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I recently got tagged by a friend regarding the contents of my purse. Since I don’t run my own blog anymore at the moment, I’d like to do this tag right here.

So this is the purse that I had with me on the day I received the tag:


It’s a Mandarina Duck purse, the model is called Hera, from their business line. I just love Mandarina Duck, especially the Hera series; it combines classic premium chic with functionality and timeless elegance. Those of you who know Mandarina Duck, know that they are anything but cheap, especially the Hera series, but they are worth every penny. The special damped on protective cover seals the leather material and protects the bag against dirt and scratches, so over the years, the bag still looks like new. If you do wear them carefully, you’ll definitely enjoy them for the next decades to come – while of course being supported by every Mandarina Duck store, which do offer no fuss service replacing any broken or worn out clasps, buckles or other parts. Receiving premium customer service should definitely be out of the question within this price class, but unfortunately this is not the case with every brand. So over the years several Hera bags moved into my closet and I absolutely adore all of them, wearing them quite often, no matter whether it’s for business or leisure.

So the order of the items has no special meaning, I just pulled them out one after the other.

Cigarettes, tissues
So right on top we have some paper tissues, cigarettes, one of my Zippo lighters, matches and, last but not least, some peppermint candy. Looking at the picture right now I can’t help myself but think that these items do look rather odd together. 🙂  Oh and yes, I do smoke – actually even more so in the past few months since I had one hell of a busy summer. Nevertheless, I already added quitting smoking to my list of New Years resolutions.

leather pouch

This is a black leather bag containing a key ring and a small pocket for change, very practical in my opinion. Right underneath you see my red wallet, which basically contains everything that’s important for every day’s needs, next to money, ID’s, credit cards, etc

My mobile business center.

This combines a phone, MP-3Player, mobile internet and memo in one. I still have to get used to the electronic calendar and appointment functions, so whenever I travel and take my bigger business leather case with me, I also take along a paper version of my appointment schedule.

Mini sized hairbrush and a barrette

Hair brush

You never know when you might need it. Usually I also have some of those mini sized bobby pins with me, don’t ask me why I forgot to take them with me this time, beats me.

Contents from the side pocket of my purse:

contents from side pocket
Trial size hand lotion from Dr. Hauschka – a german brand featuring all natural cosmetics.

Portable shoe shine – don’t you just hate it when you are on your way to an important meeting and right in front of the door you notice that your umbrella did manage to keep you dry and pretty but your shoes look like you just crossed a mud pit?

Furthermore , a ticket for the local public transportation system, even more peppermint candy and more matches . 😛

Oh and a small package of Basica – a dietary supplement which promotes a healthy acid/base balance in your body.

Second side pocket:



My writing utensils and a pocket sized version (10 ml) of „Sun“ an Eau de Parfum by Wellments. It is a pretty, woody scent, a bit oriental but not too heavy. I do like the more dominant woody notes and the pocket size is more than perfect to freshen up the scent througout your day.

I guess now we are moving on to the part that is the main interest of most of us, my little makeup bag:
The contents of the bag do change on a regular basis, depending on the current makeup I am wearing, clothing style, etc. But then again some things just remain permanently in the bag, like a lip conditioner and a tiny lip brush, which you won’t see on the next picture as I had moved it to my jacket that day and that’s why it is missing in my purse.

Makeup bag contents

  • Forever Living aloe lip conditioner, this is a very rich and nurturing product which I really like.
  • Essence lipgloss „Don´t bite me, kiss me“ featured in the Eclipse LE, a shimmering pink with tons of multicolored-blue-purple shimmering particles.
  • MAC mini sized lipgloss in „Flashmode“ and„Magnetique“. I am not 100% sure if it is indeed Magnetique as the print has completly worn off by now.
  • Silk Naturals lipstick in „Fearless“, an intense, shimmering magenta (satin finish)
  • Make Up Forever mini Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyepencil in black
  • A pocket mirror, a trial size of a Silk Naturals brush-on powder, which is supposed to have an anti aging effect. I personally think it is quite an effective finishing powder, or you can use it to touch up during the day.
  • MAC lipstick in „Milan Mode“. Keeping everything from MAC, MUFE etc. in its original boxing is a weird obsession of mine. I not only keep my Maccies in their original boxes at home in my makeup drawers, I also keep them in their original boxes when I am on the go, in my purse, or wherever. My friends finally got used to my whim and stopped asking why I do that ( Oh in case you are wondering, the mini glosses are out of their boxes because they never were single boxed as they are part of the usual Holiday five piece sets).

I also stopped at the drugstore to pick up three nail polishes from a limited edition and the little plastic bag easily fits into my purse.

Nail Polishes

Essence Denim Wanted LE, featuring polishes in:

Nail Polishes

Fivepocket Grey – My Boyfriend´s Jeans – I love my Jeans


So, if I look at the contents of my purse altogether, they do look a bit stern and minimalistic. I mean, I do miss the typical picture of a somewhat chaotic, but truly feminine purse.

