this, that people(competitors) gradually try saying negative things and as far as doctors are concerned, if all the people in the world start havin SAFI and solve their acne problems, Doctors will also lose out on patients resulting in reduced PROFITS ( No offence to doctors here)..

    So i really really dont know what to believe.. If anybody has a friend who has a lab, please try to get it tested for arsenic or whatever it is that is there in it, Cuz SAFI has done wonders and it will do some for all you guys too.. All you have to do is BE a little patient and wait.. It takes time… Cuz its a process….

    ITS very good overall.. And it does make a GREAAAATTTTT difference in the skin… for the better of course… SO somebody please try to find out and get solid proof if its bad… Cuz I do not wanna stop having it… I dont want it to cause harm either…

  21. hi!
    where can i buy safi? it was banned when i went to butala emporium to get it. and the one i got from sabzi mandi is fake. it doesn’t have the same ingredients.
    any other store you guys know of in NY area? it works well for me, i just cant find the original formula. the export quality that they sell in stores these days doesn’t work the same way.


  22. I have had Safi, many years back, taste very different :tongue: few years there was a controversy regarding ingredients na??? So from then I left using it.nice review dear! :thumbsup:

  23. hmm im facing probm wit my acne since 2 yrs … face was clear before and i visited many doctors all they said is bcoz of stress and journey i do…….. my frnds sugstd me to take safi ,,,,and never dared to do so :toothygrin: few days bfore even my personal coach asked me to take safi and he said it really works ………… so lease sugst can i go ahead with the product i want my clear skin bk :puchhi: :puchhi: :nono: :nono: :nono:

  24. Hey, I have googled and googled trying to find an answer for my skin problems. I have been to 4 dermatologists, with no help. I found this, and I’m glad I did. I have only been taking it a week, and I already notice a big difference. I just ordered another bottle.
    I don’t know why, but it works.

    1. hey i will advice you to take Himalaya purim after every meals 1 tablet..wait fi=or the result…u will start loving your skin………..

    2. yaaa! i can strongly say that safi has done me wonders after I had struggled to look for a remedy of my acne for years but now I can testify that I have used safi for only two weeks and my face has really improved.

  25. I have been taking Sadi for atleast two weeks I think and I’ve been breaking out even more…fr the people it worked long did it take to work?

  26. my skin is oily and pimple, do you think that safi will suit me????????
    is ther any need to take a advice from doctor???????????
    i want clear & shiny skin

  27. I had started using Safi because I had pimples and guess what, I don’t remember what Safi did for my pimples, but it treated my irregular periods (periods are regular, but only the dates are getting skipped by 5 to 10 days each month). I used Safi for a month or so and stopped using it coz i had put on weight somehow (I don’t totally think its due to safi). I used to take safi in a glass of normal water. Now, I started using safi again, but in a glass of warm water. I am doing this experiment thinking that the texture Safi has reminds me of honey and as we know, that honey and lime juice taken in a glass of warm water in the morning reduces your risk of weight gain. So, let me complete a month or so of this experiment and then I can share my experiences. 😐

    1. Hi Prash!

      Please let me know your experience? I hope this is working for you!??
      I want to start but am scared it gets worse or is bad for me! Would be great to get your experience!

      Thanks :thanks:

  28. Hi,
    I am 29.I have never used Safi before.but after reading the review i want to have.can i start now?my skin is little oily,lacks glow and have an uneven tone.i been to many dermatologists,bt nothing helped.please suggest. :thanks:

  29. i have recently started taking safi ….i feel the taste is not really that horrible…i started with my bro ….he is getting lots of breakout on contrary i am getting really less….hope this breakout thing last for less time
    :chewnails …. :chewnails :chewnails :chewnails anyways thanx for the review really feel it was a good decision to try this product
    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. hi i have not tried this product till now but i want to try this once wat happens if i stop using this product ? will i get more pimples ? suggest me pls. O:)

  30. i really want to try this product out but after seeing all these comments i’m not too sure weather I should as some reviews are not that good…guess i will have to take the risk but i really don’t want to harm my body in ANY way , i use no creams or products whatsoever, i have spots on my cheeks,arms and back but my colour is fair (thankgod!) should i buy it? also i live outside of india so i’m scared of buying a duplicate. someone please help?

    p.s i will definaitley consult my doctor before using this but any heads up apart from that? thanks:) :thanks:

  31. i am using safi , two talespoon daily with normal a cup of water ,but my pimples arising more ,1 bottle completed ,what i must do? suggest me,to continue or stop, How we should take ?

