10 Steps for a Great Home Manicure

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By Insiya

10 Steps for a Great Home Manicure

More than 50% of your daily work is done by your hands than any other part of your body. How much thought do we really put into taking care of these frequently used organs? Especially for us ladies, who do all the housework from washing the dishes to scrubbing the floor where our fingers get into regular contact with different chemicals which may or may not be skin friendly. A good manicure is really important in terms of your appearance. I myself used to give having a manicure hardly any importance specially since I do minimal amount of housework however seeing extremely well groomed females in university around me started giving me complexion: P. That’s where the obsession with the nails started !!

This simple beauty treatment for your fingernails & hands may not only enhance your appearance but also help your nails look healthy & strong. Here are the simple steps of how you can give manicure to yourself at your own convenience:-

1) Dab a cotton pad in a nail polish remover and rub it over your nails whether you have nail polish on or not. Why? Because it helps in removing any substance not visible to the naked eye.

2) Next, soak your fingernails in a hot bowl of water for 5-10 mins as it will help the nails to be easily filed. When the water gets cold or around the room temperature that’s when you know you can take out your fingers from the bowl. Your nails will start feeling soft. Dry them with a towel.

3) Cut your nails up to the length you want. For starters, keep it to a considerably medium length where you don’t think your nails will get chipped off easily.

4) Shape your nails using a nail filer (using a glass or emery board, whichever you prefer). If it’s your first time, it might feel rough & extremely irritating. Make sure you file them in one direction toward the centre of the nail (don’t go back and forth).
5) Next, apply cuticle oil on your fingers. If you get OPI products where you stay, you can use the OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go. Else you can just use olive oil or jojoba oil. Apply a tiny drop into each finger and massage them in clockwise/anti-clockwise direction.

6) Gently push the cuticles on your fingernail back using the flat end of a cuticle pusher. You can find a cuticle pusher in any drugstore either separately or along with a nail kit. Some people prefer cutting the cuticle however I don’t think it’s a healthy option as cuticles as very much important for your nails as they are said to protect the nail base from bacteria, fungus, yeast etc.
7) Apply hand lotion just on your hands & not your nails. Rub a Q-tip over your nails to remove leftover oil & moisture.

8) Apply a clear base coat on each nail.

9) Apply any nail polish in the color of your choice. You should always apply nail polish using 3 strokes, one from the centre base to the tip and one on each side. Reapply a 2nd coat when the previous coat gets completely dry.
10) Apply a quick drying clear top coat on each nail. It helps the nail polish last longer.

I’m sure by doing this simple 10-step manicure at home you will definitely cut down on spending for a manicure at a beauty salon!!

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17 thoughts on “10 Steps for a Great Home Manicure

  1. Simple useful tips, Insiya. I generally get my manicure done at the parlour but when I do it at home, Itend to follow the steps mentioned by you.

    Thank you for writing for IMBB. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you found it useful Rati.I replied back to your email. It’s been a great pleasure writing for IMBB 🙂

  3. Hey Insiya…first claps….you know, I didn’t know about the cuticle oil part at all……….now I know thanks to you………. :-)) ….although I am a nail polish freak, I am very clumsy with application, I wll follow as you have written in the post….. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. Thank You Appu,Jomol & Aarthi.Glad all of you found it useful 🙂

    I happen to have loads of meaning to my name – peace, innocence, heavenly beauty :P, happy & helpful.

  5. @anks
    Skip pushing your cuticles if you feel you are damaging your nails unless your cuticles travel up far up your nails.Do you massage your cuticles with any cuticle oil or olive oil before pushing them back? because they make your cuticles extremely soft and easy to push them back. Also sterilize your cuticle pusher with alcohol before using it & while pushing try to hold it at a slight angle. Do not apply any force at all, try to push gently. Apply olive oil often on your cuticles, it will keep them moisturised & help it from becoming dry. Hope this solves your problem 🙂

  6. LIKED READING THE POST INSIYA, :-)) 😀 have never tried manicure at home.oh u make it so easy,wil tryout myself…

  7. hi Insiya 😉 . Is it important to apply nail polish after manicure :manicure: and pedicure, coz i like to leave it plain. Or should we apply something else instead. :waiting:

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