Funny Makeup Jokes and Cartoons

by Sanjeev on May 27, 2010 · 45 comments

I am sure that all husbands of the ‘crazy makeup ladies’ on IMBB would be trying to adjust their lifestyles around all the makeup talks whizzing about their ears. But I sincerely hope that the following conversation never takes place:

Husband : suit bara sohna paya ay
Wife : thx g
Husband : lipstick bhi sohni lagai ay
Wife : thx g
Husband : Makeup vi sohna kitta ay
Wife : thx g
Husband : sohni fir vi nahi lagdi

Even I often poke fun at my wife’s makeup bills but recently I saw this picture on the net and I decided to shush myself permanently. I better earn more money to afford my beer…

Makeup vs Beer

Now, I have always understood that “cosmetics is a woman’s means for keeping a man from reading between the lines…” but some women take makeup as a religion, so much so that they reach cosmetic saturation. How do you get to hear about them?

“It’s cold out. It’s even cold in Florida. So cold today that Katherine Harris put on a third layer of makeup.” —Jay Leno

Lol, I do not wish to risk getting hit by a belan right now so I might add that I understand how important makeup is to females, especially the celebrities. It can do wonders on female celebrities who have to go out and brave the world. It has the power to transform them completely. Have a look at our celebrities before and after pictures:

The Power of Makeup

Understanding how important the makeup routine is for ladies even some scientists are willing to help. Seeing that so many ladies on IMBB spend a lot of their time sitting in front of their computers we recently asked our scientists for help. And they came out with the following useful product!

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How come beautiful women never lose a fight?
Because they know how to make-up

And I better make up fast too before my lovely wife starts fuming. Here is a cute cartoon for both male (I hope there are some) and female readers of IMBB. Enjoy! :)

Morning Waking up Routine

waking up- 1

waking up- 2

waking up- 3

waking up- 4

waking up- 5

waking up- 6

waking up- 7

waking up- 8

waking up- 9

waking up- 10

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