5 Ways To Track Your Own Weight Loss Progress

When you have made losing weight your life’s aim and top priority, and have been doing everything possible to achieve that, it’s quite natural to feel disappointed and frustrated when you are not seeing any result on the weighing scale even after weeks and months of relentless efforts. If you dread standing on the weighing scale because it does not show any positive results for your hard work, before getting demotivated and deciding to quit, we would like to remind you that weight loss is not just about decreasing numbers on the weighing scale, you are probably ignoring other visible signs that would validate that you are moving in the right direction. It’s a fact that weighing scale overpowers other factors and deprives you from enjoying your progress. So, here are 5 ways to track your own weight loss progress without stepping on the scale.

Ways To Track Your Own Weight Loss Progress

1. Take Pics As Often: Click selfies of yourself, whether it’s at work, in the gym, before the bathroom mirror – all these would help you keep track of the changes in your body from one week to next week. Bonus – After you have reached your goal, you would love to flaunt these pics as well.

2. Calculate Total Body Fat Percentage: Track total body fat percentage as well because it is a better indicator of your body mass composition. A lower body fat percentage also decreases risk factors for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The good news is that with the right diet plan and exercise routine, you can lower around 5% body fat in just 10 days. Find such amazing weight loss diet plans on the Rati Beauty app. Download the app for more details.

3. Clothes are Fitting Better Now: Doesn’t matter if it’s an old pair of jeans or a new pretty dress, you find that clothes are fitting better now, and you can confidently wear them all now!

4. Rings Becoming Loose: Have you noticed that the rings on your fingers have suddenly become loose and do not fit as perfectly as before. Yes, you are losing weight!

5. Better Sleep, More Energy, General Feeling of Well Being, More Confidence: Weight loss is not entirely about getting lean, there are so many amazing benefits of losing fat – you can sleep better, there’s more energy to run around and do things, and there’s a great feeling of well being and you are living a healthier lifestyle.

Summing up, do not ditch the scale, but don’t get obsessed with it either. Weigh yourself weekly. If you want to track daily progress, stand on it at the same time every day, do not get flustered with fluctuations in numbers because the scale can go up to 2.5 kg in a single day, and it’s quite normal.

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