  32. Keep on taking it! More pimples are arising due to purging. It is getting out the bacteria, so continue the usage and you should be pimple free soon 🙂

  33. I tried many things like facial creams, tablets, homepathy, aryurvedic medicines but no use :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: ….. now experimenting with Safi….let me see if this really works :chewnails
    Thanks for ur review :thanks:

  34. Hey I bought dis from a medical shop it costs rs.40 per 100ml (hyd,ind)..hope its not a duplicate 1….but pls ppl let me know how to identify the real 1???huh???

  35. So I’ve been taking it for atleast a month now and all it’s done is reduce the size, to where my pimples are flat on my face. Can anyone relate? I don’t know whether to discontinue or keep at it….

  36. Its been a year now. I started having Safi as my grandpa hav it on daily basis without fail n he is now 85 and till date no dicease n all 🙂 …. luking at him i started taking a teaspoon full of Safi but suddenly i got pimples on my face… Coz of which i stopped taking Safi within 2 weeks itself…. Though i dont mind the taste of Safi.. I lyk it..!!! Nw i want to start it again but m scared of getting pimples again…. 🙁

  37. hi, i love your review on it and my husband told me about it too. i just gotten a bottle but im confused ?:) i dont understand how to take it. do i take 2 teaspoonful morning and evening( 4 teaspoons a day) or is it just 1 teaspoon morning and evening( 2 teaspoons a day)

  38. It is good to use safi it keep skin glow & clean it make slim fit body when we use it regularly it is my one of favorites medicine :))

  39. hello friends,,,
    i hav normal skin,n oftenly ill get pimples on my cheeks,and i want my skin to glow…for that can i go for safi,,suggest me…..

    after seeing the reviews i wanted to start.thanx for the reviews. :joker: :joker: :thanks:

  40. Hi Tommy.. sam..

    come to know more about Saafi.. i been seeing dermatologist since 5.5 years.. 4 yrs in India and 1.5 years in US , here doctor suggested me to go for accutane..treatment where it has more side effects and so he finally tried another medicine solodyn on me which gave a reaction with fever headache nose bleeding and all. so finally i have to stop all medicines.. doctor said i have more bacteria in my blood.. so i was browsing browing and finally got saafi.. just today is the first dose in warm milk.. i like the taste of it . just crossing fingers for good results..but worried if gives any reaction back with the arsenic content [assuming]of it.. please let me know if any of you went thru these kind of suggestions from dermatologist and then started saafi..

    Thanks :ghost2:

  41. As far as the taste is concerned.., I’ll tell you what i do to when i drink it….. just close your nose with your left hand (if you are going to drink it using your right hand :toothygrin: ) and then drink the potion followed by a glass of Luke warm water… and keep breathing with your mouth for few seconds still holding your nose….also you can try some dates fruit after that… :yahoo:

  42. :jiggy1: :jiggy1: I take Safi and enjoy it’s benefits. I mix it with a lot of other things that are good for me because I figure if I’m going to take a lot of stuff, I might as well take it all at once. For those that are experiencing the initial breakouts I might suggest using much less to begin with and work up to the recommended dosage as necessary. I take much less anyway but as I said I take it with other things. Sometimes when our bodies have a lot of toxins and we take things that purge toxins we tend to break out a bit because that’s your body expelling these toxins out of the pores. The more toxic you are the more of a chance it seems you will have for the intial breakout. Usually if you keep taking it, it will subside. I like to take such things with apple juice as it seems to really mask the taste. Happy to have found this review and hope my review helps others. Have a happy day :jiggy1:

    1. Also I just recently had several friends ask me what I was doing because I look about 10 years younger these days. Maybe it’s the safi :toothygrin:

  43. i have been having pimples for over a year now. and i tried almost evrything including home made remedies… the medication darkened my skin.. finally a friend suggested me safi and trust me it works!! YES!! i have been using since last 20 days… n it has reduced the occurence of acne to a great deal n also clearing marks… n i am looking forward to much better results after reading these reviews… is taking two teaspoonful at bedtime good or should i change it to morning??? please suggest.. :jiggy1:

  44. I keep getting acne on and off. maybe its a hormonal thing as I do keep my face clean. I met a doctor friend of mine last night who recommended Safi. I got the bottle and am going to try it for sometime.