No trace of trinkets, unnecessary items or makeup overload. But then, I do constantly reorganize the contents of my Mandarina Duck bags, since I wear them on a regular basis. I mean, I do own purses that are quite more chaotic regarding the contents, but even those do get an organized makeover at the moment. Come to think, looking back my purses actually were quite cluttered up with all sorts of stuff, but presently I guess I am going through a phase where I am reorganizing a lot of things to gain more structure in my life. So to wrap up this post I might say: Show me your purse and I’ll tell you who you are 


63 thoughts on “What’s in Your Purse / Bag Tag

    1. I love these wimp-things, too … they tell a little bit about the person wearing the purse and we thought it may be a nice little self-introduction to show what´s in my purse. The key ring is from Esprit, I guess it´s available in India, to 🙂 The makeup bag was a gift – I have no idea where my cousin bought it… it´s from a Brand called JMB and i must confess I never heard about this brand anywhere… but I love this small bag fitting everything you need for freshup your makeup during the day :beauty:

      TYVM for enjoying the post :-))

  1. A very classy bag and too many goodies in there…..but cigarettes….???????? :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: …I do not smoke and do not know anyone close to me who smokes……so, it was kind of amusing to see a big pack of cigarettes…..

    1. You got me 😀
      Well, it´s a little bit a generation thing here in Europe… you have to know that I am an old, oooold Lady :laugh: – the younger people smoke less then my generation does. But at least I do not smoke a lot… about five cigarets a day. But when it gets really buisy and stressy I smoke more :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette:

      1. Sanjeevji…..thank you a lot for enligtening me O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-)…….now, I know what kind of addiction led to you contracting SYPHILLIS :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory:

  2. Hey Tatjana…if you really quit smoking, we will all stand up and clap for you :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

      1. You guys are lovely :inlove:
        I love India…. with all the money I will save by quitting smoking I will come to that party :party:

        1. Wow…great….. :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: we will celebrate and then at that party, you teach me how to take a puff.. :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette: :cigarette:

  3. I love Lucky Strikes. If they sold them in India, they would be all I smoked. 😛 😛 I need a tiny perfume/spray in my bag now that I’ve seen yours!!

    1. I even didn´t know you cannot get LS in India 😯

      These small, 10ml perfume containers are often offered on Ebay. I mean, empty ones.
      You can put your favorite perfume in it. Amazing pocket size for bags, travelling etc. 🙂

  4. Very tidy bag Tatjana i felt embarrassed of my own bag :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I do not smoke but i think zippo lighters as so cool i just wanted them all :weep: :weep: :weep:
    .-= Deb´s last blog ..Aint they looking great =-.

    1. Deb, for SURE your bag is amazing – I would love to see it.
      Ummm… Zippos…. not every featured theme on Zippos is mine but they really have lovely lighters. I own three Zippos only – because I rather collect bags, shoes and cosmetics but I guess my boyfriend would prefer to see me collecting Zippos :rotfl:

  5. Nice stuff…You carry nailpaints too 😯 😯 ..that is something new to me to know about a handbag!! 😛 😛

    BTW I just did the Lakme Bohemian Butterfly look!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thank you :-))
      No, I usually do not carry nailpolish.
      Just bought this three that day the Tag “arrived” and the little plastic bag was still in my purse.

      Whew… I have to see this look, Lakme products are not available here 😐

          1. Thank you :-))

            I am such a typical beautyjunkie, beats me :rotfl:
            For sure we do not need same products for duping looks or colors, guess none of us does. But I am soooo nosy about products I don´t know :silly:

            Sooo noooosy 😀

              1. he he…yeah..that is natural. I too end up buying all unknown brands, whenever I go somewhere outside. Just ask the SAs there, get experiment with stuffs!! 😀

                1. experimental*…So far most of my experiences have been good..So I guess, when you go to a new place, trust the mall people there!! 😀 😀

                2. Shopping at new places is amazing …
                  I am little bit in the INCI-thing, so I watch out for good INCI and like natrual cosmetic brands or brands using modern INCI like MAC, non-cruel and so on. Thank God there are more and more brands using good INCI so the shopping is more fun then f. e. 20 years ago :-))

                  I was experimenting with whole lotta stuff the last 25 years – and still am – I made my first eyesshadow by myself using cosmetic pigments when I was 17 and my first lipgloss when I was 18. So I can really understand your fascination about experimenting; it is FUN :-))

  6. Welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    Your bag is very classy. I need to hunt for something similar now. 🙂

    There was a phase when I used to smoke but realized that it was not worth it. And yeah we’ll stand and clap for you when you quit smoking. :-* :-* :clap: :clap:

    I also don’t throw my lipstick boxes that easily, Infact a lot of things in my makeup still have boxes. :idk: :idk:

    1. Thanks a lot you for your welcome :-))
      About clapping: I´d rather take the party, may I? :jump:

      You are right, the bag and its content really is very classy – I was a little bit suprized myself when I took the pictures and there was nothing more left in the purse….

      Seems that I am not alone with my keeping boxes :victory:

      1. Oh neha, I just randomly decided that I wanted to quit smoking one day and from next day onwards I just didn’t pick any cigarette. There was a little thing I did consciously. I used to smoke with my colleagues during lunch / tea breaks. I stopped going out with them during that time.

