7 Tips to Flaunt a Bold Lip Colour

7 Tips to Flaunt a Bold Lip Colour

Anytime is a great time to show off a bold lip as long as you apply the right color that compliments your skin tone. A fierce pout is timeless and instantly boosts your confidence.

If you are not used to wearing a bright, bold color and wearing a vivid shade of lip colour haunts you then you must read on to find out tips on how to pull off a bold lip color.

So what are we waiting for let’s find out how to pull off the dramatic look with ease.

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Tips to flaunt a bold lip colour:

• Prepare your lips: make sure your lips are soft and smooth before applying a bold lip colour as such colours are very unforgiving on dry chapped lips. Gently buff your lips, using a soft toothbrush, to get rid of the deposit of dead cells that cause flaking. Never peel the dead dry skin from the lips. Apply a thin layer of balm and then wait for 5 to 10 minutes to allow your lip balm to penetrate into the lips. Now blot your lips a few times with a tissue. This will take off any excess lip balm before applying your lip color.

• Give it a base: Before applying color, prep your mouth with a lip primer or conceler, give it something to adhere to so that your lipstick does not bleed.

• Lip liner is necessary: Instead, of hunting for a matching lip liner opt for something that matches your skin-tone as it will really helps to define your lips.


• Find the right formula: During warm weather when skin is more radiant and dewy, a matte lip is great because it juxtaposes the texture on the skin. During the winter when skin is less hydrated, a moister lip or semi matte formula is more flattering.

• Try lip stain: You can use a lip stain in the colour you want to flaunt and then top it with a lipstick. A lip stain will keep the color bold and rich looking for longer. Also to give more dimension to the final result you can apply the actual lip colour in a slightly lighter or darker shade if you want.

• A lip brush comes in handy: A lip brush allows for the most controlled application. It also prevents you from over-applying color, which is the main reason lipstick bleeds or rubs off on teeth. Plus, a brush lets you layer to your desired brightness.

• Tissue trick does help: Apply the lipstick, blot with a tissue, reapply, then blot again. For extra staying power, tap on a translucent loose powder in between coats of lipstick.

To balance out rich lip color, keep the rest of your makeup minimal and modern.

It takes a little bit of prep and some strategic tricks to get bright colors just right. Hope these tips will help you achieve the desired look.

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