Here’s How To Enjoy Traditional Festival Sweets Without Exceeding 200 Calories

How can you even celebrate Diwali without sweets? And there a whole lot of festivals before Diwali where feasting and indulging in decadent sweet treats are integral to the tradition. It’s quite clear that maintaining a calorie deficit while taking care of nutrition is essential for weight loss. However, during festivals, you do have to make room for sweets! So, even while adhering to your diet, even when enjoying sweets, to prevent weight gain, you would need to practice portion control. Practicing portion control is the key and understanding the calorie content and recommended serving size helps you stay within your calorie deficit. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of traditional sweets and how much you can consume to stay within 200 calories (based on popular sweets from brands such as Haldirams). But do remember, you are making room for these sweets by compromising on healthy food, so do reserve this indulgence in sweets only for festivals/special days, otherwise, they can easily derail your weight loss progress.

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Before that,

If you want to indulge in a bit of Indian sweets without actually worrying about putting on a lot of weight, make the sweets without white sugar. You can make use of jaggery, honey or even dates (but do keep in mind that there’s no great difference between the number of calories (jaggery has 383 calories/100 gm, honey 304 calories/100 gm, dates 282 calories/100 gm). Also, condensed milk is a strict “no-no,” which is made by adding an insane amount of sugar to milk! Certain other low-cal sweet options are banana barfi halwa, coconut barfi, sugar-free dessert phirni, badam halwa, sweet and spicy nuts, non-fried gujiya (baked), or make the gujiya with whole wheat or oats flour and with filling of nuts, raisins, anjeer and even moong dal.

So, here’s the amount of mithai that you can have on festivals, and not exceed the 200-calorie limit.

1. Kaju Katli: One piece may have up to 91 calories, so you can have around two of them!
2. Besan Ladoo: One ladoo will have around 160 calories (you can have maybe one and half).
3. Motichoor Laddu: One ladoo 120 calories – you can have one-and-half.
4. Besan Barfi: One piece has 200 calories – you can have just one.
5. Milk Kesar Barfi: One piece has 110 calories.
6. Coconut Barfi: One piece has 180 calories – one piece only.

jalebi disha

7. Gajar ka Halwa: 280 calories in one cup – so you can have half a cup! Also read: “15 Ways to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth without Refined Sugar.”
8. Sooji Halwa: 320 calories in half a cup! Skip it if you can.
9. Rasmalai: One piece can have 200 calories, stop at one!
10. Doodh Peda: One piece may have 100 calories, you can have up to 2. Also read: “6 Sugar Substitutes To Make Diwali Sweets.”
11. Badam Kheer: Half cup can have up to 200 calories.
12. Kalakand: Around 130 calories per piece.
13. Jalebi: 100 or more calories in one piece, eat with caution.
14. Well, gulab jamun is the most popular one and everyone’s favorite – one gulab jamun with 1 tbsp syrup is around 140 calories! You can have one medium-sized one, even rasgulla, but skip the sugar syrup!

Summing up, indulge in sweets temporarily, but swiftly return to your diet, and if you have gained a bit of weight, Rati Beauty diet program can help you in shedding those extra festive pounds and lose weight successfully.

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