  45. wats not to get about Safi…it’s really a gr8 herbal medicines to use…it’s safe & works everytime. Even though pimples, acne, etc comes from bacteria in your skin, but once it goes in your skin, it sure goes in your blood stream. Think like this…if your blood is clean – your body is also clean. I’ve been using this product since I was a kid. Yeah…I didn’t liked it once I had my first spoonful of it…but I wanted to look gud & wanted to be clean from inside. You will be amazed to see the results of it. It not just helps to regulate some of your body functions properply, but also eliminates helps protecting other diseases that person may not think of getting it. Your body might take a week or two to get adjust with it. Just don’t stop taking it. It’s been 23 years of me taking it….and NOW SAFI is my best friend protecting me from almost everything. Give it a try…. O:)

  46. :preen: am going to start it from tonight,am bit scared,aft reading wiki of it !! :ghost: hmmm :worship: lets see how it will work in 13 dayz…. :)) letz hope it will show its result as soon as possible :jog:
    *Tommy* great review … i liked it,but now afraid of taste :woot:

  47. Its stated that it contains high arsenic content.., can any1 explain what kind of side effects will it cause..?
    How harmful is the excess intake of arsenic for human…??? Lookin forward…. :))

  48. Well, it was just a month back when i heard abt safi. N since then, trust me, i cannot stay without it! ya, may be it tastes yuck! but ppl conscious abt their skin wouldnt find the smell a problem, i bet! O:)

  49. Payel Safi has helped me regulate my menstrual cycle to a great extent.. and reduced my skin problems too.. I have PCOS after 2 years of allopathy :yuck: :yuck: and its horrible side effects 😥 😥 I gave up Allopathy and switched to Safi. :balle: :balle:

  50. my skin is gud is normal,but i m conscious for my color ..i m lil bit dusky .is safi helps to improve color also …
    :yikes: :methinks:

    1. If you are tanned it will check your skin from within and remove your tan. But if you are naturally dark complexioned it will not make you fair because that is a property in your gene. 🙁

  51. hey
    thanx so much 😉 can any of u tell me the dosage u took when u first tried it out??…n in how many days cud u feel the results??…pls help m :snicker: e

  52. Hello Friends,
    I have been taking safi for a while now , and i really like the effects. I find that my skin is much more clearer….. also Safi has a page on facebook where they answer queries … if you have anything in mind then u can ask them yourself.

  53. Safi is very good intake for skin problems. It should be taken with amount of water or any liquid items because Safi should not be intake without diluting it. Safi has to take continuous of 21 days. There should not be any delayed in these period of time. If a day missed out then, the effect will start from the day one.

  54. ive tried it n though it may not b d fastest but i take it whenever i can once every 3 days and it does work,u get used to the taste and thenits all good, ive topped breaking out, just dont stop taking it if d bottle finishes buy another just keep it up 🙂

  55. it has arsenic(metal) in its ingredients_ not shown. Harmful if taken on its raw form. Dilution in water helps it to reduce it to consumable form in parts per million. Hence, dilution in water is extremely necessary.

  56. i take safi 4 last 7 days but result please tell me how longer it will take
    and also tell me how many dose i take in what time .

    1. It says to take 10ml per dosage, so I take 2 tbl spoons twice a day. The 200ml should last for 10-11 days approx. And do not discontinue it. When your problem is thoroughly cured Then take safi every alternative months. My best friend has been doing this for almost 7 years now. Hope this helps 🙂

  57. I started safi from last 1 month and i actually saw the difference in my undigestion problem it clears that problem and make u feel relief it also maked my skin clear…. i m very thankful of safi its taste is very bitter but it actually helps a lot as it contains all herbal natural jadibutti…….

  58. I am taking Safi for last 2 months now, just in hope that it will cure the black spots in my skin. My face never had pimples which are popped up now after drinking Safi. Believe it or not, these pimples are prevailing for last 2 months (since the day i started Safi). Till now i have finished one bottle of Safi (500 ml). I have even reduced the dosages from two spoon to one spoon, even then these pimples are not disappearing,,

    Should i stop drinking Safi.

