4 MAC Lipsticks – Mangrove, 4Eva, Really Me, Tropic Tonic Review

I am reviewing 4 matte lipsticks from MAC – Mangrove, 4Eva, Really Me, and Tropic Tonic.

MAC Lipsticks Mangrove 4Eva Really Me Tropic Tonic

Product Description:
A creamy rich Lipstick formula with high colour payoff in a no-shine matte finish.

My Views on Mangrove, 4Eva, Really Me, Tropic Tonic:

4 MAC Lipsticks Mangrove 4Eva Really Me Tropic Tonic

The first one up for review is Mangrove, which probably is one of my favorite out of the four lipsticks that I am reviewing today. Mangrove is a gorgeous carrot coral-red color – it’s like that perfect summer red shade which is not too bright red and not “in your face” and too orangey –  it is somewhere in between red and it is great for all skin types. On lighter skin tones, it would turn out to be a brighter shade of red. On medium skin tones, it would be a softer shade of red and on darker skin tones, it would be like, again a softer shade of red color.


The pigmentation of this lipstick, I would say, is semi opaque, and you don’t really need a lip pencil underneath. It goes on evenly, doesn’t settle into fine lines. It’s not the most long-lasting lipstick. It’s more like a classic lipstick with a 5 to 6 hours of stay. I absolutely love it and probably it is going to be my most favorite summer red lipstick this year. Highly recommended!

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The second lipstick is “Really Me.” Really Me is a cool-toned pale mauve color. It can easily wash out anybody’s skin tone out with kind of color it is, and if you ask me, I would say it is the shade for light to medium skin tones and that too, you have to either balance it out with a color or a darker shade on your eyes or cheeks. It’s not the most flattering or “easy to pull off” color, but if you like very n*de mouth or if you are looking for that perfect mauvish n*de color, then “Really Me” is a good option. Also, it is not the most long-lasting lip color, it gives an average of 4 to 5 hours. It is a pretty opaque lipstick. You don’t need a lip pencil underneath, if you have pigmented lips, it can really cover up your pigmented lips. It’s an interesting color but not the most flattering or “easy-to-pull off” color for everyone.

really me

The third lipstick that I have up for review is “4eva,” which is a muted grape purple lipstick and it is also matte finish. This also is a very interesting color. If you are into purple lipsticks and you are kind of able to pull off those kind of softer shades of purple, this could be for you. It is definitely not for the weak hearted. This lipstick is also opaque, stays on for 4.5 to 5 hours. This lipstick, I would say would be an interesting shade for those with light to medium skin tones. On darker skin tones, it would look very strange and it is a very cool-toned color. It would be a very “difficult-to-pull off color” and honestly, it is more appropriate for an editorial shoot or if you are particularly looking for that one purple lipstick to make a statement.

MAC 4eva

“Tropic Tonic” lipstick is a beautiful muted coral color. It is good for light to medium skin tones. Even somebody going from medium to dusky can also use it, but if you have chocolatey skin tone, this would not be the best shade for you. It’s a great summer color – you know with just a flush of color on your cheeks, the right flush of color on your skin, and this lip color with just a bit of mascara and you would be good to go. This also lasts for like around 5 hours.

tropic tonic

These four lipsticks are matte – they have pretty opaque coverage, they don’t settle into fine lines. These do transfer a little because they are very classic lipsticks from MAC. The staying power for all of them has pretty much 4 to 5 hours and in between you have to retouch and then you have to retouch. They don’t go patchy. These are nothing special lipsticks, but these are classic lipsticks which you cannot go wrong with. They have the regular standard MAC vanilla fragrance to them.

4 MAC Lipsticks Mangrove 4Eva Really Me Tropic Tonic swatches

4 MAC Lipsticks Mangrove 4Eva Really Me Tropic Tonic on lips

These are great colors, especially if I have to recommend that you look into certain colors, I would say check out “Mangrove” and “Tropic Tonic,” but I would highly recommended “Mangrove” out of the four.

I love MAC lipsticks. I hope you find at least one shade out of these four for yourself 🙂

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