8 Different Ways to Drape Saree

8 Different Ways to drape Saree

Hello Ladies,

After receiving your overwhelming response for 7 different ways to drape lehenga dupatta I am back with another tutorial about saree draping style. This was a request from Amisha, sorry for the delay Amisha but hope you will like it. I assumed that the basic saree tying is known to everyone, so I am keeping the bottom pleats same and making changes with only the pallu. I have not included the basic seedha pallu( Guajarati style) and ulta pallu (the way saree is worn mostly) in this article in case you need insight on that then let me know. I have tried to come up with innovative yet wearable draping styles. So without wasting much time let’s get started. I have included pictures and wrote instructions to achieve the look, let’s go through them one by one.

1. Front Pallu: Front pallu is very good option if your saree has nice work on the pallu or a heavy border pallu. To achieve this look, tie the saree on petticoat with peats as you do normally. Then take the pallu part and let it go around you under your hands. To keep it at place, secure it with pins on both side of your blouse. Now pleat the pallu let it go under your left hand and bring it on left shoulder and pin it. At the end it should look like what you see in the picture. This is very wearable and stylish look.

Front Pallu

2. Half saree style: Want to convert full saree in half saree then go for this very stylish drape. This makes one look slimmer around waist and this look is very young too. To get this look, do the bottom pleat and draping as you do always. Now pleat the pallu and bring it over left shoulder from back, pin it there. Take one corner of the pallu rap tightly around your waist and pin the corner under the pallu on front side. While doing this keep the pallu long so that you make a nice V in front, the bottom pleats should come in centre of the front V. If confused see the pictures carefully and read instructions again you will get it now . 🙂

Half saree style

3. Bengali saree with twist: Love the Bengali saree but confused about the draping, don’t worry I have an easy and modified Bengali saree drape for you here. Like last two drape here also bottom portion remains same. Pleat pallu and let it go over the left shoulder from front side itself. Don’t let it very loose or tight in front and then fix it with pin. Take one corner of the pallu falling back, bring it front from under your arm. Now in place of going back with a key ring in traditional Bengali saree, here we will secure the corner of pallu on the centre of the blouse. You can use a nice brooch to make it look fancier. Tada, your twisted Bengali drape is done.

Bengali saree with twist
4. Double drape: If you love the mumtaj Saree drape but scared of walking in that, then try this double drape look. Again the bottom part remains same leaving longer material for pallu. Now fold ¾ of the pallu lengthwise and drape it around your waist then go for the second rap this time under right hand and on left shoulder as you do for ulta pallu. Secure with a pin without making a pleats, leave the pallu flow. This draping makes you look slim, and looks especially nice for saree with wide border. This way you can achieve the famous mumtaj saree look and still can walk freely.

Double drape

5. Oriya touch: This look is inspired from the traditional Oriya draping style. Looks good for saree with nice work on pallu. This also very good drape if you have to do alot of running around, as in this you do not need to care about your pallu and your hands are always free. To get this look do the bottom draping as usual. Make pleats for pallu and put it on your left shoulder as you do for ulta pallu and pin it. now take one corner of the pallu hanging behind, bring it to front, under your right arm and then pin it 5-6 inch below your left shoulder, use a brooch to add zing. So like tradition Oriya saree we are not keeping pallu flowing here which makes it easy to maintain and accentuates the body shape. Ideal choice for parties where you are the host and have to do lots of running around.

Oriya touch

6. Tie on wrist: This one is simple but elegant look. Have nice work on pallu boarder want to highlight it subtly then this is the drape for you. Bottom drape remains same, wrap the pallu around you and bring it on left shoulder as you do for ulta pallu and secure with a pin leavening the pallu flowing. Take one corner of the pallu bring it on right wrist, make a loop around wrist and secure with pin. Here as your one hand is busy with the pallu you should have your other hand free, to get that secure the pallu with a pin at place where you support it with your left hand. This gives good shape and saves the flowing pallu from looking lousy.

Tie on wrist

7. Coorgy twist: This is inspired by the coorgy saree draping style. Here also keep the bottom part same, take the pallu and wrap it around your body and secure with pins on blouse as done for first look. Bring one corner of pallu pleat the corner little bit, bring it over left shoulder and pin it. Then the wrap around your body must be looking but loose so make small pleats (starting from bottom go up) on left side, go till waist then pin it there. Add a brooch in front if you like, as I have done. The front look of this drape is what coory drap looks from behind, except we have not left the wrap flowing. Again good choice which you want to keep your hands free.

