Zara Agua Perfumada Lirio De Agua Review

Zara Agua Perfumada Lirio De Agua

Hi Beauties,
Intially, I never used to pay heed to brands and bought whatever caught my fancy. Recently, I have been paying attention to some brands and ZARA is one of them as the brand always nails the latest trends. I thought Zara manufactures Clothing, shoes, sunglasses, belts, scarfs, bags, innerwear… ”you name it and they have it” type brands. I was pleasantly surprised to found that the company is into fragrances also ☺.
zara agua perfumada lirio de agua
What the company claims:
Lirio de agua is one of the three fragrances from agua parfumada collection, created by Puig. The concept is minimalistic, elegant and classic. It starts with a wonderfully rich citrusy burstand evolves into a floral scent.

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes – Mandarin
Heart notes – Water iris
Base notes ¬– sandalwood

lirio de agua bottle
Price: 200ml $35, 125ml $25

My Experience with Zara agua perfumada Lirio De Agua

I have been using this fragrance for more than 2 years now. It is a very clean, crisp, subtle fragrance ideal for daywear in summers. It will be very light for a cold winter night but yes, if you are one of those who like layering their fragrances for super impact then it can be a very good layering option for the night time ☺

I can also surely say that it is also a very safe fragrance for first day of college, first dates, interviews and all that jazz…

Pros of Zara Agua Perfumada Lirio De Agua

Very subtle, fresh and smooth
Not at all overpowering
Lasts around 4 -5 hours
Very refreshing fragrance

Cons of Zara Agua Perfumada Lirio De Agua

The bottle is boring
Bulky … not travel friendly

Will I repurchase it:
Well, it will last for a while and I believe in trying new innovative fragrances!!! 🙂

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