5 Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes Review

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing few nail polishes from sinful colors. These polishes are available in numerous shades, but while buying these I concentrated on bright colors as I personally found them very unique. The colors I will be reviewing today are:

• Let’s Meet (928)
• Midnight Blue (105)
• Courtney Orange (30)
• San Francisco (283)
• Happy Ending (946)


Product quantity: 15 ml

Price: The price of the polish varies according to the place you buy it from. The price may vary from $4to $5.5. I bought it around a year back that too on discount. At that time it costed me around $1.20

Ingredients: Mentioned on the back of the bottle

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My take on 5 Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes

These polishes comes in a usual round shaped bottle with a black cap, nothing unique, but the bottle is sturdy and the cap fits quite nicely (no fear of spilling while traveling). The applicator is sufficiently big to fill the complete nail in one single swipe and the bristles are soft enough to avoid the visibility of streaks. The consistency of the polishes is also good; it’s neither too thick nor too flowy. The polish stays for a long time on nails without chipping, but the color does start fading from the upper sections of the nails after around 3 days. Some of the colors are more pigmented than the other. Some require 2 coats to get completely opaque nails while some require more than 3 coats to get the color as seen in the bottle. The formulation is such that, it dries quickly which is a plus point for me as I don’t like to wait for my polish to dry.

Let’s meet: It is the brightest shade of yellow I have ever seen for polishes. The color has minute sized particles of golden shimmer which makes it even brighter. Although it does have these shimmer particles, but they do not overpower the color yellow, these are not even visible until seen with extra concentration that too in bright sun light. I love wearing bright colors, but this color is a little too bright and requires a lot of guts to wear it all over the nails. Although it looks lovely as a complete nail color, but I usually use it with some other color to decorate my nails. The color has a glossy looking finish which makes it even more beautiful. Although one coat is sufficient to get the bright yellow color on your nails, but two coats are required to get the exact color as seen in the bottle.


Midnight Blue: This is a shade of royal blue which seems to have minute silver color shimmer particles. But when applied on nails, no shimmer particle is visible. Two coats of polish are sufficient to get the exact color as seen in the bottle. This again is a bold color, but is at least wearable especially for the night time.


Courtney Orange: While buying these polishes I was focusing on getting bright colors which are difficult to find, and it became really difficult for me to skip this bright orange colored polish. I do have 2 other orange polishes but none of them matches with the brightness of this one. It is more of a red toned orange which makes it so bright. Requires 2 coats to get completely opaque color.


San Francisco: This is a dark green with no shimmer particles, but when applied it gives shades of golden from different angles. This particular color is less thick as compared to the other polishes which make it easier to apply. It requires more than 3 coats to make it opaque, and even after 3 coats the color on the nails do not match the color in the bottle. It seems to be a bold color to wear, but on hands it comes out to be much lighter and easy to wear.


Happy Ending: this too is a shade of green, but is entirely different from San Francisco in all aspects. This is the thickest of all the colors, and even a single coat can give the desired color. it is completely free of shimmers. Unlike San Francisco, this is a funky color that can be worn to give a spicy touch to any look.


Pros of Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes

• Sinful Colors have a good variety of unique shades in a decent price range
• Does not chip at all
• Remains glossy (as applied) even after 4-5 days of application
• Decent sized applicator
• Not so pricey
• Do not take much time to dry

Cons of Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes

• Not available in India (this is the only drawback I can see in these.)

Would I buy Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes again?

Yes, whenever I will get a chance, I will buy them again. I loved the consistency of the polishes and I loved the fact that they come in such a huge variety of colors.

Do I recommend Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I do recommend these.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5


17 thoughts on “5 Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polishes Review

    1. blue and orange *hifive* *hifive* my favourite too…..blue is the most wearable out of the five and as orange is my favourite color i love Courtney Orange

  1. Beautiful nail swatches, Swati! I love Sinful Colors! I have Midnight blue and Courtney Orange. But they are so much costlier in Canada. Here the price is around $6! *waaa*

    1. thank you padamashree *thankyou* $6 *cry* but i think that the company has raised their price in USA too…..i brought it few months ago when it was cheaper plus I so got it at discount 🙂 🙂

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