Coorgy twist

8. Lehenga Saree: This look is apt for wedding and traditional functions where you want to wear a lehenga but don’t want to buy a new one. Nothing to worry with this drape you can make your heavily work saree look like a lehenga. Here the bottom draping will also change. So after doing 1 round saree wrap on your petticoat start making small-small pleats throughout your waist. Smaller the plates, more kalli your lehenga saree will have. Start under right hand and go back till your back making small pleats and tuck then inside the petticoat. Take the remaining material ie the pallu and bring it over your right shoulder and pin it like you do for sidha pallu. Making pleats or leaving it flowing like I did is up to you. In any case, your saree will look gorgeous like a lehenga.

Lehenga Saree

That is all I had for today. While explaining the instructions I tried being as precise as I can, still if there are confusions follow the pictures closely with instruction to get it right. I have tried coming up with different yet wearable draping and considered the basic is already know to all, in case you need an insight on basics too, do let us know. I hope you all liked these drapes and will try them too. Until my next post take care and stay beautiful 😀

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7 Different Ways to Drape Lehenga Dupatta


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  1. I had been so eagerly waiting for this post.

    Loved all the styles.
    Front pallu, half saree, coorgy stype, double drape.. I mean all of them!!
    Definitely gonna try these..

    Thanks a ton Shweta!!

    1. I went shopping today and after hauling full day when I came back home first thing I did was checking IMBB….. So happy that you guys liked the post… 😀

  2. sweta we want to see your face… 🙁
    btw i liked the first one and the lehnga saree style the most… 🙂 🙂

  3. Sweta I loved all draping styles… U know I am a Oriya and felt so proud that yes people are enjoying and liking our draping style 🙂 Among all I loved Coorgy twist 🙂 U r inspiring to try saree coz I am sacred of wearing it sometimes even I fall 🙁

    1. That is the beauty of India Shilpa…. one dress is worn in so many different ways, from state to state it changes and gives us so many different ideas to experient … 🙂
      I had Oriya friends and neighbours and I have been to Puri so many time, love the cuture and food there 🙂

      Thanks for liking the article 🙂

  4. This is a hugely useful post ….. if i wear one of my sarees in different way I might actually look like im wearing a new saree each time 🙂

      1. Yes sweta pls do an article on the basic saree draping style.and i am an odia too,thanks a ton for the article 😀

  5. Awesome job Sweta, I am bookmarking this article, its so useful, especially for someone like me 🙂 Thanks for this one Sweta 🙂

  6. All of them are super stylish and simple ( Atleast look like that in pic). I’m quite regular with draping sarees and feel comfy in ulta pallu with pleats but definitely going to try these styles! Superb work! Thanks!

  7. good one sweta..I will bookmark this page..I’m bored of the regular saree draping..dis one is gogin to b usefulll

  8. Awesome saree and awesome styles…. all look beautiful Sweta…
    Thanks, I really needed to know the different styles and their names too… 🙂 I can drape them myself now…

  9. Wow.. ur post came in apt time dear.. I ws planning to wear saree for aadya b’day bash n nw I’ll try all ur ideas on her b’day yayyy.. 🙂 thank u so much woooo m super excited to try each of them..

  10. Suddenly came across this post. Liked all of them, especially the lehenga saree. I am a Bengali, so i know the Bengali drape & also the sidha pallu drape which is common. Thanx for the innovative ways of draping.

  11. Hey this is an awesome article. I am fat, by fat i mean not just overweight if u c medically i fall in the obese range, i just delivered….anyway please advise me which style of draping is best for me coz i m also short height 5ft 1 inch. I have to wear sari for an upcoming function n i m so nervous about it…please reply.

  12. Hi,

    I liked all style…. it’s very pretty…. I tried Half saree style, it looks so pretty…..

    Thanks a ton… u saved my money now i can try diffrent style by myself no need of parlour….
    Thank You.

  13. Oh very nice. But Coorgi style is different. They keep the pleats at their back and continue the pallu around their bust, from right to left. Then they bring edge of the pallu from the back and above the right shoulder and pin the edge at the right, front side just below the right shoulder.

  14. All d styles r superbbb..!!!!
    Vreyyy Nice dea…
    Can u add more drapping styles not in saree in Lacha…
    plz can u do dis in 1 month bcoz in nxt to nxt month ders a wedding in my family 🙂

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