How do you Stop Perfume from Evaporating?

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful human senses. Perfume is a must-have accessory for a lot of women. Also, a perfume is an investment as it not only helps you to smell great throughout the day, it also helps to enhance self confidence and lifts up the mood. It’s also a good choice to express our personality and make a statement. You might want that costly fragrance to last as long as possible, but unfortunately, it might disappear from your bottle as days pass by. It’s hard to believe that fragrance can evaporate out of the small openings of most perfume bottles, but it does. So, here are few tips to stop your perfume from evaporating as that precious, expensive perfume belongs on your body and not in the air. Here’s how you can stop perfume from evaporating.

1. Minimize Oxygen Exposure: Just as oxygen gradually turns the flesh of a sliced apple brown, in the same way, it degenerates and decreases longevity of perfume. Make sure the bottle’s cap is tightly closed when you are not applying the fragrance. If it goes missing, find a substitute that closes tightly or plastic wrap to close the nozzle. When shopping for expensive perfumes, keep in mind that spray bottles are preferable to roll-ons or splash bottles, because they lessen the perfume’s exposure to the air. Even spray bottles should have a cap to prevent the scent from slowly evaporating out of the tiny hole.

2. Don’t Open and Close Perfume Excessively: Remember that each time you remove the cap, a bit of oxidation and evaporation may take place, so keep it on as much as possible. Some brands even use bottle designs that cannot be opened and can only be sprayed, which is the safest for preserving the fragrance from evaporation. Use the atomizer spray for a perfume as much as possible, and avoid opening and closing the bottle too often.

3. Store Perfumes in the Right Place: Direct sunlight and heat are direct enemies of fragrance, they can alter the formulation and darken the color over continued exposure. It may seem like a good idea to store perfume in a refrigerator, where it is safe from heat and light. But, the constant temperature fluctuations from removing the perfume from the fridge to use it and then replacing it can destroy the perfume. So, can you store perfumes in bathroom? Actually no, excessive humidity from hot showers can break down formulation of the perfume. Bathroom storage is acceptable only if there is a cabinet or corner safe from steam. So, to keep it safe, store perfume in a dresser drawer, in a corner of your bedroom or other parts of the house that does not receive any sun exposure, or in the closet where you dress. In general, the darker the location, the better a perfume will be. Also, save the original box that the bottle came in, and use it to store the perfume. This will provide an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays, as well as oxygen and heat. You can also use decorative boxes or your linen closets to store your high-end perfumes safely.

4. Don’t Shake Perfume Bottles: Many people shake perfume prior to applying. But, it is a myth that perfumes must be shaken before use. In fact, the opposite is true. Unless there are specific instructions to shake perfume before use by the manufacturer, it is best to avoid doing so before applying the perfume. Shaking the bottle incorporates air throughout and thereby accelerates its breakdown and evaporation. Also, it can lead to breakage of the delicate glass bottle. So, keep the perfume ritual simple.

5. Do Use Applicators as Little as Possible: Perfumes that are not sprayed or misted are applied with a roller ball or by dabbing an applicator wand to the skin. These type of applicators not only introduce small amounts of dirt and oils back into the perfume bottle but also cause a large amount of perfume to evaporate. So, always opt for spray bottles and remember to close the cap tightly after every use to avoid the scent from evaporating over time.

6. Do Buy a Travel Container: If you want to travel with your perfume, travel containers can help keep it safe. Opt for travel-friendly bottles of your favourite perfumes before a trip, especially if you have to fly. Many popular perfume brands, such as Estee Lauder and Guess, sell popular fragrances in travel-friendly bottles. If you can’t find travel-sized bottles, buy an empty bottle and transfer the perfume here. Spray or pour a small amount of the perfume into this bottle and take it with you as setting aside a portion keeps the rest of the original perfume safe at home. Women who like to re-apply perfume throughout the day should definitely consider a small bottles to take with them. If you are decanting perfume from a large bottle into a smaller one, use an eye dropper and not a funnel to transfer the liquid.

Hope these tips will be helpful in preventing your expensive perfumes safe. How do you store your fragrances? We would like to hear from you guys too 🙂


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