10 Fantastic Tips for your Bridal Make up

10 Fantastic Tips for your Bridal Make up

Recently a friend of mine got married and I was helping her out with her make up and other things. The following are some useful tips I learnt from the experience. This post is a special dedication to the “soon to be brides” IMBB ladies !



1. Don’t try anything new during the wedding week

Avoid trying new make up and beauty products at least one week prior to the wedding. You may not have sensitive skin but it is always better to avoid the risk of developing an allergy. Ensure bridal make up consists of only brands you have tried and tested. Even if you are having a beautician do your make up, you can always insist they use your personal make up products.

2.   Stay calm, eat healthy!

Being tensed and having last minute jitters is quite common among brides. Unfortunately they can show on your skin. So take time off to relax no matter how caught up with you are with the wedding activities. And don’t forget to splurge on those veggies and fruits.

3.  Do all spa sessions at least a week ahead

A lot of brides go in for bridal packages which include facials, manicures, spa sessions and what not. Ensure you are done with all this at least a week ahead. In the unfortunate event you do develop an allergy to something from this package; you will give your skin time to recover before the big day.

4.    Have a clear idea of what you want.

Choosing the make up look for your big day can be quite a task. Browse through magazines and the internet for ideas. Take a print out and show it to your beautician to ensure she/he gets a clear idea of what you want. When choosing a look remember to choose one that suits you rather than what you think looks fabulous. For example Aishwarya Rai’s bridal look in Jodha Akhbar was fabulous, but it wont suit everybody !

5.  Have a trial

Irrespective of whether you choose to do your make up yourself or you are opting for a beautician – have a trial run. Some women are hesitant about spending extra on a trial but it will be totally worth it. The trial will be done in a more leisurely pace than your actual wedding one, so you can take time out to try different options. Carry a duppatta or shawl that is close to your bridal outfit in terms of color. Drape it on yourself after the make up is done, to get an idea if it goes well. (Some brides do not have a problem trying on their bridal outfit during the trial. While some believe this is bad luck so this tip for those who fall in this category 🙂  ) Taking a friend who can give honest feedback for your trial also helps.


6. Take pictures

After the trial, click pictures of yourself and check out how turn out in the snaps. You might notice that sometimes concealer or even foundation stands out a terrible way in pictures. And remember to take photos in different lightings and both indoors and outdoors.

7. Have a Plan B

So you have decided your make up look down to what color gloss you want. Now make a plan B.  A “what if something does not work out look”. For my friend we were using a gel based gold liner as a base for her eye shadow. During the trial, it turned out really well. But on her wedding day, she was so nervous and started sweating and gel line didn’t stay on her lids. Luckily we had gold powder eye shadow around, which we used instead. So having a few alternatives can really help.

8. Bag it!

Most brides have multiple functions as part of their wedding. Multiple functions translate as multiple outfits, each with their own accessories etc. Put each outfit with its respective accessories and make up in separate bags. This will help you find things easily when changing between functions.

9. Assign an assistant

Appoint a make up and accessories assistant. This person will be in charge of  knowing where all the stuff is placed and more importantly where the back up make up, extra pins, clips etc is kept. It is quite normal for brides to lose track of where everything is placed. Avoid choosing your assistant from your immediate family, they will be really busy on your big day. An ideal candidate would be a friend or a cousin.

10. Stock up straws

And finally this is a small and useful tip I picked up from a make up artist. Keep some drinking straws with the make up kit. Very useful for a bride who gets thirsty AFTER the lip make up has been done perfectly. 🙂




113 thoughts on “10 Fantastic Tips for your Bridal Make up

  1. Wish I knew all of this when I got married. My D Day was quite maddening. 😛

    But yes as HD mentioned, would be very useful for our brides to be. 🙂

    Actually it would be helpful for HD also. he he

          1. oh yes…how did i forget abt the tut!!! silly me…so rads when do we get to c the photo tut??? you knw that would also help me alot 😀 so pls do it

  2. Wow!!! Rushing off to take a print out on A3 paper and sticking it on the wall besides the dresser….

    Thank you is ALL I can say!!! :-* :-* :-*

  3. I love the straws tip! It’s so simple and useful and yet something I would have never thought of!

    I must remember this if I ever get married 😛 (not before 4-5 years :-P)

  4. We always have day-weddings…and if you blink you will miss the actual wedding also. Its so short. Guy sits..girl sits…tie the mangalsutra – we call it thaali – then we go round and round a bunch of coconut flowers stuck in rice. OVER..yipppe yayyyy…glare at hubby and tell him its damn hot 😀 My poor hubby…hehehheheeee
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Review- Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Cream-Gel =-.

    1. Talk about day wedding, we usually have it at some unearthy hours of the mornings…I still have to find out why is that… ?:-).
      @ Rati, I totally agree with you on the guff ups this pandits do…mine to is an intercast marriage, and out pal (the pandit) forget the sindoor ceremony all to gether amongst all the hulla of mixing customs from both the sides. I dont understand why do these guys experiment… :rotfl:

        1. Yeah! now when I think of it, its like watching a comedey movie… :laugh: In your case the pandit forget the mangalsutra, in my case he forgot the sindoor. After the entire ceremony was completed, one of my uncle (who is a prest) comes with a silver bowl of sindoor in his hand and askes my husband to do the honors… :laugh: :laugh:

    1. he he he I aso had a day wedding. And my pandit ji was fantastic. Sanjeev and I had an intercaste marriage no so the pandit ji decided to follow half of the traditions from my side and half from his. Then panditji forgot to do the magalsutra and tika ceremony. lollll!!! My mother-in- law asked me the next day why was I not wearing a magalsutra and I was like 🙄

      :rotfl: :rotfl:

        1. Actually my mom used to be a depression patient that time so she wouldn’t have been able to attend the night wedding. Hence, the day wedding. 🙂

          Everyone was laughing at panditji. :laugh: :laugh:

          1. Okie rite…since our weddings are also day weddings..i love attending nite weddings…attended just 1 till now…but one of my dear friend’s wedding wud be a nite wedding and I am waiting for it!!