    Experienced Safi users kindly commet…..

    1. same problem here..1 n haf yr ago i usd to hav safi..i finshd 1bottl..n then left having it..then slowly pimples popped up which lasts fr many days leaving an ugly scar….n my natural glow also started disappearing..till today m still facing this problem…before having safi ,my skin was so clean n healthy ,no pimles no scar..dunt kno wat i sud do it get my glow back..I LOST MY BEAUTIFUL CLEAN GLOWING SKIN.. 🙁 🙁

      sud i restart having safi again???? PLZ HELP

  59. I am almost through my second bottle. I agree with many of you that the taste is horrible but i treat myself to a piece of chocolate every time i take it and when i take it i focus on the sweet properties of the tonic. So I imagine taking honey and it has helped me a lot. 🙂

  60. Hello.! I’m jst 13 year Nd i wnt to know can i get rid of oily skin by using saafi i’ve jst started taking saafi.. I take 1 tablespoon daily is this enough or should i take 2 tablespoon daily.? It’s taste is horrriblleee 🙁 🙁 🙁 please reply me soon!!

  61. I have started my bottle from 3 days. I used to take when i was teen force by my dad, after lot of money spent on my skin problems due to pregnancy i have strated again… lets c it has same effect now.. wish me luck…:)

  62. I find that taking safi with a light and healthier diet is what is key. 1-2 tablespoons every other day for two weeks should get you the results you want, but you have to be eating right. Don’t expect this stuff to save you if you’re eating Micky D’s and junk food.

    1. Also, I wouldn’t advise taking it for more than two weeks… and probably waiting a couple months before even thinking about taking it again. The smartest thing to do is contact someone who is truly learned in ayurvedic medicine and ask them how to use it right. Try using yelp to find someone near you. Hope this helps 🙂

  63. Hi All,

    It helped me a lot. That too in just one week. But I am not sure if this is something we can consume on a daliy basis. Can some one advise me on this?

    1. Hi Shiney when i used SAFI even i got pimple for the first time.Using SAFI as on regular basis it helps pimple to go off.But try to avoid junk foods which has oil contents.U wil definately see the best results.

  64. I used drink safi before my marriage 5 to 6 bottles of safi,at that time I reduced my weight ….and got fair skin…recently I got married,I came to my husband place there I didn’t get safi,bottle,I could stop to drink safi….I wonder I put my weight too much…I dnt understand what should I do know
    Can any one suggest me to should I drink safi now?

  65. SAFI – A very good product and helps in purifying the impure blood.Helps in reducing the pimples.I used 4-5 bottles.I had very good result.

  66. My sons both suffer with eczema and as as result ended up with the staph bacteria on their skin which caused reoccurring boils. After several doctors and copious amounts of antibiotics (more harmful in my opinion) I was urged by a friend to take my boys to an Ayurvedic doctor. Amongst other products that he prescribed, Safi was one of them. It was the only product that made ANY improvement. I don’t know how but it most certainly sorted the Staph Aureus out after 4 weeks of taking it.

  67. Discivered this stuff yesterday, when looking for something “natural” to compensate for the pharma. cocktail I have to take!! I’m 54yrs, and have arthritis, and digestion problems/no appetite, and occaisional!outbreaks” which I think are hormonal… Just took 10ml. – I’ll come back in a week, and let you know…….(-:

  68. HI Guys,

    Read you comments and i am new to use SAFI. Positvely i am going to drink it and soon will test from LAB and let you people know that is there any Arsenic.

    Now what i want to know is, how to drink this SAFI… like before meal or after meal? with warm water or can take directly 20 ML ? Pls reply me… Thanks in Advance.

  69. *thankyou*
    hi everyone,
    i saw all your comments and got safi and start taking it *happydance* from this nit.. i pray to god that should work soon on my skin because am geting married next month. i have black spots all over my face . I went to naturals and a girl suggested this for me.

