5 Steps To Rock Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I am not much a liquid lipstick user but of late I have got such gorgeous liquid lipsticks in my collection that I am totally addicted to using them.But let’s face it, they are not the easiest ones to use. So here are my tried and tested lips on how to use liquid lipsticks and keep them looking in top condition. Hope you find these useful. If you have any tips to share, I’d love to know them. 🙂

Liquid Lipstick Tips

1. Always start with less. If you have applied lipstick on your bottom lip first, your lips to distribute the color on the lips. Then you can fix the lipstick shape with applicator. This will help the layers keep thin and would not look cakey.
2. Always use a lip liner. More than any other lipstick, I think it’s the liquid lipstick that requires a lip liner. Since liquid lipsticks are pigmented, when they fade, they fade weirdly. You can see the stark difference between the faded and non-faded part of the lip color. If you use a same color lip liner underneath, it would save your lips from looking patchy.
3. If your liquid lipstick tends to get crumbly after eating a meal. It’s best to get rid of the crumbly part lightly with a tissue before you reapply your lipstick. Just going over another coat of dried flakes of lip color only leads to a messy application. It also feels uncomfortable eventually.

5 ways to use liquid lipsticks

4. Exfoliate your lips. Liquid lipsticks are matte and they tend to enhance every single flaw on your lip. On the contrary, if you take 10 seconds to scrub your lips before applying them, they’d make your lips look gorgeous. This would also give you a smooth application. This would also moisturise your lips. A little vaseline + toothbrush / sugar + vaseline are quick go-tos. Sometimes, I also use a light flannel to scrub my lips.
5. Always carry your liquid lipstick with you. If I am using a liquid lipstick, I’d make sure that I carry it with me. Because liquid lipsticks are not as forgiving as the regular lipsticks, they don’t look pretty when they fade. A quick touch-up is definitely my secret to keep my lipstick looking fresh.


10 thoughts on “5 Steps To Rock Matte Liquid Lipsticks

  1. Very useful tips rati di
    I love liquid lipsticks bt they fade easily always…i am gonna remember ur tips. Tnx ❤

  2. Great Tips Rati.I totally agree on the faded part they look awkwardly patchy and cakey. I also apply the liner on the lips so that when the liquid lipstick goes off I not left with bare lips with an outliner lip liner.

  3. Liquid lipsticks are so tricky to work with. They dry up so fast and layering does not always turn out well. Thank you so much for the tips. They are of great help. 🙂

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