  5. okay another one.On our side traditionally the red sindhoor is filled in the hair partition using a gold ring and on sanjeev side they have a tradition of using orange sindhoor that is filled in a traditional chutki bhar sindhoor style.

    So pandit ji made sanjeev put orange sindhoor in a gold ring and fill my maan. Both the parties were happy that way. :rotfl: :rotfl:

  6. Wow!this is awesome…but, has come in a little late for me… 🙂
    Now when I think of it, I can’t imagine how I managed things on my D’Day. With no makeup artist, no assistant…and the mahurat we at 6:00 am… uff!!! thank god it’s over and done with 😛 :sweat:

        1. ya I didnt have a makeup artist either (the ones in goa make you look like a :clown: ) I only bought a foundation, lippie and mascara for THE DAY, the rest was borrowed from my cousin who also did my makeup 😀 (pls forgive me, those were pre-imbb days :P)

      1. I was working in Blr even before I got married and the wedding was in Mum. I dint have time for trails sessions. I only went in a week before my wedding so dint want to take the risk of experimenting… 🙂 I trusted my own hands rather then take the risk of looking all cakedup… :beauty:

  7. hey rati, if the pandit forgot the Mangalsutra ceremony that means ur still not married na 😛
    On my wedding day, I put the ring on my husband’s right hand (forcefully altho he was giving me the left hand but I know better na :silly: )
    Nice tips wanderlust, will keep in mind just in case get married again ;)..ya right!

    1. i had bengali wedding so i had that head gear so ppl thought i am dressed as radha for a fancy dress 😐 :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

      1. ohh u bengali? wht is that sound the ladies make during the wedding??? never attended a bengali wedding and wont get a chance too…unless some friend of mine pataos a bong

  8. Goodness…you and Sanjeev are really one funny couple!! My hubby put the thaali all ulta-pulta for me – the chain was twisted when he put it…and me tho very bothered about it..so I just very nicely took it off…made it all right and put it back again. A whole lot of people almost died seeing me do that..so I can just imagine if after my wedding I had no mangalsutra on!!!!

    1. he he he but my mum in law is very sweet. She was laughing when she realized that it was pandit ji’s fault. :rotfl:

      I think your hubby was in a hurry to get over with the whole ceremony only. :giggle: :giggle:

        1. Actually men don’t have patience to go through all these ceremonies. They just want these things to happen at a super fast rate . It’s only us who are so excited about every little thing. 🙂

  9. Hey! Rati,
    Looking at this, I think we can start another tread…”Ask IMBB…about their wedding day expeirences”…I am sure along with all the little tips and tricks…we will also put together a books on the funniest incidents…what say???!!! :yes:

  10. hey i have come to a conclusion: wedding post or any anything similar like this really excite all we ladies…. (either married or unmarried):beauty: :silly:

  11. This is so funny :rotfl: :rotfl: I think by the time J gets back, she will find a whole different IMBB. And she won’t know who is on which side because we will all be jumping here and there :jump: :jump: :jump: I love IMBB :-* :-* :-* Hope we always keep ganging and fighting like this :-* :-* :-*

    1. he he she’ll be all confused. Now HD also has a gang. btw who all is there with her. She is trying to bribe sush. hmmmm….

      And J would be all confused.I can imagine. Everytime I have a word with her he says Radhika ko bona main aaongi. :laugh: :laugh:

      :-* :-* *touchwood*

    2. :-* :-* :-* :-*

      All this makes me soo wanna meet everyone and that too at the same time!!! Only if planning for it wud be much more easier

  12. woohooo! Sanjeev, Now I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Can you imagine your plight if all the ladies @ IMBB ‘gangup’ :zombiekiller: , against you…phir seeti nahi janaab, band bajegi :beatup:

  13. very useful tips :yes:
    wow u guys have had so many funny wedding experiences 😛
    don’t worry HD, I am in the same boat as u :-))

      1. but HD bt the strenght of r unmarried gang to toooo weak…fearing , may hv to surreb=nder b4 the married one…
        their hubby’s r there with them na….
        plan up something :-/

  14. now i wanna get married and have all the fun and get nervous and have makeup that slips off my face and be the happiest woman ever in the whole wide world but no god has other plans for me as of now so i’ll just sulk and see you women be happy and narrating your own wonderful wedding day stories 😥

  15. Hay! Rima…cheerup buddy…just think on the brighterside…you have all our experience for keepsake…and you are going to go in well prepared for all the humgama…
    And, trust me…the IMBB gang will the one to make to loudest noise and celeberate your D’day with you…
    Hai na, girls?!!! 😀

  16. THANK YOU wanderlust :-*

    I am so hoping D Day goes off smoothly!!! 😕

    Btw, blotting papers are a must for all oily skinned gals and everyone should have extra hair and safety pins and a tiny mirror :))
    .-= ki.´s last blog ..Quick tips =-.

  17. wish i knew this before… my Wedding day was sooooo messy dat i was wishing it shud all get over soon…
    1 tip id like to add is to keep mini chocolates with u as u dont get to eat anything for a long long time 🙁

  18. hi,
    it is a very nice post,soon i am getting married. want to know something about hairstyles for my big day. have some problems with my hairs,they are dull and short. what to do,please help

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