12 Secrets for Eating Pizza Without Gaining Weight

Is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza? While we may have different preferences for toppings, the love for pizza is universal! For people trying to lose weight and get healthy in general, having pizza on a regular basis can be detrimental. Made from refined flour with generous spread of high-fat cheese, with toppings of processed meat, and with inclusion of high-calorie condiments, your average pizza is every dieter’s nightmare. Every time you bite into a slice of pizza, hundreds of calories are going to flood your body, spiking insulin levels, and overwhelming the metabolism. If these extra calories are not utilized, they would eventually get stored as fat under the skin, mostly around the belly area. However, as we have mentioned earlier, it’s hard to stay completely off pizza, and that’s why Rati Beauty Weight Loss diet encourages people to indulge in cheat meal once a week where you can eat whatever you desire, to satisfy cravings as well as to kickstart a sluggish metabolism. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could bite into that slice of pizza without much guilt and with the knowledge that it wouldn’t add extra pounds to your weight. So, all of you pizza lovers out there who are also on weight loss, we have some secrets for eating pizza without gaining weight. Read on:

Secrets for Eating Pizza Without Gaining Weight

1. Say no to Thick Crust, Say Yes to Thin Crust Pizza: Opting for a thin crust pizza would mean that you are cutting out the extra calories (less of refined flour, less salt), and more toppings.
2. Deck your Pizza with Protein-Rich Toppings: Protein is great for weight loss and you should add a protein source in every meal, same policy goes for the cheat meal. Diced chicken, paneer (cottage cheese) are good sources of protein.
3. Opt for Healthier Cheese Options: Instead of the regular mozzarella cheese, look for pizzas that offer goat cheese or feta, which are comparatively healthier options and taste just as awesome.
4. Avoid processed meat: Needless to mention, do avoid processed meat because they have saturated fat, high in calories, as well as transfat. Instead healthy toppings like broccoli, chicken, mushroom, bell peppers, capsicum are better alternatives.
5. Order a Green Salad Before Biting into the Pizza: A green salad before the diving into the pizza slices will make you feel full without reaching for more slices of this delightful food.
6. Opt for Spicy Pizza: Dial up the spiciness by adding natural herbs such as oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, thyme, rosemary, black pepper, that would add rich flavour too. This way, you can cut the amount of pizza you are consuming, as well as get the benefits of thermogenic effect of these spices that would help burn more calories.
7. Whole Wheat Pizza: Most importantly, check whether you can have whole wheat pizza instead of the ones that have been made with refined flour.
8. Load up on Veggie Toppings: There’s a vast range of vegetables that you can add as toppings on the pizza – from baby spinach, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, to even eggplants, zucchini, squash – the options are just endless.
9. Napkin out the Excess Oil: Soak up all that extra grease from the cheese on the pizza with a napkin to cut out the excess calories in the process.
10. Drizzle the Pizza with Olive Oil: Want to know one way you can make the pizza healthy – drizzle monosaturated fatty acids rich olive oil over the pizza, a practice which would help you to get healthy fats and help cut down intake of extra calories too.
11. Sprinkle Healthy Nuts: Another way to make your pizza healthier – sprinkle sliced almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, for that extra crunch every time you bite into that pizza, and get a good dose of healthy fats along with it.
12. Avoid Colas with Pizza: The biggest mistake people who are on a weight loss diet make – combining it with sugary colas that flush the body with empty calories, and this combo can lead to weight gain.

Finally, we would like to suggest not having pizza at night because most of those extra calories are going to be converted into fat. Also, it would be great if you could learn how to bake pizza all by yourself, and leave the dough to ferment for 36 hours so that the sugar content is lower, but most importantly, reserve pizzas for only cheat meals. So, stay cheesy and say yes to healthy pizzas on weekends!

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