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Agnibanya Asks:

What kind of blush should be worn with a warm red lipstick, and is it appropriate to wear red lipstick during the day , like during During Puja time..


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        1. Thanks for answering my query Rati…..I get so conscious when I wear red.. I hope I can pull it off during daytime during the Pujas….I don’t remember wearing red during the day ever before.. :chewnails

  1. i like wearing peach-ish blushes with my red lippies.. but very very subtly applied… a lil bit overly done blush paired with a red lippie makes u look like u have tooo much makeup on…

  2. me give same suggestion as Rati..bronzer or a light shimmer on the cheeks will work well. You dont want to overdo the color of the blush since the lipstick is so bright. Infact I would suggest that the eyes also be subtle and you play up on only one feature- in this case the bright red lips.

  3. i always prefer to match my blush with my lippies :specs: .. so it wud b red blush for me but whether to go for a light/darker application depends on the time of the day n the shade of my lippi.. i try to highlight just one thing either blush or lippi.. :))

  4. i always use a peachy blushes with a red lipstick. A good choice for me is bourjois lila’s dior (“healthy” shimmer) or colorbar peachy rose (matte) :toothygrin:
    i have a hot pink cream blsuh from inglot which i would never ever pair with a red lippie day or night :preen:

  5. I think with red lipstick I would probably want a very subtle blush which does highlight my cheeckbones but in a very natural way..i think sleek’s suede blush would also look good and even tomato blush from maxfactor..just saw the effect and its not too empowering color but just the right shade! hope this helps 🙂

    1. no sleek for me (read no online credit card shopping, I’m so afraid of credit card forgery!! :ghost2: :ghost2: )…I’m going for colorbar this time for sure…yea, maxfactor looks good too..let’s see…one week to go …and just this weekend left for shopping..aila… :mirror: :manicure:

  6. sorry for the over excitement but thats the time we bongs celebrate the most in the year…so out comes all blingy jhatak matak stuff…. :haanji: :haanji:

    1. ha ha ha…yea, I have seen many a lovely looking ladies with so much makeup that you can’t even guess what they would actually look like, but yet they all manage to look great .. :woot: and yea, pujo is just one time of the year when bongs get a bit too excited :stars:

  7. with Red lipsticks i prefer wearing warm peachy blushes and one that comes to mind is Maybelline’s Apricot Flush… Even Colorbar’s Plum Brown would look good with a Red lippy…
    and yes Red lipstick is totally fine to be worn during the day, if after applying the lipstick you “kiss” into a tissue a couple of times… that gives a stained effect 🙂

  8. Hm….I am not too sure…But I suggest you play it safe with a litttle bit of bronzer+peach blush on cheeks and maybe winged liner. Avoid eyeshadow as the red lippy will already provide that pop of colour for your face. :haanji:

    1. Oh! ANd I just remembered.You can also wear your red lippy as a stain or tint.
      For a stained look,just wear your lippy and then bite/kiss a tissue paper a few times.
      And for a tint,just dot the color on your lips and spread it around. 😀
      These sort of lower the intensity just that little bit. I do this for my bright lippy. Feels easier to pull off. O:)

  9. If its a warm red lipstick, I’d suggest a very light application of an earthy blush or low shimmer bronzer like Rati suggested. I tend to reach out for Colorbar Just Earth- just apply very very lightly below cheekbones and blend towards applied- sort of like combining contouring+blush application. I also use Lakme pure rouge blusher in ‘Rose Crush’ some times with red lipsticks. You could use a light cheek stain or the red cream blush from Maxfactor. The key is keeping it subtle.

    1. I have both warm and cool toned reds Ankita, and I always get pretty indecisive about which one to match with what kind of dress….oh gawd! when will I learn to wear RED .. That was like another of my question which I should have written… should the color tone of the dress be same as the tone of the lipstick or opposite…. ???????????????? any suggestions :hypnotized: :tremble: :chewnails

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