  70. I started giving safi to my 14yr old daughter who was suffering from large spots on her back and spots here and there on her face. After two weeks they all went away and she is so happy but for the taste but she finished the first bottle and did not take it for 5 days and guess what her spots started to come back. She made me go and get her another safi bottle and she is back on it againg and is happier for it. how it works i really don’t know but it does …

  71. I have been taking safi for quite sometime now….initially it takes about a week to 10 days to see d results bt they def are worth d wait n ull love d change….moreover safi has helped me befre my monthly cycle i dont knw whats d connection bt it jus helps me bear the pain…earlier i lived on 3 painkillers a day…and where in weight is concerned it def shows bt it will take u time around 2 bottles down n ull c it..i was down on bedrest for 2months cz of 2 hairline fractures n i had my bros wedding cming up after exactly those 2 months of bed rest…i started taking safi to maintain lol…it did wonders i lost a lil weight too…despite eating n dng nthing for 2months…a thumbs up from my end…i wld for sure continue this without a doubt n wld advice ppl to try it once.

  72. I drank more than 10 bottles of Safi in my early teens. It did nothing to my skin but now I m neutral to awful tastes of aything. rofl

  73. i am an 18 year old girl.. i hav been using safi for the last 1 month… sadly it didnt work on my favour.. i hav already completed and entire 500ml bottle of it… my skin now has more pimples… and also my complexion has turned dull… i hav lost the natural glow of my skin… leaving my skin rough with more acnes and brightening up the blemishes… *cry*

  74. Hello Friends!

    I’m a 25 years old doctor working as a General Practitioner. I have got Cystic acne since past 1.5 years and I’m seeing my dermatologist every month. I have tried pretty much all western medicines like isotretinoins, Cyclins , Clindamycin, Nicotinamide, Benzoyal Peroxide etc including few face washes with Glycolic acid so far nothing worked on my skin. Yea, Tretinoins does help but once you off your meds you start breaking out again. One day my friends suggested “SAFI” and I thought since I have tried almost every standard meds why not give this one a chance ? So I started taking Safi and I already see improvement. It’s been over 10 days I’m getting deep inflammatory as well as painful Cystic pustules and the old pores which were closed are now again purging up with pus and I believe it is because of all the P. acne organisms (Toxins) are getting out of the system. I believe you cannot cure Acne from outside like taking oral antibiotics or tretinoins cause all these drugs do is just suppress sebum production but once you are off the meds sebum production aggregates even more and most of antibiotics which treats Acne are becteriostatic mean they don’t kill microorganisms but rather they just inhibit their actions so its better to cure this. thing from within the body and I think Safi does that.

    P.s. To peoples who are not seeing result

    Guys it takes time to see better result. All blood purifier takes time to get ride of the toxins out of your body. I would say roughly 4 months. Do NOT stop for at least 4 months I said 4 months cause your blood cells RBCs life span is 120 days so every 120 days our blood gets replaced and I’d also say drink on empty stomach for better result so it can absorb 100% and no foods can interfere its metabolism.

  75. i have used safi since last six months . last month i opened a new bottle and used it for three days . then i went out of station leaving the bottle tightly closed in its case. after returning when i opened the bottle i found that there is some powdery substance sticking to the inner part of the mouth of the bottle and the cap. can any body tell me what it is . why this has happened . is it safe to use the remaining syrup??

  76. Thanks for Review but just be aware that there maybe long term side effects from heavy/and long term use.
    I did a bit of research on the net re safi and was a bit concerned to read where a certain brand had been tested in Canada and was found to be full of heavvy metals which could load your liver. I have pasted below the findings:

    One product, SAFI, manufactured by Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories in New Delhi/Ghaziabad, India was tested by Health Canada and found to contain arsenic levels in excess of 40 times the maximum allowable concentration for drugs. Described by its labelling as a blood purifier used for skin diseases and as a treatment for digestive problems, SAFI is available as a liquid in a 200ml bottle and packaged in a lime green box, bearing a black and red label on both the front and back. Consumers are advised not to use this SAFI product.
    Heavy metals pose a particular health risk because they may accumulate in vital organs. Children are most susceptible to the toxic effects of heavy metal poisoning.

    Arsenic poisoning can affect the liver, bone marrow, cardiovascular system and central nervous system, causing nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle cramps, heart abnormalities, liver damage, anaemia and reduced motor nerve function.

    Lead poisoning can affect the kidneys, liver, heart and central nervous system, causing weight loss, insomnia, dizziness, swelling of the brain and paralysis. Mercury poisoning can affect the kidneys and central nervous system, causing tremors, insomnia, memory loss, slowed sensory and motor nerve function and reduced mental function.

