12 Top Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

Have you ever wondered how the amazing B-town actresses look with a no-makeup face? We are enamoured and fascinated by Bollywood star’s style statements and flawless makeup, but let’s not forget, there’s an entire army of hair and makeup artists along with stylists who work round the clock to make these bollywood divas look perfect. In this rat race to look gorgeous always, there comes rare instances when you will spot these divas without any makeup on their face, most bollywood divas take good very care of their skin and hair and dare to go completely bare faced when stepping outside, without a trace of greasepaint on. Whatever minor flaws that are visible, these stars stay unperturbed and step out with confidence. Here are 12 top bollywood actresses without makeup.

makeup bollywood

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: Her hazel-brown eyes and creamy white complexion are her trademark features. Does she even need makeup to look beautiful? Our lovely Bebo stole our hearts when she played the innocent, bubbly girl in “Jab We Met”. Some way or the other, she has always stood apart from the rest of her contemporaries either due to her zero figure concept or her motivating gym selfies. She is one of those rare gems of B-town who looks truly beautiful without any makeup on. She practices yoga and maintains a healthy lifestyle to portray her inner beauty to her fans! How inspiring is she!

kareena now

2. Deepika Padukone: Deepika Padukone’s journey from being a supermodel to an ace actress has created a great transition for her in terms of looks. This beauty doesn’t need any aid to look glamourous. It’s her razor-sharp confidence that does the trick for her. DP looks really gorgeous without makeup in her casual-wear. She was once spotted in Mumbai International airport where once again she proved to the world how a mere show of makeup and hair cannot stop her inner beauty from speaking out. But we definitely can’t deny the glam quotient that amps up in her when she dolls up fully for any event!! She is effortlessly beautiful and her no-makeup pics illustrates it very well.

deepika padukone

3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: She is the flagbearer of beauty and feminity in Bollywood and is often cited in media as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” The Bachchan Bahu made our country proud globally when she won the “Miss World” title. Aishwarya’s most beautiful features are her signature light-blue eyes and glowing porcelain complexion. Over the years, her style has changed tremendously and she has experimented massively with her looks. When entirely dolled up, this diva speaks of nothing but elegance in its best possible sense. Times might change and she might age as well but one thing will remain intact forever is her flawless skin, her bright shining eyes and her inner diva. Makeup or without makeup, a true diva like her never fails to steal the show!

Aishwarya rai makeup

4. Katrina Kaif: Katrina Kaif worked her way to the top mainly due to her arm-candy cute looks. After her entry into Bollywood, she invited a whirlwind of praises with her angel-like aura. In fact, she looks so pretty and cute that an Indian version of Barbie was created after her. She has always been gorgeous with her cute as a button face and innocent eyes. With or without makeup, Katrina dazzles always. Have a look at her no-makeup pics and you will get a proof of the amount of glamour that is inborn,

puffy eyes katrina

5. Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma is one actress who doesn’t need makeup for her inner beauty to speak out. Apart from great acting skills, she also has a glowing, flawless complexion which adds to her beauty. It doesn’t end here. Her multi-faceted personality also adds great vibrancy to her character. Even though her latest news of having done a lip job to enhance the shape of the lips created a major controversy among fans, but everyone has the right to be their own master. With or without plastic surgery, this damsel looks beautiful in whatever she puts on and we just love the way she looks!

Anushka Sharma makeup

6. Priyanka Chopra: This former Miss World who has already conquered Bollyland with her grace and persona has now become a familiar name in Hollywood post her marriage to famous American Singer Nick Jonas. Even though we mostly spot Priyanka in fully donned looks, she doesn’t need any makeup or accessory to carry herself well. Her vibrant personality can give any star a tough competition. Her glowing dusky complexion being her trademark has also helped her achieve stardom globally and represent Indian women on an international platform. Her journey has gone through ups and lows but she has always believed firmly in herself and her roots. In makeup-less pictures, Priyanka appears similar to your neighbourhood girl-next-door with a cute smile and flawless skin.

Priyanka chopra makeup

7. Alia Bhatt: The young and bubbly actress who is currently riding high on her success horse with back-to-back movie hits looks really cute and pretty. If you follow Alia’s Instagram handle, you must have already seen her posting pics without an ounce of makeup. She believes in simplicity and never overdoes her makeup or her outfits. Do you remember her de-glam avatar from the movie “Highway?” She went all natural in that movie and portrayed her real self there. Her million-dollar smile and cute dimples can make any man go weak on his knees.

alia bhat makeup

8. Sonam Kapoor: This fashionista of Bollywood never ceases to woo us with her unique style statements. Even when she goes completely bare face with no touch of makeup, she looks nothing less than a diva. Her makeup less pics may not look gorgeous in the same way when is she dolled up, but one thing that remains constant between the two is her lovely smile and unshakable confidence. Sonam, you have really given the definition of fashion to Bollywood and you simply rock every avatar you portray.

9. Shraddha Kapoor: This actress rose to stardom after her mind-blowing performance in “Aashiqui 2.” Her innocent doll-like face and sweet features took the beauty world by storm. She is often spotted on social media when she’s just chilling at home in her super-comfy pajamas and without any makeup. A big  applause to her confidence that she always feels comfortable in her own skin. Shraddha looks gorgeous even without makeup and rocks her unique style statements always!

shraddha kapoor with makeup

10. Parineeti Chopra: The bubbly and cute actress has finally bubbled her way to the top in Bollywood with her constant hard work and determination. Parineeti Chopra is another epitome of confidence and she never shies away from expressing her opinions just like her star cousin sister Priyanka Chopra. She is so fearless that she never hesitates to go makeup free on social media, and we absolutely adore her confidence.

parineeti collage

11. Kangana Ranaut: Here is an example of a girl who is brutally honest and hardworking about everything she does in life. No wonder she has paced her way to the top without the help of any sugar daddy. Kangana Ranaut who is originally from Himachal Pradesh is known for her perfection and looks.

12. Jacqueline Fernandez: This Sri Lankan actress has now established a major footing in B-town with her acting skills and drop-dead gorgeous looks. This Body Shop brand ambassador is blessed with flawless glowing skin and sharp facial features. She doesn’t need any makeup to enhance her looks. However, when she is decked up, Jackie can turn any woman green with envy with her beauty. Her no-makeup looks makes us realise that not all actresses are after makeup to hide their flaws! This is all about some popular actresses without makeup. Now that you have seen their original self, embrace your inner beauty and feel confident in your own skin. Thanks for reading!



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