How to Date a Guy Online Safely

Want to Date The Guy You Met Online? Safety First!

Are you keen to date the guy you came across in the virtual world and whom you have been romancing with for quite sometime now? Meeting your guy is but an inevitable step that follows your online dating sessions if you are serious about him after all. It is but natural for you to be excited about the anticipated date you have been dreaming about so long. In case you are planning to take your online dating offline, learn to do it in a safer way.

online dating
online dating


Why Is Safety So Important In Virtual Romance?

Though there are many couples who met happily and are now sharing an honest relationship, you should always be prepared to face the worst circumstances that may occur. The guy who appeared so decent and good on your laptop screen might be a different guy altogether when you meet him face-to-face; his intentions might not be so honorable after all. That is why, this extra dose of carefulness on your part becomes a necessity.

online dating 2
online dating 2

Take Online Romance Offline? Top Things To Look Out For:

1. Is he married?-Did you know that a research has revealed that almost 1/3rd users of online dating services are married? It is possible that he lied to you all these days! Watch out for all those signs which hint to that.
2. Is there a money scam?– Lets hope he has not asked for money on pretexts of illnesses or other sympathetic grounds; if he has, there is reason for you to doubt his integrity!
3. Does he want to meet you in private?– When you ask your partner to meet and he prefers a private place rather than a public one in spite of your insistence on the latter, take heed! Never go to meet the man of your dreams in a private place because the guy may not be the same you met online.
4. Prostitution? -Scary as it may sound, you should definitely keep your senses awake so that you do not fall into this deadly trap! You never know how and when prostitution can make way into your life even from the most legitimate sites.

online dating 3
online dating 3

Top Seven Safety Tips While You Date Online Romance Offline:

1. Inform your friend: Keep your best friend informed about where you are going and with whom. Let her know about the probable time you hope to meet your guy and the number of hours you want to spend with him.
2. Go on your own: It is advised that you take your own vehicle while you go on your first date. If you do not own a car, take a public transport. But please do not allow that guy to pick you up.
3. Choose a public place: Go to a coffee bar or your favorite food outlet. Avoid going to secluded locations with little population. If possible, ask your best friend to be there around without being noticed or sighted (till it is necessary).
4. Keep it short: Do not keep your first date too long. If you start liking him, indeed, you can stretch the time limit; in case you don’t, you would be happy not to stay for long!
5. Do not forget to carry your mobile phone: Your phone would be of immense help if an emergency situation arises. Please do not forget to take it along with you.
6. Go after your instincts: Are you feeling uncomfortable about meeting him? Do you feel he is not the person you would like to hang around with? Just follow what your instinct says and do accordingly. Ladies are known to have a wonderful sixth sense.
7. Suspect anything and everything: You do not necessarily have to show explicitly that you suspect him; but, deep in your mind, keep space for doubts of every kind. Suspect everything ladies because that is going to help you find out easily in case there is something fishy. See how well the guy, who has cast a deep impression on your heart, passes the test you put him to and prove all your suspicions wrong.

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22 thoughts on “How to Date a Guy Online Safely

  1. Somreeta 🙂 grt article honestly- even though a lot of people dont believe in this a lot of people do. specially teenage girls who fall for sweet-talking-charming guys… happened with my roommate too and then we came to know he was a sweet-talker who was 40 and was romancing 7-8 girls at the same time and he even got them to call him all the time. My point is : online romances exit as do online flirting and in the end ppl do get hurt!!!
    so IMO- its a very well written topic and im sharing this with my sweet-16 cousin 😉

    1. Thanks Bee! Its a problem really and its really sad dat ur roomie fell in the trap! people fake it badly online !!

    1. hi Tapaswini! :thanks: to be honest, even online friendship should be done carefully! forget relationships………!!

  2. Hi Pooja! I too am a total non-believer in online relations! but there is a lot of girls who r falling in the trap rather often ?:) ?:)

  3. Hi Somreeta,
    Well written article.

    I would like to share my experience.I met my fiance online 2 yrs ago.I am an Indian girl.He is half British/half Indian from UK.We met last yr ..after one yr of long distance relationship.I am over 25 yrs but even I was nervous when I met him for the first time though we had seen each other on cam.

    We were total strangers who met online.I had my doubts abt our relation cuz of the distance.We were 4500miles away from each other.But I took my chance though there was a risk of being left with a broken heart.It was worth the risk.We are in love with each other and getting married soon…once I finish my studies.He has moved to India already.So online long distance relationships do become successful if right people are involved.

    There are a lot of fake people in the world…online and in real world too.Its easier to fool others online..esp very young people.Just use your instincts and good old common sense.Read some negative comments so couldn’t resist sharing my experience.I found my love online.When you truly love someone then it doesn’t matter where you find him…online or offline.

    To be honest,I didn’t believe in online relationships myself.Till I met my love :))

  4. How sweet is that Urvashi! great to read abt ur experiences…indeed, as i have written in my article, there are people who have met online and r now sharing honest relationships…..great to have u and Deb as examples in that respects :waytogo: :waytogo: wish u have a wonderful life ahd :high5:

  5. Nicely written article Somreeta! My best friend in school met a guy in a chatroom and they became good friends, eventually fell in love and have been together since 4 years now (long distance!) Even though i was really skeptical all the time cos we were in school, he was passing out of college then and she barely knew the guy, I’m glad things worked out for them.

    1. Wow Ankita…dats cool! as Vrinda has rightly said, luck has a major role to play in such cases…touchwood! happy to know things r going well between them :waytogo:

  6. Haye…kya article he… 😀
    I didn’t knew IMBB shares such interesting articles too :devil: 😉
    Nicely Written Somreeta…. 🙂
    I think luck plays a major role in such situations,coz there are so many fake people out..
    You have got to be lucky even to find genuine friends.

  7. Hi Vrinda! U r right..luck has a vry imp role to play here…And thanx to IMBB…i love this place for everything that it is :woot:

  8. i met my guy online only 🙂 its been 4 years 🙂 its not that i blindly trusted him..but later things worked out lik anything..what i or offline..u should always be careful 🙂

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