Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush Review

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Hello ladies,

This is my second IMBB Sponsored product and I am so excited. I have recently ventured into makeup brushes and oh my boy, I was missing the important element for so long. To start with, I had got two brushes for myself. I am an eye makeup freak and thought I will buy my first makeup brush for eyes. So, I got the Crease Love and Happiness brush from The Balm that I have reviewed already and the second one is from Zoeva called the Precise Shader Brush 238.

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

INR 673

The brush was wrapped in a plastic thin paper and placed inside a beautiful black and transparent pouch with Zoeva written on it. The pouch is of a very high quality plastic, absolutely soft and smooth.

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

Product Description:
The #238 Precise Shader is a small, fine and ultra-precise brush that’s great for detailed work on the eye area. Petite in size, it is suitable for very small eyes. It is also useful for highlighting and emphasising features. It is made up of natural and synthetic bristles.

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

My Take on Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush:

This Zoeva Precise Shader is so true to its name. It is very petite in size and hence is easy to travel with. It is all black with silver head and dark colored bristles, so staining is ruled out. The bristles feel a little hard when you touch them, but they feel very soft on the skin. I basically got this brush to work in detail on the eyelids. The bristles are closely packed and hence very apt to pick up the eyeshadow.

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

The bristles are not very long and not too short. The bristles rise and form a semi circle which helps in applying the eyeshadow neatly right up to the crease.

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

This brush is very useful when you want to work with multiple eyeshadows on the eyelids as it gives precise and defined borders. Also, it can be used to apply a single colour all over the eyelids. Also, this brush will help in defining the eyeshadow for the corners of the eye. I generally clean after every two to three applications and I have not noticed any bristle shedding.

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush

The brush is extremely steady and soft in finishing. It has a great grip. Overall, I am so happy with my purchase.

Pros of Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush:

  • Precise eyeshadow brush.
  • Soft bristles.
  • Good for precision and finishing.
  • Useful for overall application on the eyelids.
  • Bristles do not stain.

Cons of Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush:

  • Availability in India.

Would I Recommend Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush?
Yes definitely.

Would I Repurchase Zoeva 238 Precise Shader Brush?
Yes for sure, they do have some amazing brushes to offer.

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