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This is a happy month. Happiness all around, good news coming from all quarters, and a lot of peace and quiet in our minds. It’s a month to be thankful for everything that we have. And here comes another giveaway to say thanks to our readers. And what a beautiful giveaway it is!

Rati has been wearing Zariin jewelry for a long time now. The unique captivating pieces designed by the Zariin team have always been her favorites. So much so that she even talked about it once.

When we approached the awesome founders of Zariin jewelry to sponsor a giveaway for our readers, it did not even take them a single day. They said yes. And here are the grand prizes that they sponsored for this giveaway!

zariin giveaway

First Prize

Sunshine Collar Necklace
22kt gold plated collar inspired necklace.

Second Prize

Subtly Bold’ Two Toned Ring
22 Kt gold plated ring with black onyx.

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Third Prize

‘Drop of the Rose’ Gold Earrings
22kt gold plated earrings with uncut fluorite.

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13 thoughts on “Zariin Jewelry Giveaway

  1. O m g.. I m the first one to comment this time.. For m e zariin jewellery is speacial coz i got to know about it through IMBB.. For me Rati di’s is the brand ambassador of the brand as she carries the the entire stuff in such a classic way, That evn i feel like buying such things n enjoy the richness of the jewels.. This is the only reason i have to love zariin pieces..thanks rati di for bringing such beautiful things in lime light.. *puchhi*

  2. oh wow.. *whistle* *pompom* This is super duper hit give away so this ws d secret answer.. *happydance* *happydance*
    Gud luck buddies.. *oye balle* You are amazing .. *jai ho*

  3. Why do i like Zarine Jewelery becoz it is a means to express myself and enhance my appearance and will make me look beautiful…The collar necklace is a wearable art and i look upon it as a painting which can be worn around my neck…The earrings and ring look so gorgeous..These wonderful pieces will make me look unique and of course define a fashion statement… 🙂 🙂 *pompom*

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