    Health Canada has reviewed the findings of the JAMA study and is currently determining the availability in Canada of the products named in the study. A Customs Alert to the Canada Border Services Agency has been issued to monitor importation of these products. Further action will be taken if any of the remaining products are confirmed to be sold in Canada, and if laboratory testing determines that heavy metal levels exceed Canadian exposure limits.

    Ayurvedic medicinal products are used in the traditional Indian healing paradigm, and are often imported from India. According to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, heavy metals are used in a detoxified state in these medicinal products because of their reputed therapeutic properties. However, should the detoxification process not be strictly followed during manufacturing, it is possible for the resulting product to contain high levels of heavy metals. In addition to the JAMA study, other studies have found high levels of heavy metals in products sold in England and India. In Canada, Ayurvedic medicinal products must be authorized for sale either as a natural health product bearing a Natural Product Number (NPN) or a drug product, bearing a Drug Identification Number (DIN). These eight digit numbers are preceded by NPN or DIN and indicate that the product has been assessed by Health Canada for safety and effectiveness.

  77. I have mild PCOS (its only restricted to acne weight gain and bit of hair on my face not irregular cycles) Do you think Safi would still help me?

  78. Guys don’t trust on Safi..Its Ayurvedic bt not purified.It contains Arsenic and mercury.It can cause kidney stone as well.Safi is banned in Canada and Australia.Beware.My doctor told me that dont ever try this.

  79. i personally used to take safi for acne and pimples when i was a teenager. i took it continuously for atleast a year or so and it did not cause any side effects.
    actually the western countries and the powerful drug lobby does not want our traditional treatment therapies to flourish. this is a proxy war against our traditional therapies.
    there have been more reported cases of metal poisioning in vegetables growing along yamuna basins.
    the air we inhale is poisonous , the water we drink is contaminated, the cereal crops we eat are laden with chemicals and fertilizers, even a mere x-ray can cause cancer.can we avoid all this, the answer is no.if u will search on net u will find negative remarks against everything.they will just add to your confusion ,the more deep u will go, the more u will be confused.
    there is more serious side effects of taking antibiotics than could be caused by safi but have u ever been so much concerned. have u ever given a thought on what chemicals they contain? so why r u so much concerned about safi just by reading something here and there.

    i’ve never heard any reported cases of side effects after taking safi. i personally took it for more than a year having no side effects. so i would suggest u not to panic after reading such things from here and there.just enjoy and relax.

    im not here to advocate the use of safi but to make u clear that do not get confused by reading such stuffs.
    best wishes

  80. i used to take safi, i never had severe acne problems i just wanted a glowing complexion, every time i tried safi it would actually eliminate my pimples completely, then i would get bored and stop having it,
    this time since i am in a relationship i decided i should do something to look good and stick to it, so i started taking safi, have been taking it since 8th September, but this time i started having it in empty stomach and surprisingly i had break outs with deep rooted pimples, i don’t know what this means,because it’s been 20days and safi hasnt really done anything, i am certain i need to wait but why isn’t it working like it used to? what am i doing wrong? i have two tablespoons early in the morning. how long do i need yo continue. ? is there something else i should do?

    p.s. i eat healthy stuff, i eat all the green veggies and occasional junk food.


    i seriously need help pleaaseeeeee plleaaseeeeee guys reply.

  81. Hi, today I am buying the dabur blood purifier with the honey and I don’t know if it will work. I am also not sure if the dabur blood purifier will help me reduce weight. Can’t find safi since I am in Singapore and it is not sold here not even in mustafa!!!!! Will it help?

  82. hi guys so I’ve got mild acne and I’ve tried literally everything I recently purchased safi im curious to try this product.. how long does it usually take to work ? will I break out really bad or just mild are there any side effects ? your help will be much appreciated as I am all out of luck with skin creams.

  83. Hello girls,
    I would suggest to do some research before using it. Though its ayurvedic, but it contains high contents of arsenic and even its banned in some countries.
    I used to have safi regularly, but stopped now after knowing its side effects?

  84. I am using the safi for two weeks but i had not seen any results..and more pimples hcame…shall i continue the dosage or not

  85. I ve been drinking safi from last 4 months and now I ve diagnosed from blood infection. It does no effect in 4 months for purifying blood.

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