8 Types of Toxic Relationships To Get Out Of ASAP

Sometimes a person falls in love with another person that they do not notice flaws. Being in love with a toxic person can end making the relationship toxic as well. In a relationship, both the partners are supposed to compromise and adjust, but you can call you relationship toxic when one partner is scared and cannot live or speak out freely. We feel that things would get better, but even 100 chances are not enough. It is a vicious cycle and it’s better to get out of such a relationship as soon as possible. Read about different types of toxic relationships that one should not get involved in:


1. The Short-tempered Relationship: You never know what may provoke the partner in such a relationship, what they might not like, what they might think. They are very unpredictable and a partner of this kind may display extreme anger, and they can go to any extent. They would later cool down easily and regret their behavior.

2. The Degrading Relationship: This type of a person lacks the things he wanted or wished to have in his life and finds pleasure in putting you down. It starts from considering all your talks and ideas silly and senseless. Also, no matter what good you do for him or the family, he will put you down. It starts from personally degrading you and then making fun of you in the public also.

3. The Controlling Relationship: What are you wearing? Whom are you with? Why didn’t you pick up my call? What are you late? Show me your phone. This person will always burden you with questions and make sure he knows every bit. It is great to share things with your partner but this person forces you to do it. It ends when you are always scared of him or for that matter doing anything in life.

4. The Cheating Relationship: The person who is cheating is toxic and does not believe in love, affection or loyalty and that is the reason he will cheat on you. If he has cheated you once, go away, there are chances he might do it again.

5. The Envious Relationship: It is not that you are doing something wrong, but the jealous one will get insecure in all the steps you take and they will blame you. There might be many insecurities, finances, qualifications, nature and many more. They might also get low to blackmailing thinking that you will leave them.

6. The Untruthful Relationship: You can never trust this person even if he convinces you to the core. He may lie in each and every possible thing and will try to turn the tables around by twisting every nook and corner of the real story. They may never show their phone or never share any social media passwords even when you insist. Stay away from them, they never change.

7. The Dependency Relationship: Yes, these kind of men exist all the time. These men depend upon you for all their needs and mainly finances. A person can have a financial crunch and the partner can always offer to help but this man cannot get enough! Buying clothes, luxuries with your money and always asking for money. Leave him asap!

8. The Abusive Relationship: This is worse kind of toxic relationship. Your partner may start from abusing you verbally when you both are alone, later it goes to abusing in front of the public and at the end, the hitting and beating part starts which never comes to an end.

There are quite a few women who get into such relationships, but it is the wisest thing to get out of it super soon before it is too late!


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