10 Signs That you Are Losing Weight, Not Just Water Weight

For people who are trying to lose weight, the weighing scale is a constant companion and it just feels great when you can see the numbers coming down. However, getting fixated with the weighing scale and feeling flustered when the scale moves upwards can demotivate anyone and question the entire process of being on a weight loss diet and working out tirelessly. The good news is that the weighing scale is not an exact measure of your success since it does not differentiate between water weight and fat loss, and you may be progressing in other areas while what’s on the scale might just be water weight. Talking about water weight, it is completely different from the weight gain related to fat layers because it is temporary and happens due to accumulation of extra fluid within the body tissues. On the other hand, fat weight is a permanent layer of fat (unless you do something about it) underneath the subcutaneous layer of skin and around the organs (visceral fat), which would only melt away with dieting and exercise. The weighing scale at home doesn’t tell you that it’s just water retention and not fat gain. Being on a weight loss diet like Rati Beauty, helps you achieve both weight loss as well as inch loss, and do look out for these signs that you are losing weight, not just water weight.

Signs That you Are Losing Weight

1. Clothes Hang More Loosely: Now that the layers of fat and folds have melted away, your regular clothes will hang out loosely. With water retention, that change would not happen.
2. Chores Become Easy: You no longer find regular chores draining and exhausting, and have more energy to motor through the day. Carrying excess body weight can make even mundane chores like mopping and dusting cumbersome, but with fat loss, it becomes easier to do these activities with more energy and there are no more post-lunch slumps because you are eating healthy.
3. You are no Longer Hungry All Day Long: Since you are in a fat-burning mode, you do not feel hungry all day long. If it’s water weight, you would still feel hungry and ravenous every few hours.
4. More Confidence: Shedding a few extra pounds can give you immense confidence, especially if you feel good about yourself and what you have achieved through dieting and exercise.
5. Getting Stronger Physically: If you’re losing real weight and not just water weight, you would feel more energetic and would be able to sustain that energy through the day. In comparison, drop in water weight does not have any impact on your energy.
6. You Love Taking Selfies: Studies have shown that taking selfies has a positive impact on weight loss, keeping you motivated and pushing to work on yourself more. However, if you have started to click more selfies than before, we bet you are losing weight and feeling good about it.
7. You Love Eating Cooking and Eating Healthy Foods: It’s a fact that junk food and processed food with loads of sugar, sodium, MSG, and other high-calorie ingredients dull out tastebuds and as a result, healthy food would no longer feel tasty. Various studies have revealed that processed food that is high in sodium and sugar can work like drugs (similar to opium) and get you addicted to them, but now with weight loss, since you are eating clean, you have actually re-trained your palate and tastebuds, and can actually enjoy healthy food now. In this post, we have listed out tips on how to reprogram your taste buds to like healthy food.
8. You are Happy with the Way you Look: Now that you feel good, you are happy about the way you look, and that would not happen with drop in water weight.
9. Your Weight is now Stable: Water weight tends to fluctuate and it may seem that you have gained weight overnight, but that does not happen with fat loss where your weight remains stable.
10. You are Sleeping Like a Baby: The biggest advantage of true weight loss is that you can sleep like a baby now with less tossing and turning in the bed, and as a result, you wake up energetic and full of life in the morning.

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