Saturday Fashion on the Street: Prachi

A Kurti and a Salwar is probably THE Most Comfortable Outfit for Summers. Ask any DILLI wali Please 😀
Prachi Sharma , a Second Year DU student of KMC. She dances,is a part of the Debsoc and is super Talkative :D.Loves to Read.
She wears anything everything she finds Comfortable. She loves her Daddy size tees as much as she Loves her kurtis from Lucknow 🙂
For make up she was Wearing a purple Eyeliner which enhanced her Brown eyes.
It was easy to spot her at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station with her black and white attire and just a hint of red in her Glasses.

When I asked her what’s the one thing that you would pick if your house was on Fire, She answered in an instant it would be her pet: JOY BABY 😉

Speaking to her I found out the Lady has just the Right attitude.



Complete outfit. A black kurti  from Lucknow 350rs,black and white floral printed salwar ,Red glasses ,Lotto flip-flops and delhi haat Earings

rati beauty ad


A colourful Bag for rs 200 from Janpath.

lotto flip flops

Flip Flops from lotto and a black and white printed salwar. Salwar from Janpath for rs 350.


Earings from Delhi haat rs 50.


Red spectacles from Lucknow for rs 500.

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26 thoughts on “Saturday Fashion on the Street: Prachi

  1. hey shivani.i just got my tests done this afternoon.doing better;)thankoooo :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
    Also even i live in my patialas;) :teddy:

  2. These days at kolkata too there are many girls flashing kurti and salwar, it looks awesome, I love this combo!

  3. TAPS,the black and white looked gud.even i wear colourful salwars to work but black and white is what caught my attention :star:

  4. lol dusn she look like kiran rao by ne chance? All nerdy in dat salwar kurta? im not against nerds or nethin, :specs: but i hate anything even minutely resembling kiran rao’s style and dos glasses do! but, that’s my opinion :-/

      1. That’s interesting! I love the nerdy-ethnic-boho style a la Kiran Rao… I think Prachi fits the bill very well, though I do not see a resemblance as far as her looks are concerned!

        1. Interesting* cause it’s funny how people speak of “fashion” as this monolithic structure, but it’s actually made up of so many different point of views!

          1. I love Kiran Rao’s sense of style. She always doesnt always work, but when it does, woo-hoo. She’s a good example to all of us who don’t fit the regular beauty standard!

  5. Being a sikhni I’ve worn patialas since childhood…I soooo love them…I even team the patiala with long tees… I loved prachi’s patiala-kurti-bun-jhola look…. :)) :)) Loved the earrings and the glasses too :)) :))

  6. sukanya she does not to me.but thats her own style.well i do not appreciate miss raos much as well.either u be a complete nerd or complete girly.nothing in btwn.with mrs rao khan she lies in between.dresses with nerdy glasses. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  7. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rati do?LIKE ME?ha ha ha ha!!!do we make the same extreme faces?lol :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  8. hey all.
    Thankyou so much.
    Am head to toe glad.

    And yes as far as kiran rao is concerned. I think she is brilliant with her work but her look , and me looking like her *the puzzled happy look*

  9. M afraid I sounded too rude :shame: M sorry people :shame: n especially Prachi..sorry girl, u’re cute! But I guess I cant stand Kiran Rao, das all 🙁 M sorry 🙁

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