Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Sumptuous Bath Bubbles Review

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Sumptuous Bath Bubbles Review

Secret Garden Sumptuous Bath Bubbles transform your bath into a sweet sanctuary with long lasting skin softening bath bubbles. Pour desired amount under warm bath water then soak in your favorite fragrance from a Secret Garden.”

These are the wordings at the back of the bottle. This bath bubbles is from their Secret Garden Collection. At last I have started using the products one by one that my sister had sent for me and so here is the review for all you guys.

Victoria  Secret
Victoria Secret

The bottle has these key words ‘Cherry Blossom, Peach and White Jasmine’ – I thought these meant that the bath bubbles would smell like this or combination of the above. When I smelled it, the smell was dominantly that of grape. When I asked my parents they said it looks and smells like a grape drink – Thank God it is in an appropriate bottle and not in a juice jar 😉 The smell is so soothing and I don’t feel like coming out of the bath for a while.

Victoria  Secret
Victoria Secret

Since I don’t use it as a bath bubbles I tried it as a body wash [Of course with lot of questions and doubts in mind] but it worked really well!!!!!!! I don’t use it everyday though but still whenever I use it as a body wash, it doesn’t leave my skin dry and I would say it also moisturizes my skin to a small extent. Of course I need a moisturizer after bath but still it does a decent job. Thought this is not tested on animals it has SLS [I still haven’t found any product without SLS :(]

The fragrance gives a refreshing and fulfilling bath. On top of everything fragrance is the one that makes me love this product. I named this “Grape drink body wash” and that’s how I mention it at home.

Victoria  Secret
Victoria Secret


  • The fragrance – Anyone would like a refreshing, relaxing, fruit smelling, soothing [and what more can I say????] bath, so I feel everyone should try this. This is the first product I am using from this brand ‘Victoria’s Secret’ and I really really really love it. It just smells incredible.
  • The texture – The liquid bath bubbles just flows easily like any other body wash and it is soft and gliding on my skin.
  • It does not leave my skin dry at all.
  • A little amount is sufficient for a complete bath. You can see the amount left in the bottle while I have already used it like 5 times. Also I have put on so much weight now and this suffices my bulky body 😉 I won’t be changing to any other body wash until I get bored with this.
  • It lathers well that helps in easy spreading all over the body.
  • The packaging is simple and neat. No special tight lid or anything but still not even a drop spilled out in my mum’s suitcase who carried this from U.S to Chennai. It has a flip lid and it helps in taking the right amount. Lid is also intact and has cute golden shimmers in it.
Victoria  Secret
Victoria Secret


  • Availability – I really wonder when Chennai will get all these brands. It is not available in Chennai for now and I am waiting like I am waiting for other brands . 🙁
  • Price – This was a gift guys ….. so I am not aware of the price, but my sis said it was a bit expensive so she had to wait for a sale and she spotted this one on a sale in a nearby mall and she grabbed it for me 🙂
  • It is a flop as a bath bubble as I don’t find much bubbles so that is the reason I wanted to use it in a different way and Thank God it worked that way. It was actually shocking that this didn’t work well as a bubble bath!!!!! So if you are eyeing on this to be used as a bubble bath then you must think twice.

Will I Repurchase?

You would know the answer by this time. You think I’ll say a “No”. Never. Not even a “Might Be”.

I love the fragrance and the way it works as a body wash – so ‘Yes’ I will repurchase this incredible smelling grape drink body wash. 🙂 This leaves an awesome smelling bath room that the smell lasts until evening when I open the door of my bath room.

My hubby who always sticks on to soap suggested by his dermatologist [Old Cinthol] and never likes to try anything new as he feels it might ruin his skin liked this fragrance and said he wanted to try it!!!!! I was really surprised.

My Rating –  :-* :-*:-*:-*

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28 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Sumptuous Bath Bubbles Review

  1. Nice review Aarthi!! :yes: :yes: :yes: …The packaging looks so alluring!! :-P…True to Victoria’s Secret’s standards he he!! 😀 😀

  2. I love the Victoria’s Secret stuff – Smells great. The bath and beauty products are generally priced around 20 USD give or take a few.
    You will find some of this stuff in shops in Mumbai where they keep duty free “imported” maal – lol. Just in case some one is completely desperate for a VS product.

  3. ZOMG do all dermatologists recommend old Cinthol coz a dermat I visted once years ago told me the same. I still prefer to keep it around for days when I am too lazy to reach for the body wash….. 😛 😛 😛 😛

    I used to think I was the only nutcase who used it……. nice to know im not alone :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

      1. I know they are there in Lokhandwala market – but you need to like take an afternoon to hunt for it – in one of those shops that stocks all imported type products. Also sometimes this shop in 7 bungalows keeps it in stock ( Gurukripa i think its called, near Urban Tadka) but very rarely. I’ve seen VS in Lokhadwala for years now. Never bought it though coz I pick up alot of VS duty free from Changi Airport

  4. Nice review, Aarthi. 🙂 This so much reminds me of Kiehl’s body wash.

    And I remember one of my friend had severe acne so doc advised her to use cinthol . He said the lemon in it would help reduce acne. does your hubby have oily skin…

    1. Thanks Rati 🙂 Yes my hubby has oily skin, though I haven’t seen any acne he said his skin was acne-prone few years back. Now he says the reason for his clear skin in Cinthol 🙂

        1. 🙂 He would compromise on his shampoos and conditioners but never his soap. He insisted me to try it 😉 but since I have dry skin and also I am not too fond of soaps I didn’t 🙂

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