        Actually i was never addicted. I was going though a very bad phase so I started smoking. But I just realized that only I was getting affected by it. So I decided to quit and I quit within a day.

  7. wow loved your contents !!
    & ur BB 😀
    even i loveee my BB but they are planning to close down the services here 🙁
    & obv love your makeup bag too 🙂 oh and don’t worry you are not the only one who carries stuff with its original packaging i do the same with all my makeup infact even skincare & haircare items 😛
    I don’t know why i do that i guess coz i like it neat & packaged so it looks new always 😉

    i guess even i will do a bag tag 🙂
    .-= Insiya´s last blog ..Tip of the Day – Get Rid of Fine Lines Around the Eyes =-.

    1. To be honest I really had to get used to the touchscreen :silly:
      Not at the moment but usually I wear my fingernails quite long so it was not funny at the beginning :rotfl: Why are they closing down the service? I mean I am not really in all the things happening in India but I can imagine you have more mobilephone users th. half of whole Europe has…. so I do not concern closing a BB service a good idea at all.

      Really, I see, I am not the only one with this obsession keeping the stuff in the original boxes :-)) So to say: What a welcome :-)) :dance:

      1. I live in dubai. RIM is not giving the rights to the govt here to control whats been sent & all so that’s why they might probably close it.
        btw even i can’t handle touchscreen phones 😛

    1. Sorry, this really should have been part of the leading post but it seemed to be a little off topic.
      I am from Croatia, living in Germany for several years now.
      And I love India, did I mention that before? :-))

      Thank you for your sencere compliment. :snicker: My eye color is typical for Croatia, but we have blue-eyed and green-eyed people there, too. Not as many as here in Germany, but there are some. 🙂

  8. Hey Tatjana, one of the tidiest purses i have ever seen……….people on IMBB will throw rotten tomatoes on me if I show mine 😥 😥 😥

    1. To be really honest: I do not think so.
      For me the most interesting thing about a bag is what it shows about the person/personality of the beauty. It is not about if the bag was expensive or if it containes expensive things. Money can´t buy personality, authenticy, creativity, uniqueness. Money can´t buy none of the really important things.

      To be more honest: I consider my bag classy, yes – and a (little bit) boring.
      So I was thinking about if I should send the post to Rati or not for a few days.
      At least I decided to send it… because it is authentic.

  9. Hiiiiiiiiiiii!
    Looks super classy , but i would carry it for formal events or may be pair it up with some shorts and t shirt to give a casual look 🙂
    I loved those nail paints :chic: :chic:
    Where are you from?
    And your avatar has such a nice eye makeup
    if it’s your eyes- You should do a tutorial on it 🙂
    :chic: Nice meeting you :handshake:
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

      1. Thank you so much, gia :-))

        Just watched your YT channel and I like your presentation – the bag is very nice!
        The nailpolish is from essence, a german drugstore brand I do not know if this brand is available in India, they are a little bit like p2, another drugstore brand (often sold at drugstores in Germany but it is a austrian brand).

        I am from Croatia (southeastern european country) but I raised in Germany and actually I live in Germany again. The avatar eye is my eye, I just picked one from my computer signing up at gravatar.com. 🙂

  10. Thanks for allowing us to glance into your purse!
    Love love your bag. It’s so sleek and rich looking. :inlove:
    Love the glosses, very pretty indeed. :inlove:
    Hate the fact that this post reinforces how messy my bag is. I need to cut down on clutter :-((
    Can’t wait to see Rati’s now!
    .-= Devie´s last blog ..Fat People On TV! =-.

    1. Thank you so much, Devi :-))
      Can´t wait to see Rati´s bag, too – and who will be tagged by her 😎
      Would love to see all of your bags :inlove:

  11. hi tatjana

    loved your bag…its very classy….and i like the lipglosse too…

    mine is too cluttered all the time!!! 😛 😛 n right now full of stuff which belongs to my son( coz i hate to carry 2 diff bags for both of us!!!

    i love when ppl do these what in your bag kinda stuff…its fun reading them…u get a glimpse of the real person…

    1. Thanks a lot :-))
      You are so right, getting an impression of what the person might be like is one of the most interesting things about these wiyp-posts. The content tells a little stroy and I would love to see all of yours 🙂

    1. You are so nice, ty :-))

      Due to what I expect from classical business bags, Hera business line is quite great. No doubt.
      But the most impressive bags I have ever seen were handmade by some creative beauties. 🙂

  12. :hypnotized: whenever i feel that my bag is heavy, i throw out unwanted bills/tickets/passes from my purse and if any cosmetic is lost… the first place to check is ma laptop bag and then hand bag :curse: i should pic a lesson from u :rose:

    1. I am gaining for more structure in my life actually.
      Good I didn´t have to show you one of my purses a few years ago 😀

      What really drives me crazy is when I can´t find a specific lipstick or gloss or eyepencil or whatever – so it´s good my stuff is more organized now 🙂

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