6 Ways To Lose Thigh Fat and Tone Legs

Most women want to lose weight because they either want to lose belly fat or thigh fat! Unfortunately, weight loss is a lot more complicated and spot reduction is a complete myth. Whether it’s belly fat or thigh fat, you gotta absolutely lose overall weight since we cannot pick and choose from where fat would melt away first. However, if thigh fat is your major concern, we have listed out some effective tips to lose thigh fat and tone legs. Before that, let’s talk about body types – different women have different body types and belly fat is thought to be common in “apple” body shape and thigh fat in “pear” body shape. While belly fat has more health risks (increased risk of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases) associated with it, thigh fat is mostly about subcutaneous fat and does not have the same impact on health as belly fat. Thigh fat is considered subcutaneous fat (deposits just beneath the skin) and is also called “stubborn” fat, caused by consuming too many calories in the diet and lack of physical activity. If thigh fat is your problem area, read about 6 Ways To Lose Thigh Fat and Tone Legs.

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1. Start on a Good Weight Loss Diet: As we have mentioned before, consuming a high-calorie diet and leading an inactive lifestyle can lead to excessive weight gain. In order to lose weight without exercise, you must focus on creating a calorie deficit and being on a healthy diet can help you achieve this caloric deficit. For example, starting on the Rati Beauty diet, keeps you in calorie deficit yet properly fuels your body so you can engage in physical activity to tone your legs. Fat distribution, to a certain extent, is determined by genes, but we can certainly prevent buildup and storage of fat by following a healthy diet such as Rati Beauty weight loss diet and regular exercise.
2. Eat More Protein: When you consume protein, it increases the levels of the satiety hormones, reduces appetite, and stimulates fat burning as well. According to science, your body needs help from either carbohydrates or protein to burn and use fat as energy. When we try to lose weight, the body is designed in a way that it also loses muscle along with fat. That is why, it is highly important to consume enough protein to avoid losing your lean muscles and burn only unwanted fat, so that you can flaunt toned and lean legs.

Ways To Lose Thigh Fat and Tone Legs

3. Burn Calories with Cardio: Running, jogging, skipping, and even dancing are great cardio exercises that burns overall fat. These exercises also tone legs! Check out these “8 Cardio Exercises to Do at Home for Weight Loss.”
4. Cut Down Refined Carbs: Cutting down refined carbs will help the body burn more calories and help access stored fat from all areas of the body, including thigh fat.
5. Tone Legs with Leg Exercises: Blood circulation improves fat burning and it’s easier to target thigh fat with improved blood circulation to the legs by doing squats, goblet squats, lunges – which target leg muscles and help tone them. Additionally, here are some exercises that you can try at home to lose fat from the legs.
6. Be on your Feet As Much as Possible: Quite literally, you need to be up on your feet as much as possible to lose thigh fat. It is not easy to lose weight without exercise, especially with a sedentary lifestyle. For effective weight loss, indulge in some physical activities like walking, taking your dog for a walk, doing some household chore or using stairs instead of elevators at your workplace. These physical movements are quite important to keep your muscles active. Hence, you can effectively lose weight with some physical activities along with a healthy diet.

So, get up and flaunt those well-toned legs